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Help! Get my 22 month old to sleep through the night

I am an attachment parenting mama and don't believe in CIO, never have. I'm also still nursing my son.

That being said, my son still wakes up once or twice every night and I nurse him back to sleep in his rocking chair. I haven't really minded this. He also goes to sleep the same way, and won't go to bed drowsy - he has to be OUT in my arms.

I just found out I'm pregnant again and I'm already having anxiety attacks about what to do when the new baby is up in the middle of the night and I hear that familiar cry on the monitor. I would LOVE to get DS to sleep through the night (and even go to sleep without nursing sometimes) before the new baby arrives in April. Any suggestions?

NOTE: I am NOT trying to wean him in any way, I just know there will probably be times when it's his bedtime and the new baby will need me, so if Daddy could put him down on occasion it would be incredibly helpful.

Thanks for your help experienced mamas!


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Re: Help! Get my 22 month old to sleep through the night

I wish I had some words of advice, but I don't. I can however let you know that you are NOT alone! DS2 just recently started sleeping through the night, and he is 2 1/2! He would wake up numerous times a night, and most nights he got up more times then the baby did. There really wasn't anything I could do about it except wait for it to pass. And eventually it did. Now he sleeps better then any one of the boys.


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Re: Help! Get my 22 month old to sleep through the night

right there with you, my 20 month dd wakes 1-2 times for a bottle...she is FTT and on a diet of only formula so i dont mind that she actually does need the formula, but if she would take more during her awake hours she prolly wouldnt need to wake up for it. that said my ds (whom i nursed til 13 months) slept through the night at 6 months, so this is new to us too...hugs
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Re: Help! Get my 22 month old to sleep through the night

Seriously, I wouldn't stress too hard. My ds was only 18 months when dd was born. I stressed and worked so hard to try to get him to sleep through the night before she was born. Actually lost some sleep stressing about it, LOL! He started sleeping through the night at 16 months. Once dd came, he started waking up again !!!!!!!!! Just take it as it is. He could be a baby that has slept through the night since he came home, then this new human comes in his world, throws it all off, and wakes up once the baby comes home.

btw: my dd is 21 months old and has NEVER slept through the night.
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Re: Help! Get my 22 month old to sleep through the night

We don't really belive in CIO, either. However, we tried a "modified" version. The first time we layed her down and waited 5 minutes, she groused, but didn't cry unitl about 4 min and 50 sec. I went in and patted her hiney and told her good night. We were gonna wait 5 more minutes and she was asleep in about 1 1/2 minutes after. We did this for about a week and she puts herself to sleep every night and has since about 3 months old. We also use a cool mist humidifier for white noise. I don't think she could sleep without it.
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Re: Help! Get my 22 month old to sleep through the night

That was a really hard time for Maddie passed though, and we went through it during the earlier part of my pregnancy when I was really sick. I promise it will pass and he'll sleep.
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Re: Help! Get my 22 month old to sleep through the night

I decided to wean DS at night at around 14 months, because of my concerns about taking care of two at night and breastfeeding pregnant just being painful. We also moved him into his own room at the same time. When he wakes, I will rock him for a while and offer him a sip of water (cup with a straw, so you don't spill in the dark). When he is calm, I tell him "I'm going to put you in your crib now. It is time to sleep." Then I rub his back a while. Sometimes I just sit and sing to him or even just breath with him.

Try to reduce the amount and intensity of interventions that are necessary for your LO to sleep. Do it in steps. Start off with offering water instead of breastfeeding (might get dad to try this one). Try putting him to bed a little bit less asleep than usual, but stay there and comfort him with back rubbing, singing, quiet talking, whatever works. Gradually reduce the amount of time you are actively comforting, instead just sit there. Be boring and wait for him to fall asleep. My sleep guide recommended literally moving the chair a few inches closer to the door every night until you are out of the room.

Changing sleep routines is hard. With my DS, it helped that we changed the whole situation at once. I tried offering him water instead of breastfeeding while we were co-sleeping and he just didn't go for it. Once he was in his own bed in his own room, he could accept that.
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