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Crazy schedule - how to make NFP work for me?

I've been researching NFP a little more since the birth of our second child. I was on hormonal bc for the yearish between when we got married and DD1. I never intend to ever go back on it. We just used a diaphragm between DD1 and DD2, and I have a new one since DD2 however, I'd love to only use it when I *have* to.

However, everything I've read thus far requires temp charting, etc. DH and I both work full time, opposite shifts (so one of us is always home with the babies), and somewhat varying shifts. Two or three mornings a week I'll be up at 5-something, the rest are whenever the LOs wake me up. I'm regularly up until at least midnight, and DD2 still usually nurses at least once during the night.

Also, all the charting options I've seen thus far either A: look rather complicated and time-consuming. Like it would be far easier to just always use the diaphragm. Or B: look wonderfully automated and streamlined and technologically advanced, yet cost half a month's rent.

For all you NFP there something out there that would actually work for me? Or expecting something just unrealistic?


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Re: Crazy schedule - how to make NFP work for me?

The Creighton method doesn't use temping.
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Re: Crazy schedule - how to make NFP work for me?

Billings ovulation method also does not use temping. It is cervical fluid only and highly effective using 4 rules. Very easy to learn as well.
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Re: Crazy schedule - how to make NFP work for me?

First, I think the suggestions to look into the Creighton or Billings methods are a good ones. I prefer to chart multiple fertility signs, including BBT, but a mucous-only method might simplify things for you.

Having said that, I think you could make charting your BBT work, even with your hectic schedule, if that's something you want to do. The trick is to pick a time around the earliest time you wake up and set your alarm for that time. For example, if the earliest you get up during the week is 5 am, set an alarm for that time every day, take your temperature then, and simply go back to sleep on those mornings you don't need to get up that early. You don't have to get out of bed or even fully wake up, just stick the thermometer in your mouth, wait for it to register your temp, and roll over to go back to sleep. Many BBT thermometers have a memory function, so you don't even have to record that number until you wake up for the day.

I often stay up late (I'm writing this post at 2 am!), my baby often wakes me in the night, and I sometimes only get an hour or two of sleep before my temping alarm goes off. Most recommend scheduling a solid block of four hours of sleep before temping your BBT, but I've found that if I'm at least *trying* to sleep for a chunk of two or three hours before temping, my temperatures are accurate enough to chart. Sometimes I stay up very late (until 4:30 am or so), and my temps are still fine. The sleep disruption can sometimes make temps a little rockier (more ups and downs) than they would be with better sleep right before temping, but I've found that my charts are still fairly easy to interpret.

Also, charting really only takes a couple minutes per day after you get used to it. In the morning, it takes one minute to temp and record that temp using on my phone. I notice my cervical fluid throughout the day when I'm going to the bathroom anyway; it doesn't take any extra time. I also note my cervical position once each day, again when I am already using the bathroom, but this is optional. I record all the info using an app on my phone, and it only takes a few seconds. If a phone app isn't for you, there are web-based programs you could try.
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