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Question Anyone test for Down's yet?

I opted to do it only because I wanted to see the baby again in an ultrasound. I was told by numerous people not to worry if the results come back negative because all of their babies are fine. Welp, I got my results back and I am at high risk of having a DS baby, 1:17. I'm honestly not that worried about it but should I be? I really can't fathom a needle going through my belly button for more accurate testing and chance hurting the baby. Suggestions? Thoughts? Experiences?


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I got my results today and they were normal 1:10,000 for DS.

If they would have come back abnormal (as yours did) we would have opted to get the amnio done. I would want to be prepared for what was coming.

ETA: my SILs results came back like yours and my nephew has DS.

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Re: Anyone test for Down's yet?

I have never tested because I just don't think I could handle the anxiety. The birth of this child will be amazing and a newborn requires extensive care regardless of being born with Down's. So as long as you are prepared to take care of a newborn you will be prepared to take care of a Down's newborn if necessary. I would not risk the amnio because in the end it won't change the outcome you will just have longer to fret.
I really hope that all things turn out the way that you want. I can say that I volunteered in a Down's group home for adults and they are amazing people. They hold my heart like children each so amazing in their own right.
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Re: Anyone test for Down's yet?

I am going for as little testing as possible. There is no history of it in my family or his so we don't want to think about it. I know that it would be hard if we got test results back showing that there could be something wrong with the LO. I dont think that I could handle it. If the baby comes out screaming I will be happy. Took me 5 years to get pg. Dont want to mess it up with tests that could cause issues or stress.
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Re: Anyone test for Down's yet?

My first 3 I got testing, my last 2 I didn't. This time I want to only because I would like to see the baby. I do worry it will come back at risk but even if it did I wouldn't do an amnio.
I would just read everything I could about DS and be prepared for the in case. Just because its at risk doesn't mean it will be for sure. And DS isn't a death sentence, if I were you I would skip the amnio and just learn as much as you can to be prepared.
lots of hugs
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Re: Anyone test for Down's yet?

If my tests comes back abnormal, I won't get an amnio but I will opt to deliver at a larger hospital just so that all the resources we might need will be easily accessible. I didn't test with my first because we were delivering in the metroplex - but now we live in a smaller town.

Sorry for any added stress this is putting on you
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We did the ultrasound with a high risk dr because I'm diabetic and even he urged me not to bother with the blood work because all looked good on the ultrasound. If the ultrasound he been sketchy I probably would do the blood work, but not an amnio. At that point if my risk was high I'd just prepare mentally for either case and hope for the best. I'll already be delivering at a hospital with a high level NICU.
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Re: Anyone test for Down's yet?

DDC get the MaterniT21 test done. Blood draw only and very very accurate for T21
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Re: Anyone test for Down's yet?

I know that the number sounds scary, but a 1:17 chance is only a little over a 5% chance. Which means that there is a 95% chance that your baby does NOT have DS. As my grandfather would say, I'd play those odds at the racetrack any day! With that said if you do want to do amnio, I've read a study that shows that the risk decreases significantly as the pregnancy progresses. So if you felt like you really needed that peace of mind, I might try to wait a bit longer. Keep us updated on how everything goes!
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Re: Anyone test for Down's yet?

OP, I assume that you only had the blood test? I think you have to look at what the test really is. It's statisitcal analysis of risk and no more. You get a result of level X of factor y in the blood and based on your age and other things we come up with result Z. It's really like a pre-screening to say maybe you should get further (amnio or CVS) testing. How old are you? That alone increases the risk of having a Downs baby. The reason that amnio is suggested after 35 is that the risk from miscarriage (1 in 300/350(?)) is the same has the risk of having a baby with Downs.

I am 39. I talked to my OB about what pre-natal screening I might want. He said based on my age alone to SKIP the quad test because it would come back as high risk of Downs. If I was really interested in the result, I should go to the definitive test.

My point is that quad test is not a great indicator of outcome but of risk of outcome. IT also has a lot of false positives (results that are NOT going to occur).

Talk to your doc about whether they suggest more testing or not. I also agree with the poster who said 95% is some good odds!
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