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when to start with EC

Hi Mommas!

My husband and I are expecting our second child in May and we'd like to try EC, or rather I would like to try EC, hubby still needs some convincing. I'm wondering when a good time to start with EC is?? We didn't CD or EC with our son and it's been 8 years between babies!! So as excited as I am to do things differently this time around, I'm a little nervous that starting too early (like from day 1) will be overwhelming for us. When did you start using EC with your babies? Any advice on getting husbands on board would be appreciated too!

Thanks Mommas!


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Re: when to start with EC

This is a late response, sorry! But in the Diaper Free book by Ingrid Bauer, she says you can start from the beginning, but focus on establishing a good breastfeeding relationship first. Be relaxed about the EC at the beginning, you aren't trying to catch everything at first, just to learn your baby's cues and if you happen to catch a pee or poop here and there, great! Signal when you notice them going, and build from there. My husband got on board as I read to him (from Bauer's book) and as I/we worked with my baby and saw that she really was aware and really did respond. It's a pretty amazing process. Once he sees it in action, and what a difference it can make for your baby, I think he will come around. It's just hard in our society where it is so counter to everything we've always thought about babies. But other cultures see it all the time and it isn't so strange for them.
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Re: when to start with EC

EC is all about learning your babys cue...and that can be at any age. For my last DS, he used to thump his leg while breastfeeding. Once I realized that was his cue (he was 2mo old)...BAM!! I rushed him to the sink, took off his dipe and told him to pee...which the lil stinker did. When my husband got home that night, and I told him, he was unconvinced until he saw it for himself a few minutes later. The hubby was completely on board from that moment, and DS was pretty much potty trained by 9 months. He would crawl to his Bjorn potty and try to get on it by himself.

It was very bittersweet, cause right about the time he wasn't really using dipes anymore, I got my first embroidery machine. No fun embroidered dipes for him...I had to be satisfied with emb undies...NOT the same thing (

So my advice...just go at your comfort level with EC...there isn't a rush. Pay attention to possible cues, and if you catch one, great! If you miss one, oh well...try again!

Good luck!!
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Re: when to start with EC

Also, be aware that each child is an individual. Def watch for cues, commmunicate, and follow baby's lead. Check out GoDiaperFree there's a website, book, podcast.
DSa day-time potty learned @ 20m and DSb day time potty-learned at 15 months by doing CD/EC
DSa 12/2013, DSb 6/2016 & the best DH I know
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