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Completely OVERWHELMED...please help!!!!

My husband and I are expecting our first (a boy!!!) any day now. We really want to try a lot of people these days we are on a tight budget and think this will really save us money in the long run.

...but everything is so overwheming to me!!!!!
I don't know anyone who uses cloth, so I am totally clueless, and there are sooooo many options!

I have done quit a bit of research lately, and have narrowed it down to two:
1. Bumgenius OS
2. Flip

Please help!!!! Anyone strongly have a preference between these two??? Should I get a little of both?

I like the idea of the Flips, but am nervous about not having enough covers in case they get poopy etc. and if I have to buy a ton of covers, that could be just as expensive as the Bumgenius OS.
I think I like the idea of the Bumgenius 4.0 because of the snaps. Velcro seems easier, but I think the snaps would last longer???

Since this is our first, we would like whatever system we choose to last through any future children we have, so any advice on which ones would last longer would also be great!!!

Also, I know it all depends on how big he is when he's born etc., but when would he "normally" be able to fit in either of these diapers? We already have newborn and size 1 disposables just in case, but want to use cloth asap.

What is the smallest amount of diapers and/or inserts I could get by with? Would 12 Bumgenius OS be enough??? How many flip covers and inserts? I will be breastfeeding if that matters.

One more thing....for the Flips, stay dry insert or organic? Both?

ahhhhh....I am so sorry, this is so long and I asked a billion questions!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you all so very much for any help! It is MUCH appreciated


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Re: Completely OVERWHELMED...please help!!!!

I can't answer a lot of your questions, because I just got my first BG the other day, but I think you might want more than 12 diapers. I wouldn't go and buy all of one kind, though. I have 11 or so FB OS and 4 GroBaby and 1 BG and a couple of other kinds on the way to me. My DD only poops like 2 times a week, so that saves me some diapers.
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Re: Completely OVERWHELMED...please help!!!!

I would get an assortment of both. One of my favorite things about CDing is choosing what I will use each day. I have an assortment of prefolds/flats & covers, a few pockets, and a few BG AIO's. I really like my Flip covers and the BGOS. I've heard the Flips are a bit harder to fit on a teeny baby, but I've not tried myself. I think 12 BG is a reasonable starter stash and you may never end up needing more, especially if you are willing to use a few disposables in those first few weeks when babies need changing every hour!

I've only used the Flip stay dry, but I've heard great things about the organic! If I buy more Flips, I'll be getting the organic version.

You may want to make sure you like pockets before ordering a lot of them. They seem to be a love 'em or hate 'em sort of diaper. Pockets are my least favorite diaper style. They work and fit great, I just really really really hate stuffing them!
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Re: Completely OVERWHELMED...please help!!!!

In the newborn period, you can easily go through 12+ diapers a day. If you're ok washing every night, and maybe using 'sposies while washing and drying, you could start with 12. I would suggest at least 18, though. But it's ok to start out part time CDing and then gradually add to your stash when you have a little cash here and there.

I don't have BGs, but most one size diapers don't fit too well until baby is about 10 lbs. Depending on how big your babe is at birth, it could take a few weeks or more than a month to get to that point.

BG velcro has in the past worn out pretty fast--maybe the quality has improved. Snaps aren't hard to use, so I think they're a better investment than velcro dipes. I got so sick of velcro in my stash that I sold it all and we only do snaps, snappis, or pull-on stuff.

I personally don't like having all one type of diaper, and I especially wouldn't buy a whole stash of something I had never tried before, because you don't know what you're going to like or what's going to work best for your baby.
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Re: Completely OVERWHELMED...please help!!!!

with both of those, neither one fit my DS nb. 7lbs 7oz (and dropped some during the first couple of weeks). The BG started fitting after a few months and we bought the Flips at around the 4 month stage and it was on the smallest setting. Our BG velcro (3.0s) are still in pretty good shape (a couple are super fuzzy but still completely functional) and DS is 13.5 months old now. Velcro has been great for our fam cuz DS is a wiggle worm during diaper change. But now that he is older he has figured out how to undo the velcro so if we do have him in just a diaper, we make sure it is a snap one. If you are set with those two, I would get some of each. Both are really great diapers IMO. Our fav is a different brand though (SoftBums) which are an AI2.
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Re: Completely OVERWHELMED...please help!!!!

Try a few out different knids before choosing one. Kawaiis are slot like bg but wayyyyy less expensive! Fuzzibuns are great as well. Haven't used flips but I'm going to try them!! Congrats mama!!
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Re: Completely OVERWHELMED...please help!!!!

I would try out a few different kinds. Had I known about them before, I would have done one of the trial packages that they have at Jillians drawers or similar CD online store. It would have saved me tons of $$. I originally started with BG and FB one sizes, then did prefolds w/ thirsties, then grobabies during the day and fitteds at night, now I do flats day and night. If I had done the trials, I might have been introduced to flats early and saved, oh, $300 or so.
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Re: Completely OVERWHELMED...please help!!!!

Most 'regular' cloth diapers will not fit a newborn until about 12 lbs. Even "one-size" diapers. So you have a little time. During the newborn period lots of people use prefolds ('old fashioned' cloth diapers with a cover), fitteds + cover, or tiny all-in-ones (AIOs) like bumgenius size xs (the most expensive option). Or you could use disposables.

Consider getting a diaper trial package. (from or They will send you 1 of each of a bunch of different kinds/brands, and you only keep (and get charged for) what you want, and the rest you send back. This is an excellent idea. You have no idea how your baby will be built (chubby legs? long rise?), and so have no idea which diapers will fit best - or at all. And what works best during the day many not work at all at night, so you may want more than 1 type/brand of diaper.
Really, it's best to wait.

For instance, during the day I want the diapers to be trim so they fit easily under clothes. And I need them to be velcro so they are acceptable to daycare. So we buy BG AIOs.
At home, LO only wears a shirt and diaper, so trimness isn't a concern. So we have fuzzibunz (w/ snaps) and blueberry (bulky but minky-soft). And for night we need something that can be pretty darn absorbant, so we use Bumgenius or Blueberry (non-minky) pockets. The BG AIOs could never go all night. And the blueberry pockets could never be worn under most of her clothes (except dresses). There are different diapers for different purposes.

Especially if money is a big concern, don't go and invest in a big stash of only one brand of diaper. What if you can never get them to fit right, and they leak all the time? Try out before you buy.
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Re: Completely OVERWHELMED...please help!!!!

So I typed out a long response and my stupid phone froze and deleted it! So the short version. Id get a mix of diapers. Newborns go through 12+ diapers a day. So depending on how often you want to wash I'd have about 12-24. I like my BG one sz with velcro for my LO who was 6lbs when we came home but they do wear out but you can convert to snaps later. I do like the flips but they were a bit big on my newborn. I prefer thirsties duo sz 1 covers. Both covers you can hand wash between wash days if they get pood on. I just use flats and prefolds In My covers they work just as well as inserts and are cheap. You might want to do a diaper trial first before buying. does them. Also check out they have video reviews. Good luck!
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Re: Completely OVERWHELMED...please help!!!!

i would start out w/ NB prefolds and covers and then go to the flip organic when they fit! you should be able to sell the NB stash pretty easily!
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