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Re: Which method of PT worked for you?

My first two I did the old Toilet Training in One Day book from the 70s, lol. lots of work but they were both trained with minimal accidents in a few days. I might try ohcrap with this one as he is younger and i hated using the doll and treats....


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Re: Which method of PT worked for you?

I used the 3-day method with both kids. DS was 28 months and was pretty successful, but it was definitely a 3 day process. DS had a slow time with poop, still going in his pants daily for around 6 months after we trained (yet he would also poop on the potty almost daily). The 3-day method "clicked" for him (at least for pee) by the 2nd day.

DD was a 3-day method poster child. She trained at 21 months and was pretty much accident free (day and night) within the first month. It "clicked" for her in 6 hours.
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Re: Which method of PT worked for you?

I didn't really use a method. She started showing awareness that her diaper was wet about 16mos, so I introduced the potty. No real success, but the idea was planted. I tried a few times to get her to go on the potty, let her run on the grass in the backyard with just a sundress on and nothing underneath but easily washed crocs to get her aware of what was going on down there, and it was hillarious to see her suddenly stop and pick up her dress to see the pee running down her leg. Then the summer just before she turned three she had gotten into the habit of taking her diaper off (even with snaps) and handing it to me when she was wet, and one day she refused to let me put a new diaper on. I told her that if she didn't want to wear diapers she had to pee and poop in the potty and she basically agreed and that was pretty much that. I stayed home for a few days with her nekkid from the waist down, but we pretty much had all catches by the second day, and a 5 or 6 days later I took her to the store and let her pick out some new panties. She had the odd accident here and there, had some serious regression when we had the double whammy of a move and a new sibling at 4.5, but she's been trained ever since.

Now nights, night are a completely different beast......
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Re: Which method of PT worked for you?

can someone explain the premise of Oh Crap method to me? I looked on her site, but it doesn't give a lot of info about what the method actually is. For $15, I want to know what I am getting.
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Re: Which method of PT worked for you?

^^^ The book is pretty detailed with the program. Basically she doesn't use rewards or punishments - she uses logic of "this is why we do it this way" so the kid gets it. Naked day at home then commando days until kid is set.

I found it useful.
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Re: Which method of PT worked for you?

We just watch for readiness then go from there. DD just liked going and being clean so she really did it all herself. DS is not so into it, but he has been telling me more often that he needs to go. I have noticed that a combo of nudity and a treat for using the toilet has made his use it more often. We have been poopy diaper free for 3 whole days now, YAY!
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