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I never had issues with DS but I'm experiencing some weird mood shifts with DD who is now almost 3 months old.

It usually hits in the evening or afternoon when I'm extremely tired. I just get so angry when she's crying. I know she's just a baby and we're big into attachment parenting and understanding the needs of infants so this just seems to be a purely emotional--not logical--thing for me.

Sometimes I have to put her down because my body gets so tense that I'm worried I'm going to squeeze her too hard or shake her. I feel horrible even typing this. I can't even imagine doing these things, especially when I'm not in one of these moods.

It's not like I wake up every morning depressed though. Is it possible that this is PPD?


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I just want to offer hugs. I went through a period like that with ds.
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It's okay that you feel this way. I had PPD BAD after the baby was born. I was not SAD as I thought PPD would be but was angry, moody and tired. Any little thing could set me off.

First, off if you have any thoughts of hurting yourself or you kids, IMMMEDIATELY call your doctor/ your ped and tell them. You will get help from them IMMEDIATELY.

Second, if it's not at that level but if this keeps on going for a while (like 3 weeks or so) w/o improvement, it might be PPD. And that's okay. I know it seems overwhelming or something that CRAZY people get who don't love their kids. It's nothing you did or didn't do, it's a combination of exhaustion, stress and hormones. BUT IT WILL GET BETTER. I promise.

Call you midwife/OB and ask to have an appointment. My mw was totally willing to help and support me. I got on some meds (which for me were a great help) and found a therapist. It took a while to get everything going, so don't get frustrated.

The best thing you can do is reach out for support for yourself. If you have someone who you can trust w/ your LO ask them to come over and help. Get out and do some walking or go to the gym.

Hope this helps.

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I had ppd after both girls-have a very long history of depression so i was pretty much doomed. Anyhow my ppd w/dd1 was more extrem sadness and feels of disconnect. With dd2 is was sever anger. However i was like that 24/7. Maybe you have the start of ppd and that is why i think you should call your doc asap.
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I think you should call your doc/midwife ASAP. I ended up with pp anxiety and pp ocd, and saw someone and it started to help. It got really bad but started simply, so it can't hurt to get it checked out. I felt so bad having something "wrong" but it's nothing to be ashamed of and totally fixable which will give you time to get back to yourself and enjoy your baby!
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