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Re: Extended BFing

Listen to your mama instinct and do what's best for your family!

My DH was not very excited about bf'ing when DS was born. He warmed up to it quickly (especially because it meant I did 90% of the night-time parenting, lol). As DS got close to the 1yr mark, he started making noises about DS weaning soon. I humored him (which I will probably NOT do with our next baby) and told him I would start the weaning process once DS turned a year, but I told him that the process would likely take a long time (at least 6 mos or more was what I told him), so I started with the don't offer, don't refuse, and DS slowly (took 4-5 mos) got down to just morning, naps (although he could nap without nursing when I wasn't around), bed-time, and once or twice during the night. Around this time I told my DH that I really wanted to let DS keep nursing as long as he wanted...and DH surprised me by saying that he could care less if DS nursed until he was 4 (!!); he said once he didn't have to worry about heating up bottles & once he saw that DS really was becoming more independent & really was interested in eating solid foods in addition to nursing, his fears about extended bf'ing were diminished. Now at 19mos, DS has recently "weaned" himself, although he still asks me for his "num-a-nums" about once a week (he usually just latches on for about 5 seconds, then pops off & giggles).

Did DS wean earlier than he would have otherwise? Possibly. But this worked really well for our family and helped make my DH feel like I valued his concerns (even though he only had concerns because he was uneducated about bf'ing and had never been around anyone who bf'd in real life). But it was also easy, sweet, and gradual enough so that DS & I were both okay with the changes as they happened.

So whatever you decide to do, GL MAMA!


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Re: Extended BFing

Compared to many here, I almost feel like a bad mom. My ds is 27 months now and I'm just tired of nursing. I do other things to be close with him. I just feel so drained from it. I never offer, but don't refuse and he still nurses several times a day and most of the night. It's probably the night that bothers me the most. We have never slept through the night. I'm overwhelmed at the idea of nursing a newborn and my toddler all night. It's affecting my relationship with my dh and our relationships with others because we don't get enough rest. I certainly can't just take it away from ds, but I'm ready for him to be done. I'm feeling pretty selfish I guess, but I just want my body back to myself for a couple of months. I have no idea where to even start weaning him. I didn't set out with a goal to nurse him any certain amount of time. My middle ds weaned himself at fifteen months so I assumed it would last that long...then it just continued. Now it's a year past that point.
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Re: Extended BFing

i plan on BF until he is ready to be done YAY for extended breastfeeding
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Re: Extended BFing

My first was FF (not by choice) and I HATED it. I vowed to never exclusively FF again. I had my dd 14 months after I had ds. I exclusively BF her for 2 years. When she hit 1 she still seemed so babyish, and it seemed it would be just wrong to wean. Plus I have no clue on how to wean and too lazy to try or found out how much easier when they do it themselves. I view the minimum to BF is 2 years per the WHO guidelines anyways. My 3rd is 20 months and nurses very very infrequently, like once every 3 weeks so its not like they are on you like a newborn or anything. I think when dd weaned she was only nursing once a day for naptime and that was it.
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Cool Re: Extended BFing

I only nursed my first child for 2 months and stopped because of criticism and have always regretted it. My youngest 3 babies I were all well over a year when we mutually agreed to stop. And actually I am still BFing my youngest at 19 mnths. Don't ever feel pressured into stopping. This is such a special gift that you have to give your baby and it lasts for such a short period of time. Let it last as long as it lasts.
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