View Poll Results: do you take your LO's to well-visits?
Yes, whenever the doc says to 48 44.44%
Yes, only when they need vax's 3 2.78%
No, just to avoid it all 30 27.78%
No, we get vax's without appointments 0 0%
Yes, but never/sometims for vax's 16 14.81%
Other, please explain 9 8.33%
we fully vax 15 13.89%
we delay vax 21 19.44%
we selective vax 20 18.52%
OTHER:VAX 22 20.37%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 108. You may not vote on this poll

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Re: Who doesn't take thier LO's to well visits??

My DD is 4 months old and we've gone to all the scheduled well child visits so far. We have not vaccinated her yet. We are still considering doing them delayed or not doing them at all. We see the NP at our peds office and I do like going to the well child visits. Juliet had some trouble gaining weight during the first couple months and I was glad we went to the doctors to catch that. As a first time mom, I hadn't picked up on it yet. I didn't like going to the peds office and paying for a visit just to check her weight. But the lactation consultant at our hospital doesn't charge extra, so I started bringing Juliet there for more frequent weight checks. Glad to say she is bf'ing and gaining well now. We will continue to go to the scheduled well child visits.


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Re: Who doesn't take thier LO's to well visits??

i voted other. as infants, i take them for well-visits when i want their height and weight on calibrated instruments. once older, i take them for the yearly well-child visit mainly for the vision and hearing screens, as well as the lead screen depending on where we've been living.

as of now, we dont vax, not sure if that will turn in to selective vax as they get older or not.
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Re: Who doesn't take thier LO's to well visits??

we go every 6 months for the first 2 years just to be checked. then once every 6 months from age 2 to 4 to get the few shots I am allowing.
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Re: Who doesn't take thier LO's to well visits??

We don't do well visits, because there's really no point. We don't vax, don't get sick, and if there were a serious illness it probably wouldn't be found at a well visit anyways. I'm not paying a $25 co-pay for her to look in my child's ears and throat and say "Everything looks great, come back in 6 months."
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Re: Who doesn't take thier LO's to well visits??

Originally Posted by AnnaG01 View Post
We do not vaccinate and we do not do well baby's...I can see that my children are healthy, smart, bright, developmentally on track, gaining and growing well...I can see that very clearly and don't need anyone telling me what I witness every day.

If I have a problem that I can't cure myself, I am not against going, however I wouldn't go for an ear infection, colds, fevers, etc unless something gets out of control. I always reaserch homeopathic remedies and so far they've always done the trick.

I don't know how many times I have walked in the office (before I stopped)for a WELL baby...with a WELL child and gone home to develop an illness...ICK
in that case shame on them for not having seperate offices!!
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Re: Who doesn't take thier LO's to well visits??

We missed the 2 month because dd was sick, then the 3 month because of a funeral. At 4 months, she had dropped from 50% for weight to 10% for weight. Maybe she's just small, right? In the next month, she gained ONE OUNCE. I had been starving my baby. She never acted hungry or listless. To be fair, I DID see a decrease in urine, but being my first baby, it didn't make sense, but without other signs, and after asking some people who said it might be nothing, I didn't listen to my intuition. Someone who knows better could have avoided this, but sometimes you don't KNOW there's a problem. So maybe the lesson is just "trust your intuition." LOL
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Re: Who doesn't take thier LO's to well visits??

I dont go to ALL well visits, and I dont vaccinate at all for the time being. So I am a double OTHER, lol. I did the first couple well visits to make sure the state had all the info it needed from the doc to not make my life a living he!! because I had a homebirth, and I plan on doing 1 a year from now on. HTH
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Re: Who doesn't take thier LO's to well visits??

We delay/selective vax and so far dd2 hasn't had any. We go to all the well-baby checkups though, because even though she is very healthy I am not a medical professional and don't know what all to look for, so I feel better having a doctor check her out. I'd rather invest in the preventative care than pay for sick care. I also like to develop a relationship with the ped so that when I take my lo's in for sick visits the ped knows them and is familiar with their medical histories. I get along very well with our ped and she is completely supportive of my vaxing decisions, so its never a fight to go and I actually enjoy the visits.
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Re: Who doesn't take thier LO's to well visits??

I take DD to all of her well check appointments, on time. I want to know that she's healthy, and sometimes doctors can catch things that we can't. In fact, I have her 18 month well check on Tuesday.
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Re: Who doesn't take thier LO's to well visits??

Here in Germany, you get a booklet when the baby is born called an "U-Heft" where the pediatrician writes down all the well baby visit information. In addition to height-weight, there are also standard tests to be done each time- hip dysplasia, reflexes, movement, speech, vision, hearing, etc. You take the booklet home with you, so you can always change docs or take it with you in emergencies and have that base-line info right there. I think it's a really great idea. All of the recommended examinations and vax are paid for by insurance (we have a government-regulated private insurance system here) and co-pay free.

So we go to all well baby visits and do vax on schedule. Trust your instincts is good advice, but I've met too many people who have caught developmental problems too late- ex. hearing dysfunction first discovered at age 2 and serious foot deformities that were NOT just a muscular problem to be treated with physiotherapy. I don't trust myself enough to be the only judge of my child's health. Too afraid I'd miss something. Nobody's perfect.
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