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Starting Pling, how many trainers do we need?

I know I have asked this exact question before, but I can't seem to find the thread. I have read on some sites 30, some sites 15. How many would you say? I am thinking 20. I am going to make them with snap in soakers so he can use them as undies after. At least that's the plan. We wash diapers every other day if that matters. Thanks!

ETA: Any advice for me? Or good books to read? Our older 2 are adopted, so this is the first time PLing and I'm a little nervous. I don't even know where to begin.


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Re: Starting Pling, how many trainers do we need?

Assuming your wee one is 2, I'd advise visiting first. I dropped a couple hundred on stuffable trainers for DS and he has flat refused to use the potty. I realize now that for him, trainers are a "crutch" (he doesn't want to use the potty as it's much too convenient to ignore his urges, hide them, and have mommy or daddy change him later). So, we're essentially going to have to cold-turkey him -- Memorial Day weekend when we can tag-team. PM me if you'd like to hear how it worked for us after.
That said, it really depends on your trainers. 30 if you want to use the "cheap" kind. If you use the PUL/stuffable or snap-in, then just estimate based on the number of dipes you're using on him now from wash to wash (with an appropriate overlap). Right now, I have about 16, though we DO use sposies on the road -- DS is such a HEAVY wetter that a pocket stuffed with hemp just isn't enough.
Good luck!
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Re: Starting Pling, how many trainers do we need?

My 2yo just PL this weekend!
We went thru 8 gerber trainers(thick undies) the first day.
5 the second day.
None since.
He's been accident free(day & night since Monday).

We had 12 Gerber trainers to use. I figured if we made it until naptime, then I could wash them if needed.
He did great! Just remember every accident is a learning opportunity! You want them to drink drink drink so they have to pee pee pee often.
We didn't do a timer, we just watched for cues(he's start being wiggly, flightly in play, space off, spread his legs). The first day was just him learning what that urge felt like & what to do with it. The second day was getting there on time! Ever since, he's been fine!
His first poo was an accident ON the potty. He was surprised, as was I! We made a super huge deal about it and he got a whole handfull of M&Ms(for #1s, he only gets 2 M&Ms).
Little did I know that this meant that he would try to poo at every chance he got!
Lol! But at least he's going!!
What my philosophy is is that you test the readiness with no expectations. A 3 day trial, shall we say. If your child isn't ready, day 2 & 3 will be just like day 1. Lots of accidents & it just doesn't "click". If your child is ready, they practically PT themselves!
So try a 3 day weekend. Stay home. Wear undies & nothing else. Just see what happens. If your child is ready, you'll know. If not, try again in a month. No biggie.
This was the second time I tested my son. The first time 2 months ago, he just wasn't ready. There was no "click" from day 1 to 3. I cared, he didn't.
So we waited & retryed.

Oh, and have your child sit on your lap on furniture. Your clothes are easier & cheaper to change than the couch is!
Bye bye.
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Re: Starting Pling, how many trainers do we need?

I'd suggest just buying some gerber trainers. I bought 2 packs but would recommend more...

They have a small amount of padding but not enough to hold a whole pee. They can still feel they're wet and you can just use them as underwear once they're done PT. (I'm just talking about the plain cotton ones, no waterproofing. It happened quickly for us too so I'm glad I didn't shell out or make anything fancy. Within 2 weeks she was out of all diapers, even night, with rare accidents. She had a bit of regression when LO was born but not enough to go back in diapers. I recommend starting off with naked time first few days, then underwear with no pants, until they're comfortable. Yes you will have accidents but it doesn't last long, they learn quickly.

Eta: like pp said, you'll know if they're ready! It's easy if they're ready, they just do it themselves. There was no coercing involved as she WANTED to go. Rewards go a long way!!

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Re: Starting Pling, how many trainers do we need?

I have 5 with PUL otw for nap times
I made 5 undies style...just with extra layers sewn in for extra protection
I have 2 coming from a good friend
I plan on making about 3-6 more

so I am figuring 15-18 for Analise.
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Re: Starting Pling, how many trainers do we need?

I'm so glad that I read this post. I am getting ready to order trainers for pling. I am glad that I read this so that I can be sure and order enough. That said I am thinking about getting cheap ones that they have for $25/15 pair on Amazon rather than spending $15-20 per pair since we won't be using them for that long if dd was anything like ds.
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