View Poll Results: Young lady hair management age?
8 years old or younger 0 0%
9-10 years old 8 7.84%
11-12 years old 25 24.51%
13-14 years old 2 1.96%
15-16 years old 0 0%
17-18 years old 0 0%
when they start their period 1 0.98%
they get to decide when they're ready 57 55.88%
other 9 8.82%
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What do you think is the right age?

My DD is 11 and has very dark and thick hair. She's actually started going through puberty (hasn't started her period yet but I think it's close) and recently told me that at a pool party this past week there were some girls actually made fun of her leg hair saying that it was gross and made her feel terrible.

I don't want to be one of those moms that make her suffer through it just because I think she may be too young but I remember being interesting in shaving my legs at her age but I was also fortunate that my hair was very light and unnoticable so I didn't need to still for some time.

She also has crazy eye brows that will need some care and her legs need to be shaved. I got her a shaving kit a while back and put it in her Young Lady Kit but I'm thinking I'll just pull it out and give it to her early and show her how to take care of her eyebrows with tweezers or just offer to do hers when I do mine.

So I'm wondering, what age do you think is an appropriate age for body hair management for a young lady?


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Re: What do you think is the right age?

I was 10 when my mom showed me how to shave. Granted, I started my period at 10 also so I was probably ahead of most.
I played basketball and I remember other girls making fun of some of us that didnt shave so I mentioned it to my mom and she brought me home a pack of pink razors and showed me how.

I work at a Girl Scout camp during the summer though and I see girl that are as young as 8 commenting on others hair. *lol* Some of our teen and adult counselors dont shave all summer.

To this day, I have never plucked my eyebrows though - to each their own.
So you just never know. Good luck mama.
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Re: What do you think is the right age?

I was in 6th grade, whatever age that is, when I started. I didn't tell my mom or ask. I just did it. I personally think if it is causing her to be made fun of, it's time as long as she wants to do it. So, I voted, whenever she is ready. So, whenever it seems like it's time, within reason.
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Re: What do you think is the right age?

I was about 14, but my hair was always kind of light. That's when I started shaving my underarms. I don't think she's too young. I figure when you're old enough to be fuzzy, you're old enough to shave.
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Re: What do you think is the right age?

I was fairly young (6th grade? - also started my period then too) when I started shaving my legs below the knee and my underarms, eyebrows every once in a while. I'm a red head, and my body hair is very light blonde with a hint of red, when my underarm hair started coming in my mom told me I had to do SOMETHING about it shortly after my leg hair was getting a bit long (LOL) and my mom let me shave ONLY to my knee and that didn't last long because hey, she's not in there shaving with me. Anyways, it made me feel and look cleaner and she made sure I didn't use too sharp of a razor (at first it was the electric with a guard cover on it). As for eyebrow plucking, my mom helped me get rid of an soon to be unibrown around the same age and let me take over shaping around 8th grade, but my hair doesn't grow back so fast there so it's was only a once in like 4 month job...
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Re: What do you think is the right age?

I don't think 11 is too young at all. If it is making her self-conscious and feel embarassed, it's time to do something about it.

I think I started when I was 10, but I got my period at 9. My little sister is 7.5 and has body hair. As in looooong underarm hair, which my mother has been using Nair on. She has hairier legs than my sons and even my husband. I do believe she is going through precocious puberty though, so that's an extraordinary case.
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Re: What do you think is the right age?

I was 12 but i had light hair until then. My mom handed me a razor and told me to stay below the knee and left the room lol I started shaving my underarms soon after. I didnt touch my eyebrows until my late teens. Face shapes change a lot pre/early/mid teens and I didnt want to look silly. Although my sister did start pulling really random hairs at 13 but didnt mess with the shape of them
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Re: What do you think is the right age?

I was in 6th grade I think, so I was about that age. Really, I think that leg shaving should be introduced about the same time that deodorant and pit shaving do. For some girls, it's right around puberty, and for others it's a little earlier.

Eyebrows/facial hair should be as it becomes an interest/issue. For me, it started about the same time that make up did.

ETA: I voted she gets to decide, but my 3yo is interested in shaving (she imitates me in the bathtub) but only because she sees me doing it, not because she's worried about the hair on her legs!
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Re: What do you think is the right age?

I started in the 6th grade after A LOT of begging. My mom was totally against it, but I also had dark hair and was really self-concious of it. So, finally she bought me an electric razor so she wouldn't have to worry about me cutting myself. I think it isn't necessarily an age thing, but more about when she feels self-concious of it.
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Re: What do you think is the right age?

voted whenever their ready...within reason

I was 10. My hair wasnt partiocularly dark or thick or anything but all of my girlfriends shaved and I was feeling self-consious. So, like some others posted I didnt ask or tell< i just did it.
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