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TeachinAuntie Mama Goetsch creations

Approximate date of purchase: April 25th and May 18th 2013 (these were the payment dates but initial contact was from the 20th of April 2013)
Where did you purchase the item(s) from: Stephanie Goetsch aka TeachinAuntie who has a facebook page and a DS business called mama Goetsch creations
What did you buy: 3 custom upcycled wool onesies with fold-over sleeves and a pair of footsies
How was the customer service: very poor
Review of the product: never received product
Any additional comments:

This was a long and drawn out transaction and I have multiple complaints. It is my opinion that the seller was dishonest, evasive and untruthful in her actions. This made me feel angry and upset. I ended up behaving badly towards the end because I was extremely upset but I did apologise to the seller and her customer for this behaviour (when I sent my feedback to a potential customer on her FB page and when I aggressively posted multiple times on her DS profile trying to warn customers of her actions). I am still sorry for how I behaved and regret my actions as they were underhand and petty.

My complaints:

The seller took a very long time to finish my custom order and I was constantly given excuses and new dates for the completion of the order and at the point when I paid my final payment for the balance and shipping I was misled into thinking the items had been finished when they weren't. This is because the seller told me that she wouldn't be able to quote me for shipping + balance until the items were done/washed/dried. She also said "I have been toting your stuff around, meaning to get your shipping quote (I have to actually GO to the post office)" which also made me believe that the items were finished. I only discovered that the items were not finished, like I had been led to believe, after I paid for shipping and the balance when I asked four days after paying the remainder if the items had shipped yet.

I had given the seller all the details she initially asked for to complete the order on April the 30th (with an additional inseam measurement on the 10th of May when she realised she hadn't asked for one) and on the 10th of May she told me she hoped to finish on the Monday (3 days later). The items finally shipped on May 30th, 12 days after my final payment and 17 days after the date she initially said she hoped to be finished. I was given several excuses for the delays including migraines and her son requiring hospitalisation for allergies. I do not doubt that her son was sick or that she suffers from migraines but I was never offered a refund or advised that she found it too difficult to complete the order in a timely manner, I was just given a few days later each time and I found this immensely frustrating as I required the items quickly for our Winter to keep my daughter warm at night in her woolies (we didn't have a heater and ended up being given one by my BIL).

The seller led me to believe that insurance was purchased on my behalf to cover the items in transit.

I believed that we were both covered in the case of lost mail which is why I allowed the 45 day paypal window to close before claiming with paypal. I had also offered to pay for insurance so there was no reason for the seller not to purchase it. Our agreement was that I also paid for shipping so there is no justification, in my view, for insurance not being purchased.

She was also quite dishonest in not disclosing the fact that insurance had not been purchased since I mentioned the fact that it had been 3 times before she finally admitted to not purchasing insurance.

I also believed tracking had been purchased (although she did not say she would purchase tracking, only DC, I mentioned tracking in our conversation after shipping and she never failed to clarify that she had not purchased tracking or DC although she had given me a customs number which I thought was tracking since that is what it was labelled as in the paypal email she sent me).

After finally admitting that insurance had not been purchased-well after the 45 day paypal window- the seller did not offer me a refund and subsequently chose to ignore my many messages via Facebook, diaperswappers and paypal where I politely asked for a resolution to the matter. I knew she had been online from Diaperswappers and do not think that she would ever have replied if it was not for my posting on DS and the intervention of the admin team.

Additionally when I spoke to paypal on the phone after Stephanie's claims I was told that my one open claim was closed because it had only been open because of an internal glitch (since both claims fell past the 45 day window allowed). Therefore paypal at no time made a judgement call based on the merits or otherwise of our case. This is also backed by the fact that Stephanie didn't actually reply to any of my many messages in the resolution center, there are no recorded telephone calls relating to the dispute in the files (and later when my CC filed a chargeback and paypal opened another dispute they detail all the calls they had with Stephanie)

and also the notes in paypal say the claim was closed because either it fell past the 45 day window or because I initiated a chargeback

Because of this I believe her arguments during the mediation were either fabricated or dishonest (or both). Additionally Stephanie never offered to refund me and only offered a remake IF I paid for shipping and insurance (again) and this offer only happened after her DS WAHM status was being threatened if she failed to compensate me during the DS mediation. I do not believe that Stephanie feels any remorse for her actions or ever willingly intended to refund me despite the fact that I offered for her to pay me back slowly or to resolve the matter in some other way. The only reason I received a refund is because visa backed my claims. She also alleged that I slandered her in various public forums but I do not believe this is true because (apart from it being libel and not slander as the written word) I have only ever stated the truth and did give Stephanie warnings that I would leave negative feedback in these places. I also think I offered her many chances to make amends. If anyone would like further clarification I would be very happy to provide screenshots or other proof for all of my statements...

Would you do business with them again? No

WAHM response (if we are provided with one): While I could include a detailed account of my version of this transaction, I do not feel that I need to defend myself. I have many happy, repeat customers and have been an active member of the Diaperswappers community for many years. I am very open about my business selling home-made baby clothes & diapers at affordable rates. I do not claim to be a big business and I’m certainly not in this for the money. I make enough to keep my extremely allergic child clothed. I’m a mom working to help other moms have unique upcycled woolies for their babies.
I made and shipped the items that this buyer requested. I tried out a new style of sleeves and cuffs at her request and that did delay the order. I also had some personal medical issues with my children, that the buyer was aware of that further delayed the order. The order was shipped on May 30, my proof of shipping from my customs form shows evidence that the package left the country.
The customer became negative and rude very quickly; she called me names across the internet and has slandered both my personal and business name. However, I still offered to remake the items and ship them internationally for only the cost of the shipping/insurance. The buyer rejected my offer and proceeded to request a chargeback from her credit company.
Paypal has sided with me several times, closing the cases that she attempts to start against me. They assure me that my shipping proof is all that I need to provide to the customer and that I did nothing wrong.
Ultimately, my small work-at-home-mom venture will continue and I will continue to offer quality upcycled woolens at reasonable prices, within the United States. If you have any questions about this transaction, feel free to PM me or check out my work making unique upcycled, jersey, and interlock onesies and footies.

Additional Admin Comments: wahm stopped communication in the mediation room mid mediation and never returned.
The wahm also chose not to help locate the package..
After speaking with paypal the rep I spoke with assured me that there are only 2 reasons they would have found in favor of the WAHM. They also never suggest a seller cease communication with a buyer
1. If the 45 day limit for disputes had closed
2. On some custom items


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Re: TeachinAuntie Mama Goetsch creations

Approximate date of purchase: October 2012

Where did you purchase the item(s) from: Stephanie Goetsch aka TeachinAuntie

What did you buy: Matching Custom Tiger paw pants for my son and his doll

How was the customer service: excellent as always

Review of the product: Perfect in every way

Stephanie made an adorable set of matching long fleece pants for my oldest son and his doll based on the custom measurements I gave her. The pants arrived right on time and fit just perfectly. My son was thrilled and loves to dress himself and his doll in these longies despite it being way too hot for longies! This is just one of many very positive transaction I have had with Stephanie. I would not hesitate to purchase from her again.
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