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How much pain is normal after weaning?

Jackson kind of lost interest in breastfeeding slowly but surely over the past several months. He went down to just 1 nursing per day at around 11 or 11.5 months, then finally stopped being interested in that morning session all together about two weeks ago.

At first, there was of course some discomfort from being engorged, but my left breast has felt fine since the initial days. My right, however, still feels so firm and painful.

I thought since he was down to just 1 session per day when he stopped that it wouldnt be too painful when he stopped all together... and it has been more than two weeks since he last nursed. I tried to get him to nurse last week because it was so painful, i thought maybe if i could revive his interest... but all he did was chew (ouch!!) for a minute and then popped off and squirmed out of my arms. So not only did that fail to ease the pain in my breast, it added the pain of biting and the emotional pain of flat out rejection!!

anyway, it has been a while and the pain does not seem to be subsiding. How long should it take for it to go away? Im not even sure which doctor to call to talk to, my OB/GYN or my regular doctor? Maybe a lactation consultant?



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Re: How much pain is normal after weaning?

If I was you I would go out and get some cold cabbage leaves on that right breast ASAP, and call the OB/GYN to get an appt. to check you for any infection/mastitis. I don't think you should put up with the pain - it's a sign that something is up at this point, IMO. I hope you get some comfort soon!
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Re: How much pain is normal after weaning?

I didn't experience any pain. Maybe pump?

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Re: How much pain is normal after weaning?

I'm willing to bet that the right breast was the favorite one?

I had this happen to me with dd#2. The right stayed engorged and ACHED for weeks, the engorgment seemed to go away after a couple few weeks, but the aching did not. It was used to making more milk so didn't slow down production for a while.

I am not a doctor, and you may want to talk to a doctor about this, but I was told by mine to take sudafed. Sudafed is not recommended for bfing moms mainly because it kills your supply, so if you take it regularily for a few days, the pain should subside.

It wasn't until after I took the sudafed that I realized that although I though that my right breast wasn't engorged anymore, it really was.

Another trick to ease pain is to climb in a hot shower and firmly rub your hands from your collar bone down to your nipples. If you are done nursing, try to avoid your nipples because stimulation mimics need, and your breast will respond by making more milk. The 'massage' will move along any plugs that you might have by making you let down (plugs are common when you quit nursing and seem more common to me if you are the sort that could feed an army with your supply). Try to avoid bras whenever possible, especially underwire.

And, lastly, keep an eye out for throbbing, aching pain in a localized spot on your breasts, red streaks going from this pain and a fever - mastitis. I get it once with each baby I have it seems, and it is miserable. If you don't know, it is caused by waxy plugs that cause infection; you get waxy plugs quite often when you are weaning (this doesn't necessarily mean that they will get infected though).
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