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Re: Who's in maternity clothes?

yeah, me too with the bloating....

i wear a lot of stretchy skirts and dresses through the summer, but for my capri's i got out the bellaband and wearing the bigger pants...i have been in maternity most of the past 3 years so i'm not really looking forward to it again.


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I feel huge already since about 8 weeks. Def worse at night. Mostly wearing dresses and skirts but I am usually fairly petite and def have a obvious pooch. I know it's all me but wow where did it all come from! Ha! I will be in maternity pants before 15 weeks if I keep pooching at this rate. I had such a nice tummy at the beginning of the summer now I look like I have a gut o flab just hanging over my pants. Can't wait for a real baby bump! Now I am just squishy haha. I haven't gained any weight yet so that's nice and I have boobs back!, hooray for that!
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Re: Who's in maternity clothes?

Me...I HAD to start wearing my "space suits" at 7 weeks!!! Ridiculous...usually I make it to 12 or 13 weeks!
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Re: Who's in maternity clothes?

I had to comment and agree with those saying how they are skinny again in the AM and then the belly starts to get really round by mid-day and evening/night!...I totally agree! This is me too By the evening and before bed...I look like I am like 4 months along or more...but not until This is my 5th and I was actually thinking that I would start to show quicker...but so far, pretty normal I think
I am just over 9 weeks today.
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As far as dresses and tops, I'm still in my regular clothes. Jeans and capris are definitely maternity. I already have a belly, and I just can't torture myself in my regular jeans anymore. With my first pregnancy I was also in maternity bottoms from 9 or 10 weeks on, so I think my belly is a fast expander!
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Re: Who's in maternity clothes?

I've been showing since I was 8 weeks and now look like I'm 6 months pregnant. I saw this thread a few days ago and was like "nah I don't have anything to add. Me in maternity clothes? Psht, I've never worn them in any pregnancy." Yesterday I put on one of my NEON orange MC hammer pants (hey I was home alone with the kids) and as soon as I bent over RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! There went my hammer pants.

So who am I kidding? I probably need to go shopping for some maternity pants now. smh. Denial shattered. THANK GOD it was in the comfort of my home and not outside! I would have been mortified.
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Re: Who's in maternity clothes?

I was doing the hair tie trick, then I cut some elastic for the same purpose then I found the perfect hair tie for it. (the good part about having DDs, all the hair goodies)... so since I only have 2 pairs of jeans that fit me (and don't have rips/holes everywhere) I'm wearing those... or my lounge/PJ pants (not outside the house) or shorts that I have (which are low rise anyway or a bit big so they work) -- I don't like short shorts and it seems like all of them in my size are short so I size up

Tops wise i'm still in my regular ones and I don't anticipate changing them mostly because I wore them when I was pregnant last time and I still need them to be nursing friendly I do have a pair of jeans that they were a little tight (when buttoning) so as long as through the legs still fit then I'll be converting them into maternity ones (yay for being crafty!). I'll probably get through the summer with regular clothes or live in my shorts/skirts then for winter pick up some cheap jeans and convert them.

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Re: Who's in maternity clothes?

I am wearing maternity bottoms for pure comfort reasons. I could wear my other clothes but they just don't feel comfortable anymore especially when my stomach is already feeling yucky I don't want to add on a tight waist band. I am wearing my regular shirts and skirts. Just like many of you I am smaller in the am and bigger in the pm.
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Re: Who's in maternity clothes?

I'm so enjoying this thread. Funny how that squishy tummy that you know is pregnancy related bloat still just makes you feel fat! I'm 9 1/2 weeks along with pregnancy #2 and so stinkin excited! Have had a lot more nausea and general tummy uncomfortableness this time around. Also I think I'm going to have to get some new bras. I hate bra shopping, but i think I'm about to fall out of mine - I feel like I could pump and get some milk! With my little girl I mostly had to pump since she was 28 wks and couldn't drink well without thickener and I was a big producer so I think it was just too much milk too fast- so I had this need to pump feeling a lot! I definitely have a pooch, but lots of my regular clothes were getting a little tight anyway- need to eat less and move more! With #1, started wearing maternity shorts at the beach in Sept, (was due Feb 24th for her). My SIL had loaned me some and they were so much better than nothing since mine were too tight! This time around due Feb 15th and I think I'm ready now!! I mainly wore scrubs with my first, since I'm a nurse and those are rather forgiving. Then when tummy was getting too big, just wore the pants low and a maternity T with an open jacket top. Don't think I started wearing any maternity scrubs until Oct/Nov (my mom found some used and the doc I work for gave me a nice set for my birthday!- love her!) Now I'm mostly in yoga style pants - I agree with the feeling of I just don't like anything tight since the tummy feels like anything tight will push something up! My regular T's are just getting too tight in the bust! anyone have a fav bra for that? thanks again for starting this thread - I now feel normal again!
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