View Poll Results: How many of you mommas have had or do have hyperemesis / HG?
I currently have diagnosed HG 2 3.28%
I have had diagnosed HG 1 time 15 24.59%
I have had diagnosed HG 2 plus times 9 14.75%
I only have/had "morning sickness" when pg 18 29.51%
What the heck is hyperemesis? 17 27.87%
Voters: 61. You may not vote on this poll

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Re: How many of you had/have hyperemesis?

This is my second hg pregnancy. My first daughter I barfed from 6 weeks until she exited my body, no matter what I did. It was a constant struggle to stave off dehydration and no one believed me. Fortunately I gained 17lbs and made it okay so I wasn't technically hg. My second daughter I had constant high blood pressure and lost 20lbs, never gaining it back. I was vomitting constantly and still, no one would help. I had her at 34weeks at a normal healthy 34week weight of 5lbs 3oz. My current ob thinks that my body was just too weak to sustain the pregnancy any further. I was constantly dizzy from lack of food and close to passing out. I went into ptl(due to dehydration) several times before my water breaking at 32 weeks. I think my body just kept trying to get rid of what was hurting it so badly and even bedrest wasn't enough to stop the contractions. This pregnancy I have been so lucky! I was diagnosed early and have been on zofran since 8 weeks(12 weeks now) and it helps a great deal though it doesn't completely alleviate the vomitting. Sometimes I vomit the pill before it works and I know not to plan to do anything all day. I've lost just 10lbs in the last 3 months(not too bad for the first trimester) so hopefully the second trimester will go better???? Reglan never did anything for me, and unisom worked OKAY at first but after 3 or 4 weeks it started putting me to sleep at half-dose strength. My insurance runs out in 3 weeks so there goes my zofran! I'm going to see if I can get the prescription for 100 pills and buy them myself. That was a lifesaving bit of info, thank you SO much!



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Re: How many of you had/have hyperemesis?

For you who are suffering w/HG (hyperemesis gravidarum) or know someone who is...check this out:
Another HG protocol help is to take zantac (I think the 75mg NOT the 150mg) or generic version to help with acid reduction. That made a HUGE difference the 2nd time around w/HG. And about taking zofran while having need to be on a stool softener if you're on more than like 8mg z/day cause the dehydration + the constipating effect of z makes for more problems!!!! Miralax is now OTC and is completely tasteless (great for vomiting sensitivities) and can be mixed into any kind of drink you can keep down. All of this info and more can be found on the hyperemesis website, if you need professional advice. I'm not trying to play doctor, but more ob's than not are clueless about how to properly treat HG. I was a victim the 1st time around-not fun!
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Re: How many of you had/have hyperemesis?

I only had hyperemesis with my first pregnancy thank GOD! I thought I would die from constant vomiting!
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Re: How many of you had/have hyperemesis?

i only had it with my twins.
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Re: How many of you had/have hyperemesis?

had a perfect pregnancy with my daughter, a miscarriage almost three years later which led to crazy thyroid up and down action, and then HG with my son six months later. it was AWFUL. i can't believe that it's possible to throw up that much. i became an expert - i can throw up into a sandwich size ziploc bag...while driving a car on the freeway!

my ob didn't know very much at all - i was given promethazine, which stopped the puking, but only because you are in coma-like sleep! next time i'm not going to be as ignorant - i'm doing as much research as possible, as well as trying to get as physically strong as possible. calvin is now 21 months and we're in the process of praying through when to have another...or just move right on to adoption. i think there is less vomiting involved in adoption...hopefully!
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Re: How many of you had/have hyperemesis?

I had it with my 2nd, but not to the extent that some of you did! I luckily got put on zofran fairly early (around 6 weeks) and though it is a HUGE expense it was worth every penny. Now they make a generic though so it should be much cheaper if I need it again. I was taking around 10-20mg a day and I agree with the pp when they said get a stool softener because you will need it! I was able to stop taking it around 20 weeks, but still continued to take prilosec otc until delivery. I was given promethazine at first too and all it did was make me pass out! I did lose around 20-25lbs in the beginning and never did gain it back. I couldn't eat anything without running for the bathroom.
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Re: How many of you had/have hyperemesis?

I had HG with my subsequent pregnancies and it got worse and worse every time. My last was probably the worst of all. I was just nauseous allllllllllllll day & night. I didn't gain weight until after I started my 3rd trimester and my dr still refused to give me Zofran! It sucked! I was also suffering from horrendous migraines and that would cause me to vomit up to like 20-25x/day sometimes. It really was awful. I landed in the ER many many times and had numerous IVs and meds. Finally my vomitting decreased to 2-3x/wk, then 1x/wk and just occasionally when I started gaining weight.
Good luck and I hope it gets better for you in your 2nd trimester!!
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Re: How many of you had/have hyperemesis?

My twin sister was super sick with both her pgs so when I was pg with my ds, I knew to ask for zofran right away. I was on zofran and zantac for most of the time. This time it started even earlier than with my ds and I tried everything I heard and after two weeks of misery, requested zofran again. I was SO happy to hear that there was a generic. Zofran helps some but I wish some days that someone could just knock me out and wake me up when its over. Some days are worse than others. I find it hard to stay mentally strong enough to feel like I can do it. I Hate, Hate, Hate being sick!
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Re: How many of you had/have hyperemesis?

With my 1st i was sick for about 20 weeks of constant N/V, not diagnosed as HG, w/ my second after switching OB's cause my 1st told me to just deal w/ it and if I had not lost 15% of my weight she would not prescibe anything, i had already lost 15 lbs. My new doc. diagnosed and prescribed my zofran. Luckily I avoided being hospitilized, but remained sick until 1 hour after delivery. Plus I had a rare condition ptylism(sp) where you salivate massive quantities, which agravated the HG and I had to spit in a cup for about 3 months, made it really hard to go out I could not swallow my own saliva or I would puke instantly! Would not wish it on anyone and don't think I could ever go through it again, we are done having kids.
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Re: How many of you had/have hyperemesis?

I have survived HG through 4 pregnancies.

My first pregnancy I only had morning sickness. The last 4 i was hospitalized and on zofran and phenegran the whole pregnancy. Not too mention many IV's.
With each pregnancy i lost over 20 pounds. My last 2 I never gained any wieght. I only regnained what i had lost.
All my babies were 7-8 pounds, except my last which was born at 34 1/2 weeks and was 6 pounds 1 oz.
And guess what! I would do it again and again.

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