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So dissappointed ... any advice

hello everyone... I am looking for a little advice. I have twin boys the we are CDing and my experiences so far haven't been the best.

First off let me say that I have enough diapers for two days for the boys. So our diapers get laundered every second day. I do not use any bum creams. Also, I ONLY use the manufacturers recommended laundering methods, detergents, and stripping methods. I have always used Allens liquid laundry soap.

I had a whole stash of BG pockets get destroyed by a dryer on holidays last Summer. We always hung our pockets to dry but when we were on holidays the laundry room was in the basement and was very cool so it didn't dry the diapers fast enough for us to have ready to use. We popped them in the dryer for a few minutes ... of course the dryer was older and the element went crazy and baked the PUL. It actually all cracked to pieces. We were soooo disappointed!!! It cost enough to buy the cloth to start. One of the reasons we used cloth was to save money diapering the boys and future children.

So faced with having to replace my whole stash a friend of mine suggested Omaiki. She had used them for some time and was very pleased with the product and felt that they were a superior product in comparison to BG. I ordered a couple of diapers to try and was pleased with the product so I replaced my whole stash with Omaiki AIO, and I have a few pockets as well for night time. The shipping was very slow (it took well over a month to receive) and I always had a hard time getting a hold of the company to ask questions about the diapers and when the shipment would arrive. I only used the diapers for about three months and it seemed like the PUL layer felt different. Of course I was freaked solid after the first incident. I contacted the company and they told me that they had never had an issue with their high quality PUL. So maybe it was just me being super paranoid. Another couple of months went by and the diapers were leaking very badly so I contacted the company again and they told me that Allen's was a thick detergent and that the diapers would need to be stripped. They gave me their stripping instructions and the diapers stopped leaking. After about six months of use the velcro was not working at all on most of my diapers. The diapers were literally falling off the babies. I also had two snaps from the inserts come apart. I also noticed that the PUL in all of the pocket diapers were separating...delaminating I guess is the correct term... the plastic was separated from the fabric. I contacted the company about these issues.

The company told me that they had an issues with the velor style velcro they were using for a while on the diapers and they would replace the velcro. They would also replace the snaps that were broken. They told me that they were shocked I was having delaminating issues. They had only had a couple of issues with delaminating (they told me none before??) that were caused during the manufacturing of the PUL and that my print also hadn't had any issues but they would replace the pockets that had been damaged. I insisted again that I was concerned about the integrity of the PUL on the AIOs as well.

I told the company my laundering routing and the products I used.....They also explicitly told me that I had not done anything to damage the PUL!!!! I questioned the amount of drying with the product. Omaiki recommends drying their products to keep the stitching tight and preventing leaks. After the last dryer incident I had no intentions of drying my diapers but they recommended it, and I have a brand new dryer. The women told me that she had always dried her diapers and after two children she still gifted her diapers to someone to use. Also, the company makes bathing suits out of the PUL and after using a hot t-shirt press, which is much hotter than a properly working dryer, the PUL was not damaged. She assured me it was nothing that I did. The company sent me a shipping label (which I thought was great) and I sent back the diapers to be repaired even though I was passed the 90 day warranty which I also thought was great (the velcro and snaps) and the four delaminated pockets. I sent the diapers on June 6, 2013. They told me it should take about 10 business days.

After a month and a half had passed I tried several times to contact the company and final got a hold of someone. They told me that they had moved and this was the reason for the delay. I questioned them regarding the condition of the diapers and they had not even started them. This whole time I was using the almost one day supply of diapers I had left and disposes ... things were adding up cost wise and I was washing my diapers everyday which is not good for them of course. She was going to check into my diapers as they were just getting ready to start them. She told me she would call me back that day, which she did not. I called back the following week to see what was going on and left a message. The same lady called and left a message on my phone that all of my diapers were delaminated and that the company would not replace them as it must have been something I had done..... I was absolutely devastated. I had been soooo careful with the diapers. I followed everything to the letter, and they had told me I couldn't have done anything to them and now it is my fault???????

I contacted them back in tears. Number one I couldn't afford to replace the cloth again ...heck I really can't even afford it the first time or to use disposes, and secondly I certainly wouldn't replace with more cloth after following all the instructions and having my diapers be destroyed.... the new ones would end up the same way.

They told me that it had to be something I had done ..not in an accusing way they figured it was something inadvertently done. I again went over my laundering routine. She went on to say that there had to have been a strong chemical used because the outer layer looked like it was sooooo old and used, and there was even waves of color missing????? The diapers had only six months use. Apparently they looked more worn then the ones that she had gifted after use on two children!

They could not explain what had happened to my diapers, but they were not willing to replace them. They were going to fix the velcro and return them to me as they would still 'work' because the PUL had not been ripped just separated, and they would send me a discount card if I wanted to purchase more.

I was am so confused about what had actually happened to the diapers. Has anyone else had issued with delaminating and why it happened? I am also upset with the company. If I had followed all of the instructions and recommended products and their product failed shouldn't they replace it?

Since I sent the diapers the other diapers velcro is failing and I have had four more snaps break on the inserts

I finally received my diapers today... Aug. 20.. after two and a half months. They had sent me the replacement pockets, and the repaired diapers. No discount card as promised.... not that I would buy as I had mentioned. When I looked at the diapers... they had replaced it with the same style velcro that was on it before that was what they told me faulty??????? I am extremely upset about this whole situation, and I really still feel that the diapers should be replaced. Any advice and opinions that could be offered would be greatly appreciated
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