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New To Formula,Please Share Your Knowledge

Mama's we want to switch our 8 month old over to formula. She's been EBF,until now,but she's gotten so hard to nurse I want to make the switch so I at least know how much she's getting.

1. How much formula should an 8 month old get?
Right now she nurses about 7 times a day,but only for a few minutes on one side,then she's off to do something else
2. Any great bottles for switching,right now she is getting one bottle(from daddy)in the afternoon. She still won't take a bottle from me. Any types on getting her to switch completely,she's being pretty stubborn. We've tried a sippy too,but she just uses it to shake formula/BM/juice onto the floor
3. How do we know if there is a problem with her tolerating formula?
4. What else do you know,that we should?


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Re: New To Formula,Please Share Your Knowledge

My baby is 9 months right now and he eats 4 oz. every 2 hours. We use Avent bottles and we love them (some people complain about them leaking but you have to re adjust them in order for them not to leak). I think the most common sign is spitting up, excessive crying, etc.
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Re: New To Formula,Please Share Your Knowledge

There's really no right answer to how much formula they "should" get. Every child is different--different activity levels, different metabolic rates, different amounts of solids they eat, etc. I've had a child take 20 oz a day at that age and another take 45 oz. a day. I'd recommend starting out with 4 oz and if she drains it, offer 2 more oz. Then at the next feeding, offer however much she took last time, and so on. If she spits up a lot after a feed, offer a little less. You'll figure it out pretty quick. Knowing if she's tolerating the formula is similiar to knowing if she's tolerating the food you eat while breastfeeding--rashes, mucousy stools, excessive gassiness, etc are signs of intolerance or allergy.

At 8 months, she'll probably go 3-4 hours between feeds, if you don't let her fall asleep while feeding (so that she actually gets full). My kids took bottles around 7:00am, 11:00am, 3:00pm, 7:00pm, and 8:30pm from about 4 months through weaning (of course every child is dfferent and we watch baby, not the clock, to determine when to feed, but that's how it typically ended up). At feeding times, I always feed solids before the bottle, because sometimes baby will gag a little on their solids and if they have a whole bottle of formula in them, it just may come flying back out at you!

We also love the Avent nipples, but use them on Nuby wide mouth bottles because they're BPA-free (the BPA-free Avent bottles have lousy reviews, but I don't have any experience with them). They NEVER leak on the Nuby bottles, but did a lot on the Avent bottles. Don't tighten the collars on too much or you will mess up the vent in the nipple. There are supposed to be little air bubbles coming from the collar through the formula while baby is eating--that's how you know it's venting right.

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Re: New To Formula,Please Share Your Knowledge

Hey mama. My 9 month old is doing 6 ounces about 5 times a day, spaces between 3 solid meals. But as pp have said, how much they take can vary greatly. We are using both the bpa free avent bottles, and playtex drop in bottles. I prefer the playtex bottles, although the avent work fine. The avent do leak a bit here and there and need to be readjusted. I had read that the shape of the playtex nipple is much easier for BF babies to use.

As far as formula type, if your LO hasn't had any food intolerances while BF, I would start with a milk based formula. A good idea would probably be to start trying a bottle of fomula once or twice a day to make sure she can tolerate it. I wouldn't give up bf entirely until you know she can tolerate formula. Good luck!
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Re: New To Formula,Please Share Your Knowledge

My baby still gets about 24 oz of formula a day but she is already on solids and she is a hearty solids eater (almost consistantly 3 meals a day) If your baby is not on solids then you would probably expect to feed up to 40 oz a day (don't quote me but I think that was the max amount a baby should be eating of formula/breast milk)

When I first switched I used enfamil gentlease. It has seemed by far the easyist transition formula that most people have recommended. After awhile I did switch her to the enfamil premium and we haven't had any issues. If your baby doesn't tolerate the formula you will see excessive spit up, lots of gas, fussiness, and constipation. I got none of this with the gentelease. But we do have reflux issues so we do still have spit ups.

DON'T warm the bottle too much. Breast milk is body temp...too hot formula will cause more spit ups and tummy aches. DD actually just drinks hers room temp. We do use bottled water to make the formula...check with your ped about that. Does she take a pacifier? You might try getting her to take a pacifier shaped similar to the bottle you will be using and then switch back and forth to see if she will actually drink from the bottle.
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Re: New To Formula,Please Share Your Knowledge

Thank you all,she's drinking Similac now,and has taken to it pretty well
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