View Poll Results: do you take your LO's to well-visits?
Yes, whenever the doc says to 48 44.44%
Yes, only when they need vax's 3 2.78%
No, just to avoid it all 30 27.78%
No, we get vax's without appointments 0 0%
Yes, but never/sometims for vax's 16 14.81%
Other, please explain 9 8.33%
we fully vax 15 13.89%
we delay vax 21 19.44%
we selective vax 20 18.52%
OTHER:VAX 22 20.37%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 108. You may not vote on this poll

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Re: Who doesn't take thier LO's to well visits??

I take them in when they're sick, but I call Alberta Health Link first. We are select/delay vax for DD, DS got all of his


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Re: Who doesn't take thier LO's to well visits??

Originally Posted by Ami in Deutschland View Post
Here in Germany, you get a booklet when the baby is born called an "U-Heft" where the pediatrician writes down all the well baby visit information. In addition to height-weight, there are also standard tests to be done each time- hip dysplasia, reflexes, movement, speech, vision, hearing, etc. You take the booklet home with you, so you can always change docs or take it with you in emergencies and have that base-line info right there. I think it's a really great idea. All of the recommended examinations and vax are paid for by insurance (we have a government-regulated private insurance system here) and co-pay free.
i think if it was like that here, it would be well worth it! as much as i love our ped, she doesn't always do all the things she should because she gets too wrapped up in 'twin fever'. i'm almost tempted to start taking them seperate even though that means more work for me, just to make sure they get everything checked! if i'm taking them in, it's not just to put a smile on the office staff's faces, kwim? i plan to make up a booklet like that now though and take it in and have one of the nurses write it all down. they are very very good at putting down all the info on paper whenver i ask, so i doubt it would be an issue
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Re: Who doesn't take thier LO's to well visits??

didn't vote. we took the boys to some appts and not others. more in the beginning and fewer as they grew. i think we went to 2 weeks, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months and maybe 12 months. something like that. we don't vax.
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Re: Who doesn't take thier LO's to well visits??

I absolutely take Alec when he is supposed to go. They need up to date records for growth charts, updated vaccinations, need to be current client in order to get multiple school forms filled out not to mention getting authorizations for specialists and tests. Also because we keep our appointments current we get seen within 24 hours if he is sick. That is a $55 savings if I don't have to take him to a walk in clinic who would spend a half hour alone going through his history before they could even look at his symptoms and possible treatment. My doc knows his history, asks for updates between that moment and last visit which takes a few minutes and then right into treating him. Plus because he is medically needy they are more aggressive treating him then another doctor would be to try to avoid complications which I very much appreciate especially when a child is prone to choking & bouts of asphyxiation due to vomit.
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Re: Who doesn't take thier LO's to well visits??

We were in our Ped office A LOT during the first few months of DD's life. She was VERY jaundiced and had to be re-hospitalized after we were discharged, and after that we were either visited by a home nurse or in the Ped office everyday for the first week or so. After that we stayed on both the VAX and WBC schedule until DD was 6 months old. We then stayed on the WBC schedule (very loosely, with in a month of when we were supposed to be in), but did not stay on the VAX schedule. DD will not be getting anymore VAX's . The more I learn, the less I want to VAX. Our Ped is VERY "community orientated" or pro-VAX, but I feel like once we made it clear that we were intelligent people and did our research and made out desicion, she kind of let it be. DD is not almost 17 months, and we have not been in since she was 10 or 11 months (don't remember), and she has not had a VAX since she was 6 months (which is a bummer, as most VAX's have already been given by that time). She will not be receiving any more boosters either. As far as having a relationship with your Ped goes, yes I think you should. We had a different situation, given that our ped went on a sabbatical when DD was 6 months, and we will not see her again until she is 20 months. Because of this, we have seen TOO many urgent care doctors and have had a hard time getting a referal when we needed an ENT.

So, long story short, I would recommend semi-regular WBC's so that you can establish a relationship with your primary, and as far as VAX, well that is a personal choice that NO ONE can make but you!

Great topic! Thanks!

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Re: Who doesn't take thier LO's to well visits??

I delay and selctively vac but I go to all the well baby visits. I like having the relationship with my child's doctor and for him to know who we are. I also like getting the weight checked since my dd is on the skinny side for reasurance. I am very happy with my pediatrician even though we had some disagrements he respects all my choices and can see we are good parents. He even complimented me on things. He was a referal when I got my dd screened by EI but provided me with reassurance on where she was at.
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Re: Who doesn't take thier LO's to well visits??

We don't do any vaccinations.

We do a check up at 1-2 weeks then at 6 months, and annually after that.
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Re: Who doesn't take thier LO's to well visits??

I delay/selective vax, but I take DD to all her well visits. Mainly because I want her to be comfortable going and also because they can weigh and measure her better than I can (she is squirmy) and I'm always curious about those numbers.

My doctor is in a mainstream practice but is awesome. They stock the separate MMR, and are fine with skipping some and delaying and he is/was very supportive of breastfeeding and DD being raised vetgetarian. Totally cool about non-circed boys according to my friends who take their sons there.
Maybe I would feel differently if I had a doctor who was pushy or disagreed with me
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Re: Who doesn't take thier LO's to well visits??

We dont vax any longer. My 5th child has had no vaxes. My children go to the Ped if they are sick/hurt. We dont go for normal colds/tummy bugs. We only take our children to a doctor if an illness will not go away or we have a run of asthma attacks.

In the past it never failed that when i took my children to the doctor when they were well, 3 days later they were sick with something. The docs office is a germy place.

I do take my newborns to a few visits at 3 days, and when the doctor requests becuase all my children have had sever jaundice and needed bili levels drawn.

But thats all.
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Re: Who doesn't take thier LO's to well visits??

I always took my dd in, but she was always having some problem or another with her throat and allergies. I was so afraid that I wouldn't notice something if I didn't take her in for her scheduled appointments. I'm a lot more relaxed now though. I might not be quite so anal if I were to do it all over again.

My friend's grandson never went for his well checks.

He lost his hearing by about 18 months, and nobody noticed. So, the daycare center had a huge fit and threatened to call CPS if she didn't have him looked at.

She didn't.

They called CPS.
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