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Re: If you chose a natural birth....

I just had baby number 5. With number 4 I went natural, total labor was 2.5 hours. It was intense. With this one I had a lot of anxiety so I decided I would plan for an epidural. I happened to be in the hospital for an NST when labor started. But my total labor time was 45 minutes and I could not get the epidural. It was so intense and painful, I wish I had prepared to go natural, so I could have possibly been more calm through it, I was so frantic it was not fun.


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Re: If you chose a natural birth....

It seems like most of the people who wished they had an epidural or want one for the next, had really fast labors. I've never had one, but I imagine it must be very difficult to adjust, even with preparation when things go that fast. I wonder if there are any coping strategies to help deal with a short intense labor like that. Certainly a good reason to prepare for natural, just in case.
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Re: If you chose a natural birth....

I'd definitely look into some of the coping strategies just in case because even if you are planning on either intramuscular or IV meds or an epidural, there are times that it just goes too fast to be given, as others have mentioned.

One thing that I'm noticing with birth stories is that the expectations & perceptions of the mom really have a big impact on how painful labor is to them. The ones who either don't realize they are in labor (brush it off as just prelabor BH contractions or a backache or the like) end up having an easier time of it than those who get excited and worked up at the first twinge. This follows the case of my mom who had 4 kids naturally, and part of it I think was that she just thought that it wasn't really labor & kept telling herself that it was just because she was overdoing it or it was just a backache (she only had back labor for her first who was a footling breech and ended up born vaginally with no complications--too bad most providers aren't trained in how to manage breech births anymore but that's another story, lol) etc.
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Re: If you chose a natural birth....

With my first delivery, I allowed them to give me Nubain because I was in labor for 36.5 hours. I was tired and just wanted to rest a bit so that I would have the energy to push when the time came. And I ended up pushing for 3 hours, so I'm glad I had a bit of a break. Buuuut...I hated the meds. I felt all gorked out. I tried to answer DH and the nurses but would open my eyes and realize that no one was talking to me. At one point I told DH that it was okay of the little eold man in the wheelchair stayed in the room, except there was no little old man there. And the worst for me is that I have no memory of my Dd's first cry after being born. DH assures me she did, as do the family members who were waiting in the hall, but I don't remember hearing her, to the point that I made dh videotape the next birth just in case I didn't remember DS's first cry either.
I was adamantly against an epidural because there was no way I wanted to chance having a needle near my spine! The experience with DD1 is what convinced me to go med free for the other 3 births. I must say the best birth was the last one, at home in the birth tub. The warm water was so relaxing and helped with any discomfort. It also helped that I knew what different signals from my body mean (ie, when I start dry heaving I'm in transition and we're almost done).
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Re: If you chose a natural birth....

Originally Posted by Yarnjess View Post
Why I chose a med free birth:

1) Epidurals freak me out. I don't like needles, so someone stabbing a giant one in my back is a no-go for me. Being numb from the waist down also means that I'm stuck in a hospital bed, which is not my idea of a good time, either.

2) I generally dislike unnecessary medications. Drugs are hard on your body, and I prefer to avoid them unless they're genuinely needed.

3) Any intervention sets the stage for more interventions. High epidural rates correspond with higher c section rates. Being stuck in a bed puts you in a less than optimal birthing position, which also makes more interventions more likely. Not that a med free birth guarantees you won't end up in the OBs preferred position, but if you can still move you at least have a chance of doing something different.

Those were the big ones. There's also some stuff about babies tending to be more alert when mom hasn't had an epidural and other less tangible things. That said, having actually given birth now, I totally get why women do opt for an epidural. I still don't want one in the future for all the reasons listed above, but I'm less opinionated about what other women should choose for themselves. I do think that women should be more aware of all the pros and cons of an epidural so they can make a fully informed decision. Given their prevalence, people talk and act like it's the only way to birth and that it's 100% safe 100% of the time. While I don't think most people suffer long term effects, there is still risk, and spinal headaches are not fun. I also think that everyone should have some coping techniques anyway, because there's always the chance the epidural won't work or that there won't be time for one.
This sums up my reasons pretty accurately.

Bolded being the biggest factor of them all. No way no how were they sticking that huge needle in my back. I barely tolerated the IV.

I did opt for a shot of IV pain meds with my first because I wasn't coping and since I was 35 weeks the baby wasn't handling my not coping well. That helped me relax just enough to calm me down, calm baby down and he was born without any other interventions.

I don't think it has to be all or nothing.
wife and mom-- no other special labels. Just trying to do the best I can.
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I did a pitocon induced, epidural birth with my first. I hated it.

With my second I planned a natural birth using hypnobabies. As it turns out, labor was fast and furious (75 minutes) and I was alone with my 2 year old so it had to be natural. There was no epidural in my bathroom after all. Ther was, however, a very nice fireman in my bathroom about the time the baby was crowning.

With my third I knew I'd go natural and brushed up on my hypnobabies. Dd3 was born at home after 90 Minutes. I did it in water and it was absolutely amazing.

The key for me was that this was not an event of pain, but an event where my body brought forth this beautiful life without me needing to do anything. I didn't need to push when someone said. My body knew right when to do it and I followed its lead.

It wasn't orgasmic (lol), but it was in the sense of being an amazing event I'd gladly repeat. What a high!

Good luck and whatever choice you make will be the right one for you.
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Re: If you chose a natural birth....

my first two were hospital with epis. I decided with number 3 when i became more crunchy about birthing options and did more research. My recovery with my last two was amazing and SO fast. Wouldnt have it any other way.
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