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Help us plan our life as a family

We've been struggling to find a direction, so now I'm putting it to you smart and diverse ladies! (and the occasional dad!). Beware, this is long...

Where we are:
- Both WOH parents. Both relatively new to our respective companies (hubby just hired, me coming up on 2 years), but both invested in our careers (hubby's been in the biz for over 10 years). Hubby does graphic design for TV commercials, I'm a copywriter for an ad agency. Neither of us wants to give up or change our careers, we like what we do and aren't prepared to become english tutors or join the military. You'll see why that matters below.
- We live in a major city and we like it that way.
- Our school debt is our only financial burden. We pay ~1300 a month on school loans, and will continue to pay that until kingdom come. We rent our apartment and our car is paid off. Very minimal credit card debt, which we will pay off in a few months.
- Basically no savings. We wanted to pay off al our credit cards so we've been focusing on that, then we'll start to save.
- One child, 13 months old. Some extended family in the area, but we don't see them more than once every couple months. Our parents and siblings are all several thousand miles away.

What we both imagine 5 years from now:
- We are living in a country that is not the USA, in a city that is no smaller than 2 million people. This is absolute and not negotiable, so please don't suggest another US city. It would be nice to be in a climate that is warm most of the year and gets lots of sunshine, but it's not a deal-breaker.
- We are both working, but I have more flexibility and he is running his own business.
- Another kiddo has joined the team.

What we both imagine 2 years from now:
- Actively creating the above. So moving, starting a new job, etc.

What I like but hubby doesn't:
- Latin America. Many countries have relaxed immigration policies so it seems accessible. I like the language and the culture. He thinks it would be too hard to find good companies in his industry.
- New Zealand. The government seems very open to American immigrants. I like the climate and outdoorsiness. He worries it will be too isolated.
- Toronto. Hubby thinks it's not a good city for his career.

What hubby likes but I don't:
- Japan. He likes the career prospects, but linguistically and culturally it is too different for me.

What we both like:
- Germany. I would LOVE to move to Germany, but it seems very difficult to immigrate there without a company sponsor, and we don't have that. So while I love the idea, it just seems logistically difficult.
- Ireland. Seems only slightly more accessible than Germany. The EU in general looks very difficult even if we were moving for only a short time.

....................So now what? We need a plan. We need to set goals and work toward them. Should we focus on getting hired by an EU company? Or saving up to start a new business? Or travelling to other places to decide which country is right for us? What if we pick a country and never find a sponsor? Should we look for the easiest immigration options, or look only and quality of life and hope we can make it happen?

Thanks in advance!!!

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