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Strep B

I am positive with Strep B and the hospital is prepared to give me antibiotics during labor. I have done some looking and reading on this and all the problems it can have for the newborn if they are infected and I am really worried now.
We live 45mins away from the hospital and I am worried about my water breaking early or not making it to the hospital on time. My active labors have been as short as 2 hours and after my water breaks I tend to go straight to pushing in about 45mins.
So I am hoping another mama knows more about this and can help ease my worried mind.


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Re: Strep B

Great article, really making me rethink the whole antibiotics thing. They gave me TERRIBLE handcramps when I had it with DD, enough to take my mind off the contractions whenever it was time for a dose. Bah.
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Re: Strep B

If you deliver without getting the antibiotics they can administer antibiotics to the baby but I believe there is a 10day hospital stay for the baby to evaluate him/her to make sure they are not getting the strep. I could be wrong.
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joyful mother
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Re: Strep B

To me it would seem that if water breaks then baby is out quick that any possible complications would go way down. I can really only see a problem if you had water broken for a very long time.
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Re: Strep B

Okay, I tested pos with #2. They said to arrive 4 hours before delivering so I could get all the antibiotic courses. Well, my babies are born in less than 2 hours of arrival.

You have to stay for 48 hours so they can observe the baby.

My understanding is that problems only really arrise if baby is in the birth canal a long time after the water has broken (someone correct me if I'm wrong).

With baby #3 I hadn't been tested for it, yet. Again, I had to stay at the hospital for 48 hours so they could observe the baby.

My babies are never in the canal very long (the last two I pushed for about 5-10 minutes). Also, my water is always intact until I start pushing so they do not really have a chance to be in much contact of the "stuff."

There are things you can do to rid yourself of it. Yogurt, pro-biotics, washes with different things. I can't think of it all right now, but hopefully others will chime in.
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Re: Strep B

You also have the option of taking oral antibiotics in the last few weeks of pregnancy. Depends on if your OB/MW is ok with that route. But if you don't get 2 doses of antibiotics in during labor, they usually like to observe the baby for 48 hrs. If you are really worried about getting there in time, I would talk to your OB/MW about taking oral antibiotics, at least see if that is an option for you. I had this same issue before and understand the stress, heck, I couldn't get the nurses to put the IV in for over an hr to start the meds so I was rather annoyed when I then wasn't able to get 2 doses before she was born. I ended up with a 48 hr stay with the baby which was a pain in the rear. So if you do have to get them at the hospital with a history of quick labors, don't stop talking once you get there until someone listens to you and starts the IV.
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Re: Strep B

I tested positive with #3. The IV BURNED like crazy. They were able to get the first dose through the IV, but then broke my water and thought it would take longer than it did (even when I said, "well, she should be here in about 15 minutes, then" - and she was), so they weren't able to give the second dose. I believe they just gave her a shot in the nursery, and she was fine (we stayed for 2 days, anyways...).

Phooey on strep b
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Re: Strep B

There are risk to the baby either way

I tested positive with my son and did the garlic clove..I begged to be re-tested and my doctor wouldn't do it.
Ended up that my son came so fast I never made it out of my hotel room so neither midwife or doctor had to worry about it

I would really look into the garlic (there are threads here about it too w/ links to other sites) Beg your doctor to re-test you.You can also take your babies temp every few hours if you skip the IV..If the temp starts increasing they can start treatment and it tends to all work out.If you get the antibiotics your baby CAN still get GBS and sometimes is immune to the antibiotics since it was exposed to them in utero.Once again this is what I have read and seen some studies on.It is NOT something i went through first hand.

Also,if it helps any women can test positive one day and a week later negative without doing anything.. GBS lives in your bowel/rectum and something as simple as not wiping quite right can transfer just enough to where you test positive from what I have understood.
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Re: Strep B

I had GBS issues with my last pregnancy. I chose NOT to take antibiotics after much reading and prayer.

Here is what I did instead:

-Build my immunity by taking bee propolis and vitamin C. In retrospect, I would not take the propolis but just a natural sustained release Vitamin C pill instead.

-At bed time...Insert clove of garlic along with some aloe vera (because garlic is strong stuff and the aloe vera kinda helps protect the sensitive tissues) into birth canal from 38 weeks until delivery.

-In morning...DH and I both rubbed aloe vera gel with TTO on our privates to prevent any GBS growth or transfer.

-During labor we planned to use Hibicleans to clean out the birth canal just in case. It is said to be just as effective as antibiotics in cleansing the birth canal of any "germies." It can be done as soon as you know labor is "the real thing." It's just inserted using a peribottle and squeezing it into the birth canal. Then, I suppose that through the course of labor all of the the mucus and blood sorta cleanse the exit route too.

This was a hard decision to make, especially after reading all of the "what can happen" scenarios, but in the end I strongly feel it was the best one. Do some research before just deciding to take antibiotics. Your baby is meant to be colonized by all of your "good germs" at birth. They are a protection to the baby. By removing all of the good and bad with antibiotics, it can actually put your babe at risk for other issues, like e-coli infection. You have to weigh the risks/benefits. But honestly, the above plan that I described is actually probably more effective than antibiotics in preventing problems IMO. At least you're just cleaning out the birth canal with Hibicleans, whereas with antibiotics you're also affecting mamas and baby's gut too.

Hang in there and try not to worry!
Mama to our many blessings!
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