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Aspirin to prevent Pre-E?



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Re: Aspirin to prevent Pre-E?

My blood pressure is lower as well. It's typically 125-130/80-85ish. Last appointment it was 112/72. This is significantly lower for me, and I can tell that my heart rate is slower as well. I will be 23 weeks in two days. I wonder if it's just the time of the pregnancy?
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Re: Aspirin to prevent Pre-E?

While pregnant you should not take anything over the counter without consulting with your doctor/mw. Only your doctor/mw knows your full medical history and can tell you what is best for you.
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Re: Aspirin to prevent Pre-E?

I was told to discontinue taking aspirin (family history of stroke) when I got pregnant, as it's a risk of reye's disease in baby. Not safe to take it either while pregnant or breastfeeding.
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No idea for pre-e, but I take low-dose aspirin for a mutation that can cause clotting. Was put on that and folic acid after recurrent early pregnancy loss, but docs insist that I continue it for the entire pregnancy. Luckily, it has never caused complication with babies or delivery.
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Re: Aspirin to prevent Pre-E?

I did not read your whole OP, so forgive me if I missed something...

The best way I have found through my personal research to avoid pre-e (and many other pg issues), is through a diet high in protein, low in carbs, low in processed sugars. And combined with regular physical exercise. You can google "Brewer diet" and read about it.

I would not take aspirin during pregnancy b/c of the risks.
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At one time it was thought to help, but newer studies have disproved this. Same goes for calcium or magnesium supplements. The only pregnant women I see on baby aspirin are those with clotting disorders (protein c, mtfhr, etc) like pp mentioned.
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Re: Aspirin to prevent Pre-E?

I second the Brewer diet a pp mentioned. Aim for 80-100 grams of protein/day from all sources. Also, regular consumption of nettles infusion and red raspberry leaf infusion can help prevent high blood pressure and pre-e. Since you didn't actually have pre-e before, and only a very mild case of pregnancy induced hypertension, I don't think that's compelling enough to merit taking aspirin regularly for me. I did have pre-e late in pregnancy that bled over postpartum (was readmitted 6 days pp and out on mag sulfate for a day and the. Had to stay 4 more days to get my bp in check) and I don't plan on doing an aspirin regimen in the future unless my bp starts to creep up and other, more natural, methods aren't controlling it. The Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year has good info on ways to prevent high bp and pre-e. I wish I'd read it during my pregnancy, but I have it now for next time. There's a website for the book that has some of the info from it about bp. Good luck. I hope you have a healthy pregnancy and a safe and happy birth!
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Re: Aspirin to prevent Pre-E?

I have never had Pre-E. So I can't comment on that. I am however on low dose aspirin and I am pregnant. I typically have low blood pressure. I was in labor with my triplets and had blood on standby because they thought I was going to need a transfusion after I delivered them, and I STILL had low blood pressure. It is just me. However because of my history (pelvic radiation) it is thought that I could have placenta issues and this is a way to insure good blood flow to my uterus.

This is my 5th pregnancy and my 3rd to get this far and I actually watched my veins get bigger when I got pregnant. I don't remember this with any of my other pregnancies. I blame this on my aspirin regiment.

So if Pre-E has anything to do with blood flow issues, then it might be good to take. I haven't been told when I will have to stop it but I know I will eventually have to stop it as it can cause excess bleeding at delivery. I have to have a c-section so this is a concern, especially since I don't have any blood issues generally speaking.

Good luck!
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