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Question "Redecorated" vagina after birth?

I posted this on mothering because I thought it might be a bit out of place on here. But nobody responds to me on there so I'm posting it here anyway

When I had Whilder I ripped really really bad in 3 places, one of which was looking like it might be a 3rd degree tear. Aganst the advice and STRONG urging of my midwives, