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Am I doing something wrong?

Hi all-
I have a newborn stash which largely consist of AIOs--XS Charlie Bananas, FuzziBuns, a couple of DiaperRites and one Imagine flip. I've also got a few RealNappies covers and prefolds. I think the only one which has not leaked is the Imagine, so far. My daughter is eight weeks, three weeks adjusted for her prematurity, and weighs almost eight pounds. She's slightly skinnier in build and I feel like I'm really tightening them down on her, trying to keep them from leaking. She hates being changed and cries a lot, though I don't see red marks when I take them off. I've only been using the cloth diapers for a few days and I've researched how to use them. Is she maybe just too small? I've snapped down the rise snaps on the DiaperRites and still it's leaking. Help, please?


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Re: Am I doing something wrong?

Two thoughts: Maybe they needed to be prepped better. Could she possibly need the next size of a soaker?
Here to help if I can.
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Re: Am I doing something wrong?

How often are you changing her? Newborns need to be changed often... that was one of my first lessons. I would say 2 hours is pushing it - you may need to change every hour or hour and a half.

I haven't used those AIOs... but some thoughts from someone that uses almost solely AIOs in all stages:

1. Is the diaper completely saturated when you change her? If so, you have an absorbency problem and you may either need to switch brands (simplex are the best in my experience) or type (other types are more absorbent), or change more frequently. You could also try adding some absorbency but make sure it doesn't make the legs gap.

2. Are all the edges are rolled in? Otherwise you will have wicking even if they aren't saturated.

3. Is the wicking coming from the legs or the tummy consistently? You may be able to adjust fit issues if you can figure out where she is consistently wicking from.

IME, newborns can pee an insane amount for their size. It is amazing how quickly they grow out of those newborn diapers! I personally use the "larger" newborn diapers and have had more success with them... simplex and bottombumpers (although the new style isn't as good as the old one for me).

Hope that helps!
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Re: Am I doing something wrong?

Basically echoing everyone else, where is the leaks and is the diaper saturated? Babies usually pee within a half hour after eating. Considering changing after one pee.
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Re: Am I doing something wrong?

We had lots lots lots of pees with our nb. I think ultimately I just wasn't changing frequently enough. It gets better, I promise! Don't let this change how you feel about cloth diapers altogether, because I can guarantee you it will get better/easier. After a while you will have no leaks and your sposies​ friends will be jealous.

I think frequent changes are key, but also as much as I hate to admit it, I think a lot of nb aios are just not absorbant enough beyond the first couple of weeks. I also haven't used those aios, but I know we had several aios we ended up not liking well beyond 2 weeks, and we had other options we liked better.
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Re: Am I doing something wrong?

Mainly she's leaking around the legs. I'm pretty sure they were prepared properly and I've upped my changing. That seems to be helping. I'd really like to use larger diapers (I have a pile of OS diapers too), but she's so small it seems these are even too big. Guess I'll just keep trying. It seems worth it to me.
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Re: Am I doing something wrong?

Another thing: I find diapers with microfiber leak faster than those with natural fibers. They're kind of like a sponge, they absorb a lot, but if they compress, it will leak back out. Or sometimes newborns aren't heavy enough and pee rolls off the stay dry fabric instead of soaking into the insert below. Are they saturated when they leak? For the pockets you could add a doubler, especially for night time.
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