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Re: How did you come to use cloth...

I accidentally ended up here on Diaper Swappers after an internet search for something....I started reading and got curious and switched our then almost 2 year old to cloth. (This was 7 or so years ago....) We lived near Abby's Lane and she let us come to her house and check out diapers first hand before we bought anything (talk about seriously good customer service...this was way before they had a B&M store.) Our first diapers were BG 1.0s, prefolds, and covers, both PUL and wool. DS#1 was out of diapers within 4 or 5 months, but we started DS#2 from birth.



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Re: How did you come to use cloth...

Ever since high school I knew I would cloth diaper, make homemade food, the whole radical homemaker thing. DH goes along with it but is not as passionate but did his own research and was like yeah lets do that. This is before I was ever pregnant. But when we finally had our first the diaper service didn't come to our area, we did not have a reliably working washer and DS1 was in daycare that would not take them so we could not start from birth. Finally were were able to switch to cloth around a year when we moved and I stopped working.

We went to a green festival where BG had a booth and came home with about 6 BG 3.0 diapers to try out. Went from there and we were in cloth full-time within a few weeks. Our whole stash was 18 BG 3.0, 6 GMD prefolds and 2 covers. I sold the covers but everything else we still have. We never looked back and that was almost 6 years ago.
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Re: How did you come to use cloth...

When I was pregnant I was looking around at some pregnancy/parenting blogs. I noticed one had mentioned cloth diapers but I never even looked at the post until I was bored one day and thought to check it out. Cloth diapering was nothing like what I had expected to read. After a good bit more research I was convinced that cloth diapering wasn't all that difficult and I loved all the colors and print options. We've been cloth diapering for about 5 weeks and I'm so glad we decided to give it a try.

The first diaper I bought was a swaddlebees newborn giraffe print. So cute and one of our favorite types of diapers.
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Re: How did you come to use cloth...

I've always been kind of a "green" person, and I wanted to save money because I was about to have two in diapers. I started CDing when DS2 was born, and DS1 was 17 months. Then 19 months later I had DD, and it really saved money then because I had three in diapers for a year before DS1 potty learned.
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Re: How did you come to use cloth...

Originally Posted by Pixi6s View Post
ug, what a way to start!
It wasn't as quite bad as it sounds. I actually didn't mind the Gerber prefolds. They weren't the most absorbent, but they worked. I discovered EC when that baby as about two months old, so I didn't need a lot of absorbancy anyway. The covers were a let down, but I bought more basic covers online and we used those Gerber prefolds and the other prefolds (there were some DSQ twill prefolds, some birdseye prefolds, and a couple terry contour diapers) until they fell apart after my second or third kid. I'm still using many of them as cleaning rags almost eleven years later.
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Re: How did you come to use cloth...

I always thought I would use cloth but when I was pregnant with my first all I could find were gerber prefolds and plastic pants. Since she had frequent yeast infections they were a no go. Even sposies are more breathable than gerber plastic. I had no Internet access back in 1998/99 so couldn't find anything else. Someone did give me an older AIO but the PUL was hard and cracked so I didn't use it. When my second was a few months old we had to choose between diapers and bills. Necessity being the mother of invention I looked at our resources in a different way. All of our receiving blankets became flats as well as a few shirts. Since he didn't have yeast I was also able to use gerber plastic. For $5 we cloth diapered our second for several months. Then I discovered an add in my mother's copy of mothering magazine. I ordered a catalogue and drooled over the cool choices until taxes came in. My son was then 8 months old. I ordered what I them considered an extravagant stash of 24 premium DSQ Chimese prefolds(blue edge), 3 medium Lanacare covers, 6 pins(?), 2 snappis, a purple Bummis drawstring wetbag, and a 16 oz bottle of Eucalan wool wash. This lasted us until ds1 was 2 years old. Now we are cloth diapering ds2 but with a lot more diapers and wool. After my first bad impressions of AIO and plastic covers I never did get into tha type of cloth.
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Re: How did you come to use cloth...

My husband suggested cloth; he grew up with cloth and does research on sustainability and we are generally a green household. I'm sure he regrets suggesting it now
The first ones I purchased were BG4.0, but the first I used on my nb was gmd orange wh in the hospital.
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Re: How did you come to use cloth...

I wanted to cd from with my first child, but I honestly had no idea you could cloth diaper without a diaper service. I live on an island and the diaper service on the island charged extra to come to where I lived. I don't know why I never bothered researching for other options. When I was pregnant with my 3rd baby, I couldn't stand the thought of using disposable diapers again and filling our already very full landfill with more diapers. I cd for environmental reasons, which is why my diaper stash is flats. It is the easiest thing to wash with the least amount of electricity and water. I pay about 23 cents per kilowatt-hour, so I try to do whatever I can to use the least amount of electricity.
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Re: How did you come to use cloth...

I was cloth diapered. I didn't really think about it. I didn't want to wash them though since I work full time. My mom told me about a diaper service, as that was her method. I did research & loved it. From a week old, my son has been cloth. The service uses prefolds. I am a huge fan of the thirties duo snap covers, but looking into wool.
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Re: How did you come to use cloth...

Waaay before I had my daughter, I was over at a friend of a friend's house, and helped her do diaper laundry. She mentioned casually that she judged people who didn't cloth diaper because it was so easy and disposable diapers were so awful for the environment. I'd never seen modern cloth diapers before, just the terry flats that my mum used on us.

I nodded wisely, as though I had the faintest idea what she was talking about, and then when I got pregnant did an insane amount of research into cloth dipes.

Another friend gave me a whooole load of bamboo fitteds, and the obsession was born .
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