View Poll Results: Would you give your 20 month old Benadryl to sleep on a plane ride?
Yes, for the comfort and safety of everyone, including my toddler. 27 16.07%
No. Here's how I would keep my child happy on the plane ride 105 62.50%
I would speak to my pediatrician first and then make a decision. 23 13.69%
The infamous 'other' option 13 7.74%
Voters: 168. You may not vote on this poll

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Re: Benadryl for a plane ride?

Only if they were sick. So, I answered no!

I would try to make the trip during nap time. We went on a 2 hr. plane ride with DD1 when she was around 16 mos. and she slept through the whole thing.

Oh, and bring something for them to chew or drink on the way down to pop their ears!


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Re: Benadryl for a plane ride?

There are some options you can get at the health food store that do not have the same side effects and are much gentler. They usually are chamomile or passion flower (or both) based. The one we have used on rare occassion is actually called "calm child". There are some stronger ones that have valerian in them (for children) but I have not tried them. They are liquid you can add to juice or water or squirt directly in mouth.

Another option would be flower essence- rescue remedy works great in many high stress situations (for mamas too)
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Re: Benadryl for a plane ride?

For a two hour flight I would not. My best Friend is traveling to visit her family in Brazil and their long leg of the trip 9 hours. Under those circumstances i might consider something to help with sleep if my son was really wound up. but on a two hour flight I would try to keep him occupied.
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Re: Benadryl for a plane ride?

Definitely no. Bring snacks and toys, and lollipops work great for kids who can't chew gum yet for takeoff/landing.
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Re: Benadryl for a plane ride?

I wouldn't do it either. I am going to hope and pray that there is an extra seat though because if he is in his car seat it will make a world of diffrence from what most people have told me. Bring plenty of snacks and maybe pick up a few small toys at the store and not show them to him until you are on the plane. Or better yet come over here and grab some of mine before you leave. Emily flew with Amy and Darin to Hawaii I think it was 14 hours. She did great. If I think of anything else I will call you.
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Re: Benadryl for a plane ride?

i voted ask the DR. i agree with everyone else with NO giving meds unless for the right reasons.
i also bought a ton of books, colors, toys, etc. for them that the never seen.

but i said ask the DR.
my youngest gets horrible allergies (seasonal) and even has an inhaler, etc.
i asked the DR about his ears and how the plane would effect him. he DID tell me to give him benadryl or else there was a good chance he would feel bad afterwards, and get the headaches and stuffy nose, etc.
(but my son was on an inhaler and breathing treatments at 6 weeks old)

but if he doesnt have allergies, etc. then i wouldnt give him anything.
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Re: Benadryl for a plane ride?

Thanks for all the honest opinions and suggestions for keeping him occupied and happy

We did book our flight for when he usually takes a nap, so hopefully that will help. Maybe I should get him out of bed early to up the chances of him napping on the flight. I plan on taking his car seat all the way to the gate with me in hopes that they'll be 2 extra seats next to each other and he can sit in his car seat the whole time. I agree with my bestest buddy Crystal up there , I think it'll make a big difference if he isn't being held and restrained by me the entire flight.

I will be getting some new toys and sticker books, and I'll nurse him during take-off. He usually nurses first thing in the morning when he gets up and before bed but maybe I'l skip his nursing in the morning and wait until our afternoon flight to nurse him so I know I'll have some milkies in there, lol.
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Re: Benadryl for a plane ride?

I voted yes. But, really it depends on which of my children I'm talking about and how long the flight would be. I would certainly pack Benadryl but for most of my kids giving it would be unnecessary. For the extremely hyperactive and MR 6 year old, we had to Benadryl him for a 5 hour cross country flight when he came home in March. For the toddler sister who traveled with him, it was never necessary.

But, that same child currently takes Benadryl every night before bed, under the direction of his doctors to avoid heavier sedative drugs in getting him to actually sleep at night. Right now, Benadryl is heavily part of his regiment for many reasons.

For the 4 year old I brought home from India 3 years ago, he had an allergic reaction to the pesticide all of the hotels use on their linens. I was giving Benadryl to combat the hives but he was having signs of a head bleed without the Benadryl and it was making it impossible to tell whether the other issue was getting worse or not. I had the airport doctor give me a non-drowsy allergy med for him and stopped the Benadryl. He flew 36 hours home and didn't require any Benadryl. For him, taxing seemed to be sleep inducing. Poor kid still doesn't quite understand how he fell asleep in Bangalore and woke up in the US.
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Re: Benadryl for a plane ride?

First, if you do it make sure you do a trial run so you can make sure it doesn't have the opposite effect.

Second, I don't think I would for a 2 hour flight. That's not that long so surely you can entertain him for that amount of time. If it was 12 hours I would. We'll be flying for 22 hours at the end of the year and it's something I'm considering.
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Re: Benadryl for a plane ride?

No, it might have the paradoxical reaction on him - charge him up. It happened to my dd#1 when she first took it.
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