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Share your birth plans?

Just wondering if anybody would be willing to share theirs? I'm looking for inspiration on how to best write up all my wishes/etc...


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Re: Share your birth plans?

Well, I am not preggo yet, but seeing as I have had 2 children I know what I want!!!
Here is what I have so far...
I would like to go into labor naturally - I was induced with my other two and I really would like as natural as possible.
I would not like my water artificially broken - the pain is worse after it is broken and IMO it doesn't have to be broken to make progress.
I would like no pain meds until the end and I would like an epidural - probably around 8-9 cm. I had it at 9 cm with my daughter and none with my son.
I will stay home durring labor as long as I can stand it.
I would like tobe able to move freely and not be stuck in a hospital bed like I was with my first two.
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Re: Share your birth plans?

Don't really know if this is "right" but I went on the hospital tour and thought back to DJ's birth and how that went and tried to come up with the things that are most important to me. I still have a few more details to work out with my MW but this is what I've got so far.

I believe that childbirth is a natural event and in most cases not a medical emergency. I understand that there are many things that can happen unexpectedly during labor and this birth plan is not intended as a script. I want to be flexible if there are unexpected complications, but as long as things are progressing somewhat normally, I would like to be allowed to deliver my baby as naturally as possible with as little intervention as possible. When medical interventions are necessary, I would appreciate it if any and all procedures are explained to me thoroughly, as well as why the procedures are necessary for the health of my baby and me.
• My husband, Andrew, will be with me during my labor and for the baby’s delivery. Depending on the circumstances, my mother, *name* and my son *name* may also visit me during labor (but will not be there for the actual delivery). I do not wish to have any other visitors while I am in labor or immediately after the delivery. My husband may take pictures/video as we feel it is appropriate.
• While in labor I would like to be able to do whatever feels natural to me at the time. This includes eating and drinking if I am comfortable with that, moving about freely, bathing/showering, etc. I would prefer not to have an IV, continuous fetal monitoring, or any other interventions that would hinder my ability to move about unless there is a clear medical reason. I would also like to avoid internal fetal monitors unless it is absolutely necessary.
• If my labor starts with my water breaking, I would like to be “left alone” for several hours to see if things progress naturally. After several hours, if it looks like labor is not moving quickly enough, then we can discuss options for speeding things up.
• If it becomes necessary to induce or augment my labor, I would prefer to try the most natural, least invasive measures first. I would prefer to use Pitocin as a last resort.
• I am aware of the various options available for pain control during labor. If I feel like I need pain medication, I will ask. I would prefer not to have pain medication offered to me unless I ask. I will however welcome suggestions/coaching for natural pain control methods (massage, heat/cold, birthing ball, alternative positions, etc.)
• When it is time to deliver my baby, I would like to be allowed to try alternative birthing positions (squatting, all fours, side-lying, etc.) instead of laying on my back.
• I would like to try perineal massage and controlled pushing to avoid tearing, however, I would prefer a minor tear over an episiotomy.
• For the most part I would like to follow my body’s lead and do what comes naturally during pushing. Some coaching, however, is welcomed.
• When my baby is born, I would like him immediately placed on my chest/abdomen, skin-to-skin, and allowed to nurse as soon as he will.
• I would prefer to delay clamping the cord until the cord has stopped pulsing. If my husband wants to cut the cord, he should be allowed to. If he chooses not to, I would like to have the option to do it myself.
• I do not want a routine injection of Pitocin to speed delivery of the placenta. I prefer to be allowed to deliver the placenta naturally if possible.
• I do not want to be separated from my baby for any reason unless it is absolutely necessary. I would like to delay his bath until I am able to do it myself. If there are evaluations/procedures that require him to be taken to the nursery, I would like to delay those until I can accompany him. In case of unforeseen complications, if he must be taken to NICU, I would like my husband to accompany him and I would like to be able to join him as soon as I am able.
• I plan to exclusively breastfeed my son and ask that no artificial nipples or supplements be given to him. In case of unforeseen circumstances, I would like to be allowed to pump immediately and would prefer banked human milk as a supplement instead of formula if at all possible.
• We have decided not to circumcise our son. This is a sore subject in our family so I would prefer that it not be brought up at all.
• We have decided not to give the Hep B Vaccine until our son is older.
• As long as we are both healthy and there are no complications, I would like for both of us to be discharged from the hospital as soon as possible after the birth.
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Re: Share your birth plans?

