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Re: Warehouse membership

We have both Costco & B.J.'s We've had Costco for awhile & got it because they have a gas station there & their gas is much cheaper plus we get 3% cash back for using their gas & we get money back from out American Express to use at Costco. We just got BJ's a few weeks ago, we went in there to use our free 60 day pass & they had a great deal we could't pass up: $45.00 for 2 cards plus a $10.00 coupon to use for anything in the store, $12.00 coupon on paper towels, other coupons that not all members get. I like B.J's because you can use double coupons. Their coupons + manufacter coupons.


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Re: Warehouse membership

We do costco. We get our bread from their at a significant price difference, and you can't beat their sleeper prices.

The way I save money is that I won't buy anything that isn't on the list - if I impulse buy, it is usually on something we don't need, and even if it's on sale, it's not a deal if you won't use it.
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Re: Warehouse membership

I just let my cosco card lapse and am just about to have my friend add me to her costco membership. Each of us has our husbands as the second card holder for the membership and our husbands never go to costco without us. So we decided to split the cost and each pay $25 and have one cardholder per family.
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Re: Warehouse membership

We have a Costco membership and it is worth it to us. We actually just signed up for the executive one, which gives us 3% back at the end of the year (instead of 1%). The really awesome thing is sharebuilder is running a promotion that they give you $65 if you sign up for an account with them and you have an executive membership with Costco. I got another $25 back for some other service (can't remember which). I am looking into insurance (home/auto) through the membership too - I'll let you know if it saves money!

We also save a lot near Christmas, on drinks, on organic food, and milk (on those rare times CVS doesn't pay for my milk).
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Re: Warehouse membership

I have the same dilemma right now. Our costco membership just expired and I am deciding if it's worth it to renew. I think that we figured last weekend that we will try Sam's club because, after going there to check it out, it seems like the stuff that we buy there is actually cheaper at Sam's. We buy dog food and mostly non-food things. Someone earlier mentioned wipes and that is one thing I would miss without the membership. Gas is much cheaper there too.
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Re: Warehouse membership

We do the executive membership at Costco. It is 100 and we get 2% back. With a teen boy at home we end up having the membership plus extra at the end of the year. I was able to get a new vacuum this year which we really needed It was more when we had 2 teen boys at home
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Re: Warehouse membership

I'm on my second BJ's membership and recently got a Sam's membership (free perk of a mystery shopping gig). I only sign up for the BJ's membership when they have a special rate, $35 for 15 mos. Around here it seems to run in June and November.

I like that BJ's sends out coupons, and I can use coupons from the paper (they actually will let you use 1 store plus another one, so you can double up!). In comparison to products, I like BJ's selection and pricing better than Sam's, from what I've seen so far. I buy the BJ's brand diapers and wipes, as well as juice, cereal (when I have coupons), some snacks, frozen items, cooking items, cat litter and food, and some paper products. They also often have fruit cheaper than the local grocery stores, especially in the winter. And Sam's has cheaper gas and they are on the end of town I visit more often.

I also purchase my contacts at BJ's, much cheaper than through my doctor's office! So for us, it is worth it if I can get the membership on sale. I just have to be careful not to visit too often, I aim for about every 2 months to restock.

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Re: Warehouse membership

Originally Posted by fallon View Post
it's totally worth it for us. Costco sells a lot of organic products that we could afford in the normal stores and we do 95% of our shopping there

We also buy our gas their. Where I live there is only 1 other gas station that has close prices. It is worth it for us.
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Re: Warehouse membership

A COSTCO membership is completely worth it for us.
We used to buy more than we needed when shopping there.....but that didn't last long, as we cannot afford to "waste" anything.

We buy tons of soymilk, ricemilk, cheese, cottage cheese and butter (oh, and don't forget my husband's coffee). I have priced EVERYTHING at all the local stores here, and even if things are on sale, the prices are still the best at COSTCO and it's convenient for us to get it all at one place.
We make up our membership costs in a matter of a few months. Not to mention my contacts are only $13/box there!!

Also, we feel that we are making less waste by buying in bulk as well. For example, we get a giant package of shredded or block cheese. I break it up into smaller amounts and store in reusable containers in the freezer until needed. I feel like buying one giant plastic package is better than lots of little plastic packages....i don't know if that is true, but it feels like less waste, anyway.
Also, you can get the huge container of cottage used to drive me crazy to go through several small plastic containers of cottage cheese a week, which you CANNOT recycle where we live. So getting one large one less frequently makes me feel better, too. Plus, the containers are big enough to recycle for other uses.

Also, as far as COSTCO goes...they treat their employees much better than other companies. They have some of the highest salaries in the retail industry and employee well-being is a major focus for them.

So, if I cannot afford to shop at our local co-op, or Wild Oats/Whole Foods to buy products that I know are the most socially/environmentally responsible -- I know that COSTCO is a good choice as far as shopping at a "big box" store.

oh yeah...whoever mentioned honey....definitely the best price anywhere.
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Re: Warehouse membership

I am headed there tonight and am going to try to pay attention to prices and stick to my list. I think if I am smart about it, I can save money there for sure.
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