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Pregnancy weight gain

Hey ladies! I'm wondering if any of you noticed a faster pace of weight gain with second, third etc etc pregnancies. With DD I gained around 50 lbs and lost 40, still have that extra 10 lbs. I am really really trying to avoid that this time around (I was already 25-30 lbs overweight when I got pregnant with dd so now I'm up to 40lbs overweight, on a 5'2 tall person, not good). This will be my second child as long as everything goes well and I am just approaching the 12 week mark with a 10lb weight gain already. I have not been eating more, as a matter of fact about 4 weeks ago I got a terrible stomach bug that lasted for 6 days and I lost 7 lbs during that time. I gained the weight back already. I eat pretty heathy with a few bad things thrown in there occasionally, and try and be active as possible. I'm concerned about coming out of this pregnancy with 10+ extra lbs. Normally I have a very difficult time losing weight to begin with. I couldn't lose any weight since DD is born because she's still breastfeeding and my body just wouldn't let it go. Should I be very worried? And if so, what can I do?


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Re: Pregnancy weight gain

I think everyone is soooo different. I only gained 15lbs total first pregnancy. Second was about 18lbs the same with my 3rd. And number 4 i only gained 8lbs. He was 7lbs 11oz born so i actuly lost weight by the time he was born and the fluid etc. I should mention that i get rather sick in pregnancy. I am very much like you though. I do not/cant lose weight while Breastfeeding. Infact that is when i gained some i have alot to lose before i think about a #5.
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Re: Pregnancy weight gain

I actually had the opposite happen.

I gained 45lbs with my first, lost it all

25lbs with my second, lost it all, but then gained 10lbs before getting pregnant again

lost 10lbs in the first trimester with #3 (putting me at my normal weight), then gained about 25 more, so 15lbs from when I got pregnant. Then lost all of that, plus 10lbs more afterwards (10lbs below my normal prepregnancy weight)

I am one of those people who loses a lot while breastfeeding, but then gains weight when I stop. Which is why I had the 10lb gain before getting pregnant with #3.
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Re: Pregnancy weight gain

30 pounds with the first
lost 50 by the time she was 1 year old; I had never been as small as I was then.
Gained 40 in the second pregnancy eating a healthier diet! So not too happy about that, but that's just the way it was. And he was like...6 ounces bigger, lol! I would really like to get back to where I was, even if it takes another year!

So in my case I did gain more, but I started out smaller, so I'm not sure if that was why. Focus on healthy foods with a good balance of fat, protein, and carbs and you can't go wrong. It's about nutrients, not calories!
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Re: Pregnancy weight gain

Gained 80 lbs with my first. Only lost 30, and sat there until I did P90X and lost a bunch of weight (5'1, got down to 138lbs!)

Started this pregnancy about 8-12lbs overweight. At 20ish weeks, I had only gained 7lbs. At 38 weeks I had gained 36lbs total. Ate extremely healthy this time, exercised when I could. Stayed away from fattening foods, stayed away and minimized carbs and starches like breads and pastas. I pretty much lived off of protein(meat, beans, nuts) and salads! Also stayed away from sugary drinks. Water/ice is my best friend. Nearing the end now, and really, really hoping I lose the majority of this weight soon after delivery.
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Gained 45 with first, eating crap, working at a restaurant 60 hours a week & I started out 30 lbs heavier. Lost about 70 lbs by the time he was 18 months.

Started this pregnancy a healthy weight with healthier lifestyle. I've gained 50 lbs with 3 weeks to go...I don't get it LOL. Since I'm not sitting around eating junk all day, I try not to worry about it. I wonder how it will all work out in the end though. Guess we'll see in April!

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Re: Pregnancy weight gain

I did the opposite too-- with my first I gained 40, then lost 47. With my second I gained 28, then lost 31. With my third I gained 25, then lost 30.

I eat a lot healthier now than I did 7 years ago when I got pregnant with DD1-- I think the secret to healthy pregnancy weight is the same as it is when you're not pregnant-- lots of fruits and vegetables, plenty of exercise, and stay away from the junk food and excess carbs.

When I was pregnant with my first I ate a lot of bagels and cream cheese-- and my weight grew accordingly. With my others I tried to limit my carbs (but not my food), and stuck to eggs in the morning (and other times-- eggs are always my preggo craving), lots of fruits and veggies, chicken, and cheese. Carbs were only a "sometimes" thing, and I only occasionally indulge my bagel/pizza/cereal cravings. I felt SO much better gaining less weight.

Of course, some people gain 50 pounds and feel fantastic-- totally depends on the person. I'm in the "healthy" weight bracket, but I'm only about 10 pounds from being "overweight" when not pregnant, so I probably don't need to gain as much weight as some slimmer mamas.
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Re: Pregnancy weight gain

No, but every pregnancy is so different.

My first I followed everything by the book, no sodas, never ate sweets and snack foods. I was vegetarian with a borderline vegan diet (avoided cheese and eggs, but ate biproducts.. anywho) worked out religously, didn't own a car for most of my pregnancy and walked no less than 4 miles a day. I went from 117 to 175. I sulked my entire pregnancy over my weight gain, but I was so concious about it and no matter what the numbers increased on the scale. I lost over half within 2 weeks of giving birth.

(I had gained back almost all the pregnancy weight I lost because I had a major lifestyle change no more restrictive diet, (lived in an area where there was just a single highway, no good place to walk) it was almost like I lost all will power from the years of depriving myself.

Got pregnant with #2 and had horrible hyperemesis- was on a cocktail of vitamins and drugs, weekly IVs, lost a little weight as well as hair! Didn't gain a lb until 7 months, but then I still managed to gain 35-40lbs in that short time frame. All of that melted off of me in 2 weeks. I lost more weight while my husband was deployed, and then he came back and I gained again. (apparrently my body cannot handle me not hitting the gym hard or my cooking for my husband, haha- he gained 25lbs in almost 3 months (but he needed a bit of that.)

Here I am pregnancy number three 15 weeks pregnant and 21lbs under my prepregnancy weight because I stopped drinking soda again, became more active, and all together tried to be more concious of a healthier lifestyle, but who knows when that will change (the weight loss, not the lifestyle, )
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Re: Pregnancy weight gain

I gained about about 30 lbs each of my previous three pregnancies. I tend to gain it all at the last trimester. It seems like one morning I wake up and cant see my feet! I keep the weight while BF till I wean. I guess iris some sort of survival thing? I'm totally pear shaped and at 5'3" there is no place to hide the curves. I still had 10 to lose before I got pregnant as I was still nursing my toddler till about a month ago. I'm being silly hoping I gain 10 less this time! I'm due with my fourth the end of September and so I havent been as sick or gained mor than a couple of pounds, luckily
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Re: Pregnancy weight gain

I only gained about 17 lbs with Asher. And right now I am 33 weeks pregnant and I have gained about 10 lbs.. so probably not gonna gain much more than 17lbs again.
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