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Originally Posted by Spicymustard
*hugs* when I saw I wondered how you felt about this. I knew you really wanted a girl. I hope you can be at peace with it soon and glad that he looks healthy.
I'm adjusting. I'm still disappointed, but it's getting better. DH has gotten a lot more excited about the baby since seeing the ultrasound. Luckily, that helps me get more excited too.


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Awe this is so hard for me to read... I am due to have an ultrasound at the beginning of January and I'm dying to have a boy... literally I think ill lose it and cry like a baby during the ultrasound itlf they say girl! I totally feel like a jerk but I have a step son that we have 1/2 the time and then dh and I have 2 little princesses together. But I want my own boy! I love my stepson but he won't ever be mine... see jerk... and I want to give my husband a son from me. I don't want some other woman to be the only one that has his son... see jerk! Ill love my baby no matter what I'm just praying like no other that I have a boy because I know this is my last chance as we have agreed 4 is plenty!

So I totally understand how you feel! And I am totally preparing myself for disappointment... just incase...
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Re: Gender disappointment

I really wanted a little girl. When I found out it was a boy (around 16 weeks), I cried. It took me a couple weeks to become accustomed to the idea, but now I cannot imagine having a girl! I am so looking forward to my beautiful baby boy!
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It's ok, and normal to feel that way. I have two children from before my DH, a girl and a boy. Now we have three daughters together. In all five pregnancies, I've never gotten what I wanted. We thought our last baby was going to be it, and I remember my heart racing waiting to find out gender (she did NOT want to show us). They finally said 90% girl for lack of seeing a penis. Now we are expecting #6, and I'm hoping against hope for a boy, but I know it won't happen. I'm hoping to find out early as we have to have extra u/s to monitor a SCH. I always fall in love at the 20 week scan, so it's a bit easier for me. I got to see baby yesterday (at 9w4d) and am already in love. Baby was already sucking a hand/finger, which is special to me as my last two babes I saw on u/s how they to this day suck their knuckle/back of the hand. So I'm hoping it won't be too hard when we find out we are having our fifth daughter.
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Just an update for this thread after 3 boys and 3 cesareans I thought I was done we ended up pregnant again due in June and I was sure I would get a 4th boy but have signed to have my tubes tied no matter what. I have been preparing for disappointment

Yesterday we had an ultrasound at 17weeks and it's a girl so sometimes there is a happy ending.
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it's ok

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Re: Gender disappointment

I had two boys, then that longed-for girl, and then an oops. The oops was upsetting enough, but I thought, maybe it will be a second girl, and then we will be perfect! But we saw his penis at the U/S, and I spent pregnancy months 5-8 beyond depressed. I was so miserable, and I didn't want him, and everyone worried for me. In my 7th month, I got a 3D U/S, and he looked like DS2, and that helped a bit, and then in my 9th month, DH encouraged me to do a bunch of retail therapy, and that helped a bit, but I was still sad he was a boy. I had really terrible thoughts about him, things I don't even share aloud.

Then he was born, and he was so awesome. Now he is 3 and my little buddy and snuggler and he is so clever that I would have four more just like him if I could. I think I am forever cured of my wanting another girl!

The point is, you are not a bad person, nor a jerk, and the love will come, I promise. Plus, having had that longed-for girl, I can tell you that my three boys are waaaaaaaay easier than my one girl!

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Re: Gender disappointment

I'm sorry mama. Totally human feelings! I think most people have gender preferences. That said, my husband is the middle of three boys, and as adults it is amazing to see them all so close!
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Re: Gender disappointment

It is totally understandable that you would feel this way. I was very disappointed when our 2nd was another boy and I cried for a while about it. It takes tiMe to grieve that loss and hope...
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Re: Gender disappointment

Yes, completely normal and understandable.
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