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how did you tell your hubby u were preg

just wondering how everyone told their hubby they were preg. i still got that gut feeling that i am. and i want a cute way to tell him. my duahgter is not old enough to tell him she just talks a little. i was thinking maybe looking at BRU for a shirt for her though not sure if they sell them.

anyways what way did you tell him


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Re: how did you tell your hubby u were preg

Mine really wasn't anything special. I tested between classes (on the first day of class) and ended up coming home early. I stood there with tears in my eyes and said "I think we need to call the doctor". (This was after 2 m/c).
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Re: how did you tell your hubby u were preg

I was in the Oriana House (just like county jail, but its a little better and you have to pay money to serve your sentence there) for my DUI. My sentence was 10 days and about halfway through it I started feeling really sick. AF had also never showed and I was starting to connect the dots. I told him over a payphone at lunch that I thought I was pregnant. He panicked and wanted me to get an abortion. Once I came home we talked it over more and he calmed down.

I think a better story is how I told my dad.

"Knock knock"
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Re: how did you tell your hubby u were preg

Our third was such a surprise that I didn't even think about it during the TTW. I didn't realize that we had a chance (we had had a miscarriage at 14 weeks only 4 months previously that I seriously didn't think we'd try again for a bit). Anyway.. .I get home from Mass, had bought a test on the way home and when it showed pregnant so dang fast, I took it out to the living room, told him to pause his game (he was playing PS2) and I shoved it under his nose and said "Did YOU plan this?" and he goes "HOLY MOLY! Good!!! Well, to answer your question, I thought we were... but if not, o'well... so when are we due?" And he went on to play his game with a grin on his face.

good luck!!!
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Re: how did you tell your hubby u were preg

First pregnancy (this will show you how much of a dork I am). DH and I had only been married 7 mos. We used to play scrabble a lot in the evenings. I got out the game and we played a game, then I was "putting it away" and I spelled out


And I told him he had to come look at the word I spelled.

He was shocked. It was a good one

Pregnancy 2. I painted on my older son's stomach: "I'm a big brother" and then when DH got home from work, I told Aidan to show him his body painting. Aidan pulled up his shirt and my hubby read it. He was shocked again.
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Re: how did you tell your hubby u were preg

Umm the first time, he told me.. then i cofirmed it, after a 15 hour drive and he was CRASHED out... i just said hey im preggy.. And he called me prego for weeks!!
The second time, it was like, oh im preggy

The next time it was Holy crap!! how did this happen. It is impossible to have a 4 month old and be pregnant right, and he said, guess not LOL

The next time, i just told him, but we were trying and he knew again, the moment we concieved, He said, we just made a baby!!! LOL

Then it was the same story again. He told me, we just made ababy and a couple weeks later i told him he was right...

This time, i told him by taking a preggy test, and running out to the living room and throwing the test at him.. I was in tears, and very not happy about it, since it had only been 5-6 weeks since ihad the last baby... Then 8 tests later i decdied it was OK. At 8 weeks i took another test and came out of hte bathroom and said i dont know how to tell you this, im preggy... He said i am glad you have come to terms with this.... LOL
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Re: how did you tell your hubby u were preg

With Mason (ds #1) we had been trying to get pregnant for a while. I kind of thought I was, but didn't think it could be true. (Does that make any sense?) We bought the test together on Saturday, but decided I wouldn't take it until Monday morning.

Of course, I didn't sleep at all Sunday night, and woke up at like 5:00 AM to take the test. It was positive, and I just about had a heart attack! I ran into our room and woke my DH up and told him. I was crying, and he just kind of looked tired, LOL! It took a while for it all to register with him.

With Camden (ds #2), we were in the middle of buying a new house, and all that entails. We were VERY busy, and stressed out about everything. We had been tentatively talking about baby #2, but decided to wait until after we moved and got settled.

During this whole process I was SICK. I wasn't feeling well AT ALL, so I decided to stop and buy a test. (We were working at the new house painting and everything, while his mom watched Mason.) I took the test while he was painting one of the rooms.

I took the digital test in and it said "Pregnant" I handed it to him, and he nearly passed out! Needless to say, we figured out why I'd been feeling sick.

If we ever have another, I'd like to do something cute to tell him, rather than just blurting it out! But, I'm also impatient, so we'll see.

We did tell our parents about #2 by having Mason wear a shirt that I ordered online. It said "MASON" on the top, and then had a stick figure picture of a little boy and then said "I'm going to be a big brother"

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Re: how did you tell your hubby u were preg

I think both times I told DH "there are 2 lines on the little stick". And I told him early in the morning while he was still mostly asleep (cause both times I wasn't sure how he'd react) (he wasn't jumping for joy, but he wasn't upset, either).
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Re: how did you tell your hubby u were preg

We weren't planning on pregnancy and I can't say that dh was wanting it at even though I was thrilled, the telling left something to be desired!! With the first, I can't remember how I told him...I think I just told him that I realized I was more than a week late (I never tracked my periods, I just assumed they came on time) and took a test and it showed pos. It took him awhile, but he got excited. The second time, I took a test at work...and called him and told him that I was late and suspected pregnancy, took a test and it was pos The third time....we were in the shower and I told him I was going to the neighboring city (where my ob/gyn is)..he asked why and I tried coming up with some excuse and it backfired..I ended up telling him I was going to go to the doctor because I was late. The fourth time, I was trying to figure out how to tell him and I was on my laptop looking at expecting clubs on ivillage. He wanted to show me something and I closed my laptop and wouldn't let him look..he got really paranoid and thought I was hiding something really important (like cheating or something)...and so after an argument, I showed him what I was looking at and that's how he found out LOL
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Re: how did you tell your hubby u were preg

With Abby we had been trying, but it was only our second month ttc. We had planned a vacation that involved roller coasters, and AF was due in a couple of days. I wanted to check just in case before I hopped on the roller coaster. So at 4:30 am I took a test, and then jumped up and down on the bed to wake hima dn tell him.
With the next it was not nearly as exciting. Abby was 9 weeks old, and I looked at hte callendar and noticed that Af was LATE by 3 days. So I bought a test and sure enough. Then it took me 3 days to come to grips enough to tell DH even. Then I was bare foot and in the kitchen fixing plates, and it struck me as funny. So I called him in and said... " I am bare foot and pregnant in the kitchen" It took him a minute. I sat down and cried and he just laughed, and laughed, and laughed. For about a week everytime he looked at me, he laughed and I cried. It was a long week.
With the next Phoebe was about 3 months, and I was sick, and just knew. So I took yet another test, the line was very faint. Then I told him I think I'm pg again, so he lauged and said well go get a test. So I bought another test (denial). Then when there were 2 lines I handed it to him. He of course had never really looked at a test, so I still had to tell him. But it was much easier to accept this one as true for both of us.
Now, I think I'll wait until I get the first US at my OB appt if/when it happens, and e-mail it to him. He'll get a kick out of that - he sends me all sorts of stupid stuff in e-mail, so he'll think it's junk mail at first LOL
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