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Tips for helping a toddler succeed at daycare?

I know every child is so different, but this is my first go around with potty training, so I would just like some encourement and advice. My son is 28 months old, and about 2 months ago we felt he was ready to PT. for a weekend we stayed home, limited distractions, bare bottomed it, and drank lots of liquids. He definitely was into it, and by day 3 was doing awesome. School was just around the corner and my husband and I are both teachers, so we were nervous about what would happen once at daycare, but at first it seemed to go okay. Our provider has 6 kids from 0-5 in her home, so it is just her. She really wasn't really clear on how she handles potty training, other than she doesn't let them go naked. We were past that part anyway. So the first few weeks she was fine with 1-2 accidents a day...once in awhile there would be three, sometime none. Then three weeks ago, he had a 4 day in a row, accident free stretch, and we thought this was a huge cornerstone! All this time he had been hitting it out of the ball park at home, but daycare had been a struggle. Now finally we thought! Then, came Monday morning. He peed on her micro fibre chair. That hit a nerve with her and she put him in a diaper for that afternoon. The rest of the week was worse than before. i was already feeling bad about sccidents before this, but she seemed okay with Them until the furniture...rightly so. Then he peed on her chair again one day, and I was so frustrated. At home he is still doing great. He will tell us in the middle of a football game, a parade, first thing in the morning, and even poop on the pot for us, but not for her. It wasn't until the last chair incident that she told me she takes him to the toilet, that he never tells her when he has to go! I was pretty frustrated that she hadn't told me this up until now. Now I just hope that he doesn't regress totally with what sounds like him relying on her to take him and now wearing pull-ups to daycare.

Thoughts on this? Can training at daycare really take this long? What can I do to help this process? Is it weird or complicated for a kid to be in underwear at home all the time, but a diaper pull-up at daycare? Is that potty training?!

I feel like if I was a SAHM this would be done and over...yet another reason why daycare, no matter how much you love them as a caregiver for your child
, just can be so heartbreaking at times when you know something is different and your child seems to know it simply isn't home, with all its distractions and kiddos.


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I would consider waterproof cloth trainers, or cotton trainers with a pull on cover, at daycare until he catches up there. Just to take the pressure off of him and the provider, because if he senses that it is a stressful situation it will cause resistance and regression and frustration for all. Just remind him that he should tell the teacher when he needs to go and that the trainers are there just in case. Cotton trainers will give more feedback than a pull up and feel less like a diaper.

Then just continue doing what you are doing at home. And don't feel guilty! I think its pretty normal for a kiddo to have some potty accidents around a new situation. He will get there.
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Eh... even as a sahm, there are odd regressions for seemingly no reason. Less distractions? Maybe. But one thing both myself and a friend have noticed - it doesn't seem like its over and done. A perfect month, then some accidents. ... etc etc

Anyways, I'd maybe look into a potty watch for him? Teach him to ask himself 'do I need to go? ' when it goes off.

Otherwise, what the pp said about trainers sounds good.
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