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Re: Preferring one breast?

Well, things are going a bit better...he still takes about 10-15 minutes of struggling and (occasional) wailing before he'll settle down to nurse at the "bad" left boob, but he still does it. I'm not sure if he's just going through a hard-latch phase of something, though, because he seems to be having some trouble with even the "good" boob, like he'll pull away, bat around, flail a bit, that sort of thing. He eventually does latch and get some good eating in, but it's a frustrating time until then (especially in the middle of the night!)

Thanks for all the advice...I'm just powering through and hopefully it's working!


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Re: Preferring one breast?

I am there too! My 2 week old girl has some preference for the left, which has always been a little fuller. The preference is not super strong, that I notice.. hopefully I won't end up much more lopsided than I already was :P. But on either side, we definitely have troubles when I am engorged. If she sleeps through the 2 1/2 or 3 hour mark, we generally have quite a hassle at the beginning of the next feeding. I don't have a pump so the extra that needs to come out before she can get latched generally ends up on her face! More frequent feeding keeps it easier for her to latch on. If you continue to feel your supply is a little greater than it needs to be, it can be beneficial to restrict him to one side for up to four hours before switching. I dono, of course do what feels right! For me, I know we will have some struggles here and there no matter what, so I don't feel so bad about a little extra difficulty at the beginning of a feeding session if I believe it will help everything go more smoothly in the long run! Good luck
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Re: Preferring one breast?

very very common to prefer on breast. my left breast is a better producer & sends milk out faster so both my kids have preferred it.
I'm just used to being "lopsided" for the last 4 years!

forgot....i used to make DS1 nurse the right side first to keep the supply up on that side.....I don't as much with DS2, as he's a stronger nurser, and will usually make time for both sides no matter what.
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Re: Preferring one breast?

Totally have this problem, too - she prefers left, so I always offer right-left-right (each nursing session). The first session on the right lasts maybe 3-4 min, then left for however long she wants, then right for longer - works for us! I guess the most important thing to remember is that there is no *perfect* solution - keep trying things, and you'll find something that works for you
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Re: Preferring one breast?

I've wondered if it's a hand-dominance thing, too, as ALL of my babies have preferred the right (I'm left handed, so holding w/my left hand to latch them onto the right, can't get latching down in a cradle hold w/a new babe cause I'm a klutz), I find it easier to get her to take the left if I use a football hold, but sometimes that doesn't work, either.
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Re: Preferring one breast?

I have a friend who's son refused to eat on one side. So she started pumping on that side while he nursed on the other.
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