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Re: Am I horrible for WANTING a repeat c/s?

I am all for women having the birth they want, regardless of what form it takes. First priority should always be healthy mama and healthy baby and that includes mental health too. My BFF scheduled a RCS with her second because the near loss of her first, and a subsequent pregnancy loss had her absolutely in panic mode thoughout her pregnancy. The peace of mind of having the second section for her was beyond price. It's not what I would have chosen, but I was not in her shoes, and I'm very happy she got the birth that she wanted.


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Re: Am I horrible for WANTING a repeat c/s?

Not horrible at all. I will probably have a scheduled repeat c-section with our second (will start TTC in April or May, whenever dh comes home from overseas) and I had a similar experience with the pitocin and everything. I would like to have a VBAC but also I don't want to risk going through all that again. So I understand where you are coming from.
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I did have a successful VBAC, however my c-section was emergency due to the death of DD1s identical twin, so I never went in to labor the 1st time. Because my c/s was such a traumatic experience, I am terrified of another one. Of course now baby #3 is still sitting pretty in the breech position at 31 weeks and showing no inclination to turn. :/

I was concerned about the risks, and almost changed my mind a dozen times. I don't think it would have worked if I hadn't KNOWN that's what I wanted at the end, KWIM? I don't think it's terrible at all.
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Re: Am I horrible for WANTING a repeat c/s?

not at all and let me say I personally really hate hospital births. but I more hate people being forced into doing things they dont want to. so for me to be a good midwife, I also had to learn that what I think is right isnt always what others want so I support what YOU want as long as its not harming anyone.

heck, i dont know if you previously lost a baby, have a father who is ill and you want to make it to see him before he passes or whatever... (perhaps reasons to deliver early too) I understand all that then.

you know your risks, you know what you want. do it. stop beating yourself up if you feel this is the best birth for you
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Re: Am I horrible for WANTING a repeat c/s?

I'm in a very similar situation as you, but my last experience wasn't NEARLY as unpleasant as yours. However, it was unpleasant enough to put me in a near panic attack by reliving the memories and at the thought of another pregnancy. I have 1 child now, but have always wanted 3 and I cry at the thought of ttc.

Just to briefly fill you in on what I experienced, I had a perfect pregnancy too until the end. I was almost 2 weeks late and had low fluids so I went in for induction. For 2 days they tried to ripen my cervix, but nothing worked and finally they just started the pictocin. Labor went great until I took an epidural then everything stopped and I didn't dialate any further than 7 cm and after nearly 24 hours the baby's heart rate was falling so they did a csection. I was not prepared at all for things to go that way, I felt helpless, completely out of control and I felt like my body was failing me. Between all of those feelings and the doctors constantly up my girl parts those three days were the WORST experience of my life.

I too am terrified to try a VBAC bc I don't want to go through all of that pain again just to end up on the operating table again. At the same time though, recovering from the csection was also horrible. I couldn't comfortably ride in a car until nearly 8 weeks postpartum and around 10 weeks I got sick and it brought my recovery back to about week 3 pain-wise. It's hard enough recovering from a surgery when you're able to just rest, but that's not possible with a newborn and it's a horrible feeling not wanting to pick up your LO bc of how much physical pain it can cause. I would not wish a csection on my worst enemy! I do feel though that the recovery was easier than those first 3 days in the hospital.

You are very strong just for considering another LO after an experience that makes mine sound like a walk in the park. No, you are not horrible for wanting a repeat c/s and you are definitely NOT alone.
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Thank you, everyone, for your supportive words! It means a lot to me. Update: I removed my Mirena (yes, by myself...I'm crazy), but am currently on the pill. Hubby deploys soon, and I don't think we are going to TTC before he leaves. It's disappointing, but with no family up here to help me, I can't justify getting pregnant... Especially if I have another complicated delivery! I definitely still think when/if we conceive again, I'm opting for a repeat csection. :-)

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