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Re: No Vitamin D?

I don't think it's necessarily a conspiracy, but I do think it's 1) not generally needed and 2) something of a moneymaker. TriViSol, which is what my peds wanted her taking from 2 weeks old, is made by Enfamil (as is PolyViSol). I have nothing against those who formula-feed, but I do have issues with the formula companies and their advertising methods, etc. Enfamil also provides our peds with all sorts of "free" stuff...the little books they hand out to keep track of the baby's height and weight, etc, are also by Enfamil and are essentially a portable advertisement. I don't have a problem with vitamins, but I refuse to give my money to a formula company if it can be avoided. I also don't like the message that breastmilk isn't "good enough" and needs to be enhanced with something full of artificial flavor and caramel coloring. That's not to say there's anything wrong with mamas giving their babies the drops--more power to them! I just don't think it's absolutely necessary and we won't be giving them to my dd.


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Re: No Vitamin D?

Originally Posted by mama2bay1 View Post
It was to my understanding that 1) vitamin D was not transferable through breastmilk and 2) It is not possible to asorb vitmain D through a window

Is that incorrect?
Yes, I think that is incorrect. Here is a quote from Dr. Sears' Breastfeeding book: "Newer research has shown that sufficient amounts of these nutrients [Vitamin D & iron] are found in human milk in form readily used by infants. In rare situations where mothers and babies receive very little exposure to the sun because of religious or cultural clothing choices that keep their skin covered nearly all the time, breastfed babies may need Vitamin D supplements."

As for the window, from what I understand, you still get vitamin D through a window, just not as much. Same as with UV rays - windows do NOT stop all UV rays, just reduces them.
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Re: No Vitamin D?

Originally Posted by fish3737 View Post
No flames please!!

I had both the pediatrician and the lactation consultatant and a nutritionist(sp) all tell me to do it. I figured if they all went out of the way to tell me this it must be at least important enough to think about it. It is a vitamin. I don't see a conspiracy theory here and if everyone that is medically trained and recommends it thinks it is a good idea I have no problem spending a couple extra bucks. But I take vitamins myself - extra folic right now because I am pregnant. I could probably get enough through my diet, but why worry when I can be sure and take the vitamin everyday.

So I gave him the vitamin - he really dug the taste - no issues with gas.
Riddle me this...

If breastmilk is "the perfect food" and "is all that a baby needs" - why are breastfed babies given vitamin supplements when formula fed babies aren't?

Because the formula already has the extra vitamins added in?

Soooo...if formula has more of something than breastmilk...why is breastmilk considered the perfect food, and not formula?

Logical conclusion?

Breastmilk should be considered ground zero. Any deviation from the nutritional content of breastmilk does not mean that breastmilk is lacking. Formula has more preservatives in it, too - that doesn't mean we need to start supplementing our babies with preservatives.
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Re: No Vitamin D?

Originally Posted by mamacita View Post
We did the polyvisol. I'm not big on medicine in general, but our pediatrician is really holistic and said it really would be a good idea. I suppose "nature" is not always perfect ... sigh ...
Ahh but nature is perfect. Vit-D is synthesized in the body by exposure to sunlight. Breast milk also contains Vit D!

Interesting article to consider.
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