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What to feed an almost 11 month old.?

My DD is almost 11 months old. She used to love homemade/jar baby food but within the last month or so she has been refusing to eat it almost all together. I'm guessing she is at an age when she wants to feed herself which I am fine with, but it seems like all she will eat are the gerber puffs. I can't imagine they offer any real nutrition and I would like those only to be snack items. I've tried cut up fruits and yogurts on her highchair but she usually refuses it all together and makes the sign for me to pick her up.

If we are out at a restaurant it seems she eats or at least tries anything I lay out for her but at home she just causes a fuss until I pick her up.

Any ideas on new food ideas or any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: What to feed an almost 11 month old.?

I made some homemade crackers out of sweet potatoes that my son liked to gnaw at that age. Here is a recipe similar to what I used:

He also liked eggs, so I would make an omelet and cut it into pieces for him. (This is still how I get him to eat vegetables he doesn't like.)

Steamed squash and baked sweet potato cut into chunks, rather than pureed, made good finger foods. Steamed carrots and broccoli stalks, too. (Steamed very soft, of course.) My son gets bored by plain vegetables, so I usually sprinkle some curry powder on them, which he loves. Cinnamon also works nicely.

If she has some teeth, you can also try braised meats, cooked to very tender and cut into small pieces. My son had eight teeth by then and could chew pretty well. He LOVED (and still does) broiled salmon and cod.

Hope that helps!
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Re: What to feed an almost 11 month old.?

Yes, soft cooked cubed veggies are good. My son loves avocado! I give him a wedge and he can hold it and bite pieces off. I cut up chicken and meatballs into small pieces. When first giving finger foods I would only put 1 or 2 on the tray as he liked to throw them on the floor but not I can put a lot down. I think my friends babies were fine with more on the tray. I have also given him pasta. Cut up cheese works well for some. At this point (almost 12 months) he wants what I have so I try to have foods for all of us that he can eat. He will take it if it comes from my plate more often than from his bowl even if it's the same food. LOL!
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Re: What to feed an almost 11 month old.?

...Are you me? My daughter is the same age and is doing the exact same thing! I'm looking forward to the replies as well

My daughter loves yogurt so one thing that I have gotten to work is to see if she'll eat it with yogurt on it. She chows down on her oatmeal when I put it in and I have gotten her to eat her chicken that way (Gross to me, but it worked)
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Re: What to feed an almost 11 month old.?

trying putting the food in a bowl so she can touch it. With my son we would put the baby food on pieces of veggies so he could pick it up and start learning how to feed himself. It kept him interested in the food. You might want to read up on baby led weaning. I found it really helpful.
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Re: What to feed an almost 11 month old.?

What if you put them on her tray and then start eating them yourself? Maybe that will make her more interested. Otherwise just keep trying. She'll get interested again eventually.
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