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Re: At what age is it not appropriate?

Originally Posted by mommy24babes View Post
It's having discussion with my Mom and wondering what the consensus is on nakedness/showering with a parent.
Is there an age at which it becomes inappropriate ?
I'll come back to post my feelings on it later.
Just curious.

Eta a question. Why does noticing gender differences make it inappropriate to you ?
Just saw bolded.

Noticing makes no difference for us. I stop long before they ever notice.

Each of my kids knows there are differences.Even my 2 year old.
She is fairly aware for a 2 year old though her brothers have zero issues with streaking or using the bathroom with the door open. She started laughing last week at the 4 year old. Now he shuts the bathroom door


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Re: At what age is it not appropriate?

What I said is for opposite sex. My mom was naked around me my whole life, which I am fine with. I am comfortable changing around her now, and it has made me more comfortable in what a mom body can look like. Which is NOT what I see on tv. I'm grateful for that.
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We have a just-turning-5-year-old ds, a 2.5 year old dd, and a newborn ds, and we all regularly shower/bathe together. The kids see us and each other naked frequently. They have known what parts everyone has from a very young age (like before 2). I don't know when we will stop being the naked family, only that we're not there yet.

I do know that ods needs to start being more modest around other people, though. He will strip down anywhere, and in front of anyone. I often forget that it makes others uncomfortable.
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Re: At what age is it not appropriate?

Dh doesn't like our girls seeing him naked after toddlerhood. As for me, I just showered with my 6 & 7 year old boys last week.
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We are not yet bothered. My 4yo daughter went through a phase at 2ish during which she wanted to poke and yank my husband's penis (and point at it and laugh too) so there was a showering hiatus, but she has matured to the point where she can keep her hands to herself so it's ok.
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Re: At what age is it not appropriate?

My mum and I will chat to each other when one of us is in the shower or the bath, and then while we're getting dressed, and then while we do a wee, and while we cook dinner, and while we go shopping, etc. Nudity makes no difference.

My dad is slightly more modest - he'll use the loo while I'm in the shower, for instance, but asks me whether I mind (I don't). I'll do the same. The only way you could see any physical features of the body through the shower curtain is if you stare really hard, which we obviously don't because that would be creepy. I don't mind getting dressed in front of him either. I distinctly remember showering with him when I was very little, maybe 2 or 3, and him asking me not to touch his penis, thanks very much . He's my dad, and I'm thankful to say there is absolutely no sexual tension between us at all. Our naked bodies are nothing to hide - they are immaterial.

My brother and sisters are much, much more modest. My youngest sister has become much more relaxed over the last five years (she's 21), but my other sister is what I would consider uptight, and my brother is just a no-go area. Out of respect for them, I try to refrain from being naked around them, but sometimes I forget and my sisters will laugh and imitate me drying off or doing a breast check or whatever.

I'll walk naked through "public" areas of the house until such time as Jammy asks me not to. If she's in my bedroom while I'm changing then she can avert her eyes or leave the room, but I'm not going to go out of my way to cover up when she's in my space as it were.
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For me never. I have 6 girls and they could care less if i am nakey. I have been pregnant and nursing for almost 10 years so it is normal.

My husband is super modest and stops allowing little girls in the shower around 3/4.

My son is almost 9 and doesnt care. He always comes in the bathroom when i am showering and doesnt bat an eye.

But he doesnt see his sisters naked anymore and changes in his closet alone.
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I don't think there is a number really. Whenever one or the other feels uncomfortable, that my sign.

I wouldn't shower with my 7 or 9 year olds. If the 4 year old needed a shower and wanted in, I'd probably let him. My 9 year old likes his privacy in the bathroom.

I do pee with the door open though and nurse without a cover and not discreetly and no one minds. The boys will all lean down to kiss baby while she nurses and she frequently lets go to kiss them back. A nipple in their face doesn't faze them yet.
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Re: At what age is it not appropriate?

It's funny, my oldest son just turned six, and the thought of him seeing me naked being an issue hasn't even crossed my mind until now! It doesn't phase him a bit, nor is he bothered being naked around me. Though, I have recently noticed that he doesn't want to change in public anymore (like at the side of the pool) or in front of his aunties (my sisters.) I guess when he hits puberty, or starts gawking, maybe I'll stop changing in front of him?
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Re: At what age is it not appropriate?

Originally Posted by Psychomom View Post
Dh doesn't like our girls seeing him naked after toddlerhood. As for me, I just showered with my 6 & 7 year old boys last week.
Ok I was beginning to feel like the odd one out. I can't convince my just turned 7 year old that he doesn't need me to shower. I am sure he will eventually figure out how to shower alone, but for the time being he and I shower together. I could make him shower with dh but dh showers before work in the morning so it is less than convenient.

My 11 year old will walk into the room and talk to me while I am changing or just stepped out of the shower and not seem to even notice. Sometimes he will be talking to me and suddenly say "You are naked." It doesn't seem to phase him though. I figure if it bothers him he will stop walking into my room without knocking first.
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