I hope this works. I C & Ped from Word then tried to fix it the best I could. Everything had it own little box. PM me if you would like the Word version just include your email addy.

I am changing a few things this time around not only bc I did end up having a C/S due to DS's heartrate being LOW. I plan on leaving the hospital within 24 hrs (given I have a successful VBAC), I do not want the baby washed (we will do it at home or I can take the baby to the shower with me), considering saving my placenta, if it is a boy I am considering leaving him intact, I know I cannot use a tub since there are no tubs at this hospital. That is all I can think of for now.

Oh yeah, on the back of our copy I had our calling card number and my and DH contact phone numbers of who we wanted to call.

These 1st 3 were in a line along the top and we added but forgot to save Peds info:

Full Name
Street Address
City, State & Zip
Phone Number

Practices Name
Street Address
City, State & Zip
Phone Number

Street Address
City, State & Zip
Phone Number

General Instructions

Birth Philosophy
 Birth should proceed in as natural a manner as possible.
 As long as baby and mother are not in physical danger, medical interventions and optional procedures should be kept to a minimum.
 If medications or procedures become necessary, parents should be involved in decision-making process.
 Parents would like to stay together during all phases of labor and delivery.

***Special Note***
Regarding Use of Needles
 Mother has a severe fear of needles.
 If use of a needle is necessary, stick needle in mother’s forearm, rather than her finger or hand.
 Mother MUST watch needle go in, otherwise she will pull her arm away.


Contacting Doctor
 Mother will contact Doctor when contractions are five minutes apart and one minute long (and have been for over one hour).
 Mother would like to stay home as long as possible if she is tolerating contractions.

Delivery Room Preferences
 Mother would prefer a room with a “labor hot tub” if one is available.
 Parents would like to take pictures and video throughout labor and delivery.

Prepping Procedures
 Mother should not be shaved or given an enema.
 Introduction of an IV feed should be delayed unless it is needed.
 A heparin lock should be put in.
 The number of vaginal examinations should be kept to a minimum.
 Mother wishes to be able to walk around, change position, or soak in a tub throughout labor.
 Mother would like to be able to eat light foods and drinks while laboring (otherwise, migraine headaches may be triggered).
 Mother does not wish to be offered any anesthesia unless she requests it during labor.
 Mother should be allowed to try position changes before Pitocin is used to help labor along.

Baby Monitoring
 Baby should be monitored intermittently using an external monitor. Internal fetal monitoring should be avoided unless it is specifically medically indicated and discussed with parents first.


 Mother would like to choose position in which she gives birth.
 Even if mother is fully dilated, and assuming baby is not in distress, mother would like to try to wait until she feels the urge to push before beginning the pushing phase.
 If possible, mother would like lights to be dimmed slightly at time of delivery.

 If an extraction device is required, mother would prefer use of a vacuum.
 Mother would like to avoid an episiotomy and try perinea massage, support or hot compresses.
 Mother requests local anesthesia for the repair of tears or if an episiotomy becomes necessary.

Cesarean Section (if necessary)
 If a cesarean becomes necessary, mother wishes to have an epidural for anesthesia.
 Mother would like the screen lowered so she can see baby being born and would like one hand free to touch baby.
 If not in distress, baby should be given to father immediately after birth.

Catching Baby, Announcing Gender and Cutting Cord
 Father would like to assist in catching baby.
 Father will announce gender.
 Father would like to cut baby’s umbilical cord.

 Delivery of placenta should be spontaneous or encouraged w/nursing of baby.


Routine Neonatal Procedures
 Parents would like to delay any routine neonatal procedures so they can have some time to bond with baby.
 At least one parent should be present for conduct of routine neonatal procedures.

 If baby is a boy, baby should be circumcised in the hospital with the use of a local anesthesia.

 Mother plans to breastfeed baby, so parents would like to have baby remain with them post-delivery room. However, if mother is resting, father can give baby a bottle.
 No other bottles (formula or water) or pacifiers should be given to baby without consulting parents.

Care of Baby
 Baby should remain with parents unless baby requires medical treatment (in which case at least one parent should be present) or parents request that baby be taken to the nursery.
 Father would like instruction in how to change a diaper.
 Father would like to help give baby her/his first bath.

Name of Baby
 If baby is a girl, her name is ??????. If baby is a boy, his name is ??????.

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Re: Share your birth plans?

Here is a copy of my current birth plan. What I did was I started out writing a STORY about the birth. A story about the way I envision it. Then I went through and found key points, like what my husband did, how I reacted, etc...and then used the things I learned in birth class and from my books to come out with a structured plan that is easy to read and very to the point.

