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Re: Can you stop vax if you already gave them previously

Since your DD is autistic - there is no way I would let DS get the MMR if I were you. Boys blood-brain barriers are even more permiable than girls - which is why there are so many male autistic children compared to female autistic children.

Trust your gut on this mama - IMO, it is right. Go to www.mothering.com and go to their vaxing forum - lots of great info, links, resources, etc. They also have links to exemption papers - which you will need to get into order. I would BEFORE going to the ped, and hand them to the ped when he starts pressuring you into the shots.

ANd to answer the immunity question - kids immune systems are stronger and it is lifelong when they naturally acquire the antibiodies.

plus you need to consider that vax are not effective for everyone who recieves them - hence why they are given several times initially and then given every 5-10 years as boosters. The MMR is the LEAST effective of all the vaxes (about 85% effective). This is why pregnant women are tested for immunity (the MMR titer) - cuz many women will not be immune to it, despite having all their boosters, leaving them and their babies at risk for problems.

As for the other stuff - polio has been eradicated in the US. The CDC has actually been debating taking it off the schedule of immunizations, but decided that since it is still in third world countries we still need it here. Unless you travel to a third world country, your child has basically no real chance of ever coming in contact with polio virus.

DTP - diptheria, tetanus, and pertussis - These are more of a tisk for YOUNG babies. The chance of a child older than a year getting pertussis (whooping cough) and having an serious problems as a result is unlikely. Diptheria - the biggest problem with diptheria is dehydration. A big problem is YOUNG infants. Tetanus boosters can be given in the event of needing them - like stepping on a rusty nail, etc. Even if your boosters are up to date - they usually give an extra tetanus booster anyway.

The flu and pneumonia are primarily problems in young (at risk) infants again. Initially they were intended for babies with respiratory problems like RSV and asthma - but now they are standard for all. But honestly - if you take care of your child, keep them hydrated, monitor fevers, etc then the flu is not a dangerous thing for a healthy child. Plus, keep in mind that there are many many strains of the flu, and this is the one they "think" will be the worst this year.

Hepatitis B - this is sexually transmitted or transmitted via IV needles. Unless your babe is having unprotected sex or using IV drug needles - or could be around IV drug needles, this is not necessary.

Chickenpox - Fatalities occur not from the virus itself, but from the lesions becoming infected. Keeping kids clean, not scratching - this prevents a secondary infection, and thus prevents complications. I survived having the chickenpox, and I am just fine. This is another one of those things they screen pregnant women for due to the complications it can cause.

I think I covered all the vaxes - those are all the ones I remember offhand - and this is info I was given by my nursing intructors. Not "don't vax" on their part but a "realistic" look at the drawbacks/limitations of vaxing so that we could push for kids to get all their boosters as they get older ("push" is their words, not mine). It is the medical standpoint that since vaxes are not 100% effective and do wear off, they are very very important to get and maintain on a regular basis.

I hope that information helps a bit. Feel free to PM and do check out mothering.com!
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