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I did competitive cheerleading and dance and regular high school cheerleading. I loved it! It kept me in such good shape because if I didn't have practice for one of those teams I had my gymnastics class. Our coach was very strict and made sure we were safe. Of course little injuries happened, but nothing major. I view it as the same as dance though. I don't have any girls, so I don't have to worry about that. But I think she will have a ton of fun!


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Re: Cheerleading?

I disagree with pp who says it lacks safety standards. There are definitely safety rules in place as to what stunts the cheerleaders may or may not do depending on which cheer association the squad is affiliated with, NCA or UCA. The cheer coach should be more than informed on those rules.
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I have a DD that does little league and competitive. This is her in a one man stunt withan adult. Its pricey and makeup is involved, but I'm also an evil pageant mom. Danger is in every sport. My ODD plays fastpitch softball year-round as a catcher and has been hurt worse and much more often than My cheering DD flyer.


ETA: She is 6 and captain of her squad.
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Re: Cheerleading?

My daughters gym has the high school chere team therea couple of hours a week. They work a lot on their tucks and back handsprings. The girls are definitely athletic, but come in all sizes and shapes. They aren't a competitive squad so I can't speak to that. But they work hard, but are a lot less intense than the team gymnastics, which is definitely a bonus for some. I do tend to worry a bit when watching them because they are doing pretty acrobatic floor skills, but they doing stretch out condition enough imo to be string enough too be safe. But, I dont know about thr competitive team side. Perhaps they are more focused on strength.
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Re: Cheerleading?

Originally Posted by Geckmumto3 View Post
TBH this is what worries me more than the danger of the sport. I am not into over sexualizing my daughter, and some of the things I have seen worry me. Not particularly at this gym, but for cheerleading as a rule.
well even if your gym doesnt participate in inappropriate material, your daughter is still going to see it....a lot....especially at competitions. this is the main reason why my girls do not participate. We have found some other local options that have higher standard regarding this sort of thing which basically means they wont compete on any team. its just not worth it for us.

I will say again though that there are some wonderful moms and daughters in these type of programs. Its just not right for us but I dont mean it as a bad reflection on anyone else participating in competitive cheer.
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Re: Cheerleading?

All Star Cheer is tough! I have to admit, I've never been a fan of cheer (hypocritical of me--I have a daughter in competitive dance) but I love watching the choreography and tumbling of a power cheer team. My daughter dances at a studio that does this kind of cheer so I've seen a little of it.

As far as the Toddlers and Tiaras thing, it's what you make of it. Like I said, I'm a "Dance Mom." I hate that term, by the way. My daughter does competition dance because she loves it. While I love watching her on stage, I don't get my kicks from competition dance. My daughter also knows that the FIRST rule is no drama/crying/bad attitudes because I can leave the whole thing in a heartbeat, so if she's going to throw attitude on top of it, then we're gone.

Cheer is a dangerous sport, though. I work in a gymnastics facility so we see a lot of injuries, but compared to the number of hours the kids working out (gymnasts practice more than cheerleaders), cheer has a higher rate of injury.
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Re: Cheerleading?

Honestly, go and talk to the coaches about it. The parents DO have some say in it. It is sexualized in a way, but that doesn't mean that it's there to serve as a purely sexual sport. And it's a sport, not a hobby.

The competitiveness of it has increased over the years, but I agree with another poster who said it promotes healthy relationships among the team members and their coaches. For example, with my niece's team, a young member lost her life in a horrible car accident a few years back. The girls and their mothers were all there for this poor girl's family. The mother of the victim, who was also in the accident, joined the team when they went to compete in FL. She was still wearing a neck brace, but you know what? She wasn't there for her own enjoyment. She went because the team and the parents involved are like family. Every year they continue to honor their team member's memory. It's amazing to see.
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