Our Birth Plan

(me and my husbands name here)

Midwives: (listed here by name)

Prenatal/Primary Care Provider:
(doctors name, office address, telephone number)

We are greatly looking forward to the birth of our first child, Emma, with excitement and fervor. In preparation for the birth of our daughter, we have prepared ourselves by taking classes in the Bradley Method as well as doing our own research and reading at home.

We have faith and trust in the Midwives at Lisa Ross Birth and Women’s Center, and have been pleased by their prenatal care and support of our desires regarding the pregnancy and birth. We trust their skills and knowledge , and highly value their opinions and advice. We have reviewed this plan with them and taken their ideas and recommendations into consideration.

We are also thankful for the accessibility and technology available at St. Mary’s Hospital in case a transfer is necessary.

The purpose of this birth plan is to communicate some of our wishes and priorities to the health care providers involved with us for this exciting event. In a true emergency, we will, of course, refer to the Midwife’s judgment without hesitation.

All Natural Childbirth

*Lisa plans to rely on Mark for coaching, relaxation and focus during the labor and delivery. We do not wish to be separated at any time, including during a c-section should one become medically necessary

*We have rehearsed alternative pain management techniques to employ during labor. To make these techniques successful; we appreciate the most serene and peaceful environment possible. Anything that you can do to aide in this effort would be greatly appreciated.

*We would prefer if Lisa is not offered pain medication while laboring. She hopes to avoid the use of any narcotics or spinal anesthesia for pain relief. However, we realize that some situations may arise where the use of pain medications may be necessary. We will make decisions regarding medications should the need arise.

During First Stage Labor

*Lisa would like freedom of movement and the choice to change bodily position during labor. She would also like access to the shower and/or water birth tub if desired.

*We do not wish to have electronic fetal monitoring. We prefer the use of the Doppler or the use of a fetoscope to check our daughter’s heart beat.

*We wish to avoid routine IV fluids. We are aware that because Lisa has tested positive for GBS, intravenous antibiotics will need to be administered. However, when this has been completed we wish the IV to be removed. Lisa will stay hydrated by drinking lots of clear fluids, juice and tea.

*We would like to minimize the frequency of vaginal exams to check dilation/effacement as much as possible

*In the event Lisa’s labor stalls, we prefer to try natural augmentation methods like nipple stimulation, thumb sucking or intimacy in private. If these fail to aide the progression, we will them discuss interventions such as breaking the waters. Pitocin is a last resort.

*We plan on laboring in a peaceful and private way and would not like family members to be present during the labor or birth. If family do accompany us or arrive at the center during labor, please remind them to wait in the family area or in the main waiting room (not in the hallway just outside our room, please).

*Lisa does not wish to be given an enema, pubic shave or catheter during labor.

During Second Stage Labor

*Lisa would like to follow her bodies natural instincts to push and employ spontaneous pushing. Please do not count or encourage her to hold her breath. We also prefer to avoid the supine position during pushing. Please feel free to suggest alternative positions.

*We would like to use perianal massage and compresses to encourage the perineum to fan out properly and avoid tearing. We wish to avoid an episiotomy even if the perineum is going to tear.

*We do not wish to use the forceps or the vacuum to aide the delivery of the baby unless it is a LAST resort. In the event our daughter should need assistance in emerging from the birth canal, we prefer the use of the vacuum to forceps. Please suggest alternative positions or other methods which might encourage the baby to move down properly during delivery.

*We prefer that our daughter be referred to by her name, Emma, as opposed to “the baby”.

*Lisa would like a mirror made available so she may watch our daughter moving down the birth canal and crown.

Following the Birth

*To warm our daughter, encourage latching on and breastfeeding, and promote healthy bonding we would like immediate skin to skin contact between Lisa and our daughter Emma. A warm blanket or towel placed over them would be appreciated.

*Lisa plans to breastfeed our daughter, and would like to try this before the cord is cut.

*We do not wish for the umbilical cord to be cut until it has completely stopped pulsating and has gone flaccid (indicating the transfer of blood and nutrients is complete)

*We would like to deliver the placenta naturally, and would like to try pelvic massage to encourage its expulsion. Please do not pull on the cord to hurry its delivery.

*Once the placenta is delivered, we wish it to be placed in a container (which we will provide) and saved for us to take home with us.

