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Update and a poll

Just got back from the MW again. She's shocked but it looks like the little guy is getting comfortable again. I'm only 32 weeks but he's been wanting out for a while now. She said that a few weeks ago, she would have bet that I'd either have this baby by now, or she'd be trying to stop it. Now, all bets are off...he's moved back up, cervix is closed, I'm still having hard contractions frequently but they don't seem to be doing much at this point (yippee.) She's been telling me for several weeks that if I make it to 34 weeks that she'll let me go...she said today that it could be any time now or I could go a few more weeks. She's scheduled to go out of the country on my due date and she's still pretty sure he'll be here long before then, but who knows. I had been saying that if I could make it to 36 weeks, I really wanted a homebirth but we didn't think there was any chance of that happening so I haven't really been pursuing it lately. Now I guess it's something I need to decide!

Anyway, I'm glad the baby is still cooking and want him to take his time so that I can be confident he'll be "well done" when he does make his grand entrance, but I'm so ready to be finished with this pregnancy! So, in light of facing several more weeks of pregnancy, help cheer me up here...remind what your favorite thing(s) about being pregnant are.

I'll start (these are in no particular order):
1. I love the pregnant belly! I could do without all the other swelling and bloating and puffiness but I LOVE the belly. It seems like I spend most of my day lately with my pants down and shirt up and the belly hanging out! Sometimes I have to stop what I'm doing and go look in the mirror just to admire it...stretchmarks and all! ( )
2. At no other time in your life is it "cool" to wear clothes that make you look fat!
3. No one can look at a pregnant woman and not smile...whether it's the "I know what you've been doing" smirk, or "Good grief you look funny!" or mamas remembering back, everyone you see seems to get warm fuzzies when a pregnant woman walks by.
4. You can get away with all kinds of stuff at work when you're pregnant! Skipping out of meetings to use the potty, wearing jeans and birks because that's all that fits, etc.
5. The "night before Christmas" anticipation is a mixed's driving me crazy but it really is fun wondering what he'll look like and what kind of personality he'll have and all that.
6. Right now he's all mine and I don't have to share or let anyone else hold him or even look at him. When he's kicking and punching and rolling, it's our little secret.

See, I feel better already just typing all that help me out with some others...


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Re: Update and a poll

I love how nice people are to you! Even strangers, holding doors, helping you up, just doting over you.
You don't feel guilty having a second dessert lol.
Watching baby move in your belly. I would just watch my belly make all these strange shapes lol.
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Re: Update and a poll

Everybody gets to pamper you.

I love seeing other preggo moms and we just give each other a glance and we have a connection.

I LOVE getting to go to the hospital to have the baby. I love pacing the halls...around and around you go!

I love looking into that precious babies eyes for the first time thinking how this was all soooo incredibly worth it.
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Re: Update and a poll

Originally Posted by hollyhobby30

I love looking into that precious babies eyes for the first time thinking how this was all soooo incredibly worth it.
Linda -- proud mom of Rachel (20), Joshua (15), Elisheva (7), and Moshe (3), and 2 wonderful grown stepdaughters.
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Re: Update and a poll

I loved knowing them so well when nobody else had a clue. My first found a really comfy place in my hips and we'd play all day while I was at work. Well, I was playing - sometimes I think he was getting mad He'd get down in my hip and pinch this nerve and it'd make my belly pins&needles and then go I'd push him up and move him out of that spot and he'd kick me and get back down in there. LOL. My second wouldn't ever let anyone else touch him (in utero)...I could have my hands on my belly all day and he'd move around...but as soon as someone else touched my matter who..he'd stop. And dh could keep his hand on my belly for hours, but Drake wouldn't ever touch him They develop such personalities in utero and only MOMMY is privvy to it.

I 2nd the wearing what you want and excuses out of meetings or work or whatever for bathroom breaks

I don't love the stretchmarks, but I loved the belly! I could watch elbows and feet moving across my belly all day...and just hold my belly knowing my sweet little baby was allll mine.

And the TREMENDOUS love you feel for the little bean growing in there. Before pregnancy & birth...I could never have imagined the's just - overwhelming! Just thinking about it is getting my eyes wet
Jenelle SAHM to Kain (01/27/04) Drake (08/22/05)
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