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csection and nursing

im curious to hear of those of you who have had successful csectoins (preferably possible emergency ones with a premature baby as mine is expected premie) and how nursing worked out for you, if it did/didnt, etc?


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Mine werent preemies but they were all taken before my body showed signs of labor so milk was slower to come in. With my first nursing my milk came in around the end of day 4. With my second it was starting to come in at the start of day 3. It just varies but your body knows what your baby needs.
The absolute best hold is a football hold because there isn't any pressure on your belly. I didn't use my boppy for about a week when I wasn't as tender or sore, I just put pillows alongside of me to lay baby on.
I was lucky in the fact that I didn't have any severe latch problems after a few days. I do have really jumbo boobs (40HH after delivery) so I have to hold my breast just above the nipple so I don't suffocate baby.
Have you talked with a LLL leader or IBCLC yet? They may be able to come to the hospital in day two just to check on you and see if you need help with anything.

ETA: If you know you won't be able to nurse baby right away then start pumping right away. Even a few drops of colostrum is better than nothing. You can syringe or finger feed it to your LO. I would make sure you have the right size flanges for your pump and make sure you have some lanolin packed just to make sure have everything you might need.
Hope you have a smooth section and baby is healthy.
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Re: csection and nursing

Not preemies but I did have 3 emergency sections sorta. My first was a genuine emergency, second forced sections so last minute decision, and third was semi-emergency.

Nursing went well with my first. My second suffered birth injuries so nursing didn't go well until after a chiropractor visit. My third was slow to nurse well because of a tongue tie. His issues were resolved quickly once he had it clipped. I had no issues with nursing because of the surgery. The issue with my second was because I was already pushing when the doctor forced the section so baby was extremely difficult to bring back up the birth canal.

I agree the football hold is very helpful in not putting any pressure on the incision. Just rememeber to have a pillow behind you. I have also heard the football hold is good for preemies as it allows you a better view of just how your baby is latching on and how much of the areola baby has in his mouth.
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I successfully nursed twins after a c, they were technically a premies. They came at 36 weeks. It wasn't an emergency though. The pain honestly wasn't all that bad, I was good with a Motrin.
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I have had 2 c sections, but no premies. The first was an emergency. Nursing didn't work with DS1. It probably could have if I had stuck with it. DS1 would not stay awake to nurse no matter what the lc and I tried. The lc had me pump and we tried a SNS and that didn't work either. For almost a week we tried to get him to nurse and when he wouldn't we syringe fed him. By the end of it, I was so sick and tired of fighting him to nurse. He was going to daycare at 8 weeks old, so I knew he was going to be getting bottles anyway, so I pumped for him for 14 months. That worked great for us. DS2 was a completely different story. He was born at 39 weeks 5 days and nursed like a champ. He was born at 10 lbs and by 8 weeks the little porker already weighed 18 lbs. Lol. He nursed until he was 21 months.
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Re: csection and nursing

I've had a quick section and a planned section. My nursing with the oldest was the hardest, he was about 37wks and full term weight and never needed O2 or anything, but his latch sucked and my milk came in on day 4. With DS2 it was a piece of cake and no big deal. I also had been much more educated by this point and was more careful to not oversleep at night and got my milk in quickly and I kept relatching him until it was how I wanted.
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I had a true emergency cesarean with my youngest. I did not think I would be able to hold her, let alone nurse right away. It was a nightmare in the making, so I thought. In the end, I had a relatively easy cesarean, nursed within 10min and it was a very healing experience from my first.
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Re: csection and nursing

I went in the hospital to just have my water broke and have baby natural but after 10 hours and only dialating to a 5 and babys heart rate dropping we had an emergency c-section they said he was trying to come out but I guess I wasnt made right he couldnt so they took him he was not premature but was big in premie clothes he was so cute after I got out of recovery they brought him to me because I told them I wanted to nurse him well not much was coming out and I felt like he needed more milk they told me whatever my body made was plenty for the baby but I wasnt satisfied so I asked for a bottle after I started pumping out a little more I started bf again I was scarred he wasnt getting full and felt i was starving him but i learned that was not the case.
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Re: csection and nursing

My DD wasn't a premie but she was only 5.5lb. We used a shield to BF.
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Re: csection and nursing

I had an emergency c-section. My milk came in well, and my DS latched in the recovery room with his dad's assistance. It was rough as I was having a hard time in the hospital and the first few days at home (I actually hate the football hold) but so far well worth it!
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