*We would like to continue bonding and breastfeeding with minimal seperation. If possible, we wish that all newborn procedures be performed with Emma on Lisa’s chest. We prefer as few interruptions in the bonding time as possible.

In the event of a Cesarean Section

*In the event an emergency cesarean section becomes necessary, we prefer that we are not separated before, during or after the procedure.

*Lisa would like to have one arm left free to allow her to touch our daughter after delivery.

*We would like the screen lowered to allow viewing of the baby being delivered.

*Lisa would like to breastfeed as soon as possible after birth, preferably in the operating room. Please understand that this is very important to us.

*Please judge the baby’s health as fairy and accurately as possible. We would not like Emma taken to the special care nursery unless absolutely necessary or due to health reasons. If she is taken to the nursery, we would like Mark to accompany her at all times. We also wish to stress the importance of Lisa and Emma being reunited as soon as possible after the birth.

Care of Emma

*We do not wish Emma to be given a full bath after delivery. We would like the vernix to remain on her skin.

*We prefer that our daughter not be given the eye ointment. If it is required, we prefer that one of us hold her while it is administered.

*We feel very strongly that we do not want Emma to be exposed to artificial nipples of any kind during our stay at the center or at the Hospital. This includes both bottles and pacifiers.

*Should breastfeeding not be possible due to medical circumstances, Lisa would like to pump her breast milk and dropper-feed our daughter. Absolutely NO formula, please. And again, please avoid the use of an artificial nipple.

*We would like to hold our daughter during the administration of the Vitamin K injection and the PKU test.

Thank you for taking the time to read our birth plan. We rest in knowing that all of us, including our birth team, are working towards the same goal point. A healthy and happy mother and child!

*We are having a Birth Center birth, as opposed to a Hospital birth, so that's where some of our options and abilities will be different from those in a standard hospital setting.

If you want to do a basic one to get you started, try

Good luck!
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Re: Share your birth plans?

Out of 4 hospital birth I've never written up a birth plan.
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Re: Share your birth plans?

I still have mine saved on the PC from Morgan I just have to change all the "shes" to "they or them"

Basically, dont touch my baby grab her out and hand her to me. no shots, blood work or eye goop, room-in (well i left 5 hrs after her birth last time ) this time i think i will take extra time in the hospital to adjust and sure i'll need help with nursing
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Re: Share your birth plans?

Wow, these are so thorough! Mine is:

natural birth unless baby is in distress or other extreme medical conditions apply. If c/s, minimal morphine afterwards, and under my control.

hold off on pain meds until I request them, then epidural.

Ban the pit, and I'll be a peach!

baby stays with me, except for brief washing & other newborn treatment. Rooming in all the time.

***I recommend this next one for anyone who's rooming in***
Do not wake me during the night to take blood pressure, etc. Wait until I ring for nurse at a time I get up to nurse the baby. Mom needs her sleep!

Mom will want to leave after 24 hours, following a normal delivery, and would like follow-up visit in the home.

Baby will be CD'd from birth.
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Re: Share your birth plans?

I didn't read anyone else's plans so sorry if mine seems vauge.

With my first I had a whole plan of action which for the most part was followed because I had him so fast. I wanted a natural (not induced) labor which I ended up having. I wanted a drug free labor/delivery which I got. I wanted a water birth but labor went to fast and it wasn't an option. I wantd to cut the cord myself but was denied that ability because my body went into shock and I wasn't well enough. I wantd the baby to room with me which I kind of got (until I was okay they kept him in the nursery then in my room).

With #2 the birth plan was out the window. A high risk pregnancy, labor and delivery made it so I had no choices. I even had to go to a different hospital than I wanted so they could handle the situation better.

Here I am with #3 and I have no clue. I don't want to be induced but know I will have to be if certain situations arise again. I would prefer no drugs but again it was needed last time and maybe needed again. My hospital of choice is not for high risk so if anything changes so will my hospital.

The only thing I am certain of is that my plan is to give birth!! LOL
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Re: Share your birth plans?

Well, my birth plan is not nearly as involved as anyone else's.....

1) At the first tiny signs of labor, get in the van and DRIVE FAST!!!!
2) Reach the hospital BEFORE transition labor begins.
3) Have a baby rapidly with no time for fussing around or discussion.

I guess we just hope to actually make it to the hospital on some ways that makes it easier!!

Originally Posted by bethanyjoy
Just wondering if anybody would be willing to share theirs? I'm looking for inspiration on how to best write up all my wishes/etc...
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