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Not interested in going in the potty

My son is almost 2 1/2 and he has been telling me he wants to go in the potty for a while now, so I started potty training, and now he wants nothing to do with it. he just sits there and says, all done! What can I do to encourage him to WANT to go on the potty? I've tried bribes with stickers, cookies, candy, he doesn't really care. He did go in the toilet once and I cheered and cheered for him and he got a cookie, but then nothing else all day. any advice?


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Re: Not interested in going in the potty

Patience? Let him sit on the potty whenever you use the bathroom. Sing to him, read to him, whatever fun distraction you can think of that would keep him on the potty long enough to pee or poop.
Those worked for my niece and nephew. They don't do anything for my son. We are just waiting.
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Re: Not interested in going in the potty

Have you tried an activities basket by the potty? Bubbles, books, flashcards...anything your DS likes that will help keep him still, in a seated position for a few extra minutes. My DD also loves to brush her teeth while on the potty.

We do EC and have found that potty time can be good parent-child bonding time. Not only because DD is sitting still, but because it is a moment of stillness for both of us. I am able to give her my undivided attention, even if only 5 minutes at time, several times a day. Does your son enjoy fingerplays or singing? A couple rhymes can be long enough for a pee. Instead of focusing on accomplishing a pee, maybe think of it as "enjoying the stillness" for as long (or as little) as it lasts. Hopefully a trickle might eventually end up in the bowl as your DS learns to let himself relax on the potty by associating it with enjoyable activities. Takes away that pressure to "perform" or "please" and helps LO's learn to feel the body's natural cues in their own time, keeping in mind DC's timing may be different from the parents timing.
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Re: Not interested in going in the potty

We did things differently and never had him sit on the potty to just try in the beginning. We took a weekend and stayed right with him every waking minute and I literally gave him tons to drink and watched his crotch (in his new undies) for when he started to pee. It was like a little puppy, I would pick him up and run him to the potty saying "you have to go pee!" and eventually he recognized the feeling.

We REALLY had ups and downs since then, but now he recognizes when he has to go and initiates his potty time on his own. We still have him sit and try before we go out, before bed, after meals, etc. and now he will go about 95% of the time I bring him to the potty right away.

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Re: Not interested in going in the potty

We are having this problem with my daughter that just turned three. We have tried all kinds of treats and rewards, but she is just not interested. We are just waiting for a while to try again until she shows more interest. My son took a long time to potty train, and was not really trained until he turned four. I wish we had not pushed him so hard for so long because nothing we did seemed to make a difference for him until he decided in his own mind that he was ready to use the potty. The last thing you want to do is turn potty time into a negative experience, just try to stay as positive as possible.
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Re: Not interested in going in the potty

My daughter didn't really show interest or disinterest in potty training one way or the other, but I had wanted to try. In the first couple weeks before I started I kept telling her she was going to learn how to use the potty like a big girl. We went shopping for underwear and a potty (Elmo), so I just spent a bunch of time working her up to it and prepping her I guess. All kids are ready at different times. Most important thing it to make sure it's not stressful, so if he is really not interested and if he gets upset at all when you try to make him go then just wait longer. Trying to do it if the child isn't ready and is stressing will prolong how long it will be till they are trained. If you are adamant about giving a another try I would day maybe try letting him go bottomless. That's what I did with my daughter and it worked really well. It let her see that she was actually doing something, that something was going on (when she peed on the floor). I didn't get mad at her or anything, just cleaned it up and told her over and over to try to make it to the potty next time, it was an accident and it's ok, when you feel like that you have to go pee you have to go to the potty or tell mommy, that sort of stuff. With the verbal directions and accidents, and rewards when she did make it, she learned pretty quick. One big thing that actually helped a lot was that my mother actually had bought me a second potty, which my daughter liked better. Make sure you get a comfortable potty, it really helped and I wouldn't have thought of that. The one she loved and uses most is the one my mom got, which is like a chair pretty much, with a hole in it that goes into a bucket. I can try to post a picture of it if you would like to see. Hope everything works out for you!

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Re: Not interested in going in the potty

We're having this issue too. Wish I knew a better answer besides keep trying.
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