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Re: Am I too uptight? Pushy relatives...

No caramel for baby, but grab the batch and say, "I don't think the baby can digest all that sugar, but, I'd like to take some for me and hubby, got enough for us...our sweet tooth can handle it and we will have it later!?!" "Looks delicious, I'll take some..." This may be a tactful way of taking the batch away from the person without creating a (family) problem. Food and especially sugar is traditionally a way to share love. People express love, nurturing, reciprocity, exchanges...etc through offering food. She did not overstep you, she asked and "insisted" which may mean that it is her way of showing you her "love" for you and your baby by asking you and continuously engaging you regarding the food that she wants to share with you and your baby. She did not give it to the baby without engaging with you first--it is an exchange of thoughts, love, and good intentions. The person has good intentions, although uninformed (by today's medical standards), or maybe set in their ways per their upbringing. Tactfully taking the batch takes away the sugar from the person, keep the love/peace...and has you enjoy it! ; )


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Re: Am I too uptight? Pushy relatives...

I definitely would not give the kid a whole caramel bc of the very serious risk of choking, but a tiny swipe of runny homemade caramel sauce, I would try not to freak out about.

I pick my battles. When our baby was 3m old, my grandmother-in-law gave her her 1st taste of food when I was out of the kitchen - a swipe of her famous cherry pie and a swipe of coffee to go with it!!!! I tried not to freak out since its not going to affect her that much.

I hate that my parents + in laws want to give her the unhealthiest stuff! SO weird, but I really try not fight if its just little tastes.
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Re: Am I too uptight? Pushy relatives...

Relatives all have opinions and have the way they did it. I just try to make sure they aren't siting next to baby or holding baby while eating. If they won't honor my wishes while they are in front of me. They won't do it with me not there.
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Re: Am I too uptight? Pushy relatives...

We are currently living with my parents and it is so hard to keep an eye on them. LO is almost six months and is crazy interested in food. When she first tasted a peach, she bursted into laughter. Such adorable responses are hard enough for me ignore let alone Gma and Gpa. I need to get better at standing up to them (and her), but candy!?! No way!
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Re: Am I too uptight? Pushy relatives...

Agreed! My husband's grandmother gave my 6 month old cinnamon roll before I could stop her. I was not happy!

With today being Halloween, I will have to be on constant watch to make sure none of my relatives give my little guy any candy. Reminding them of the "Choking hazard" risk will hopefully be enough to keep them from giving him any.
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Re: Am I too uptight? Pushy relatives...

My hubs is an MD and he was letting LO suck maple syrup off his finger at 3 days old. I'm not recommending that, and LO's diet is primarily breast milk, but he has had ice cream, applesauce, yogurt, popsicle, and sucked on fruit and he is not yet 3 mos. DH and I are considered health nuts by many, but sweets now and then aren't going to ruin our priorities, and it isn't worth damaging family relationships to us.

Also, for those withholding certain foods (besides sugar), you should check the current recommendations on that - Drs now say you should be getting as many foods in your baby as early as you can to prevent allergies, including dairy, peanuts, strawberries, etc. But read up on it first, and talk to your pediatrician to be sure!

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Re: Am I too uptight? Pushy relatives...

Caramel is pretty crazy for a 9 month old. But when I'm with family, I try to put a positive spin on it. Instead of saying "No, he can't eat it", I say "The sweetest thing he's had is bananas and even that makes him go nuts. So maybe we'll just stick to bananas or sweet potatoes today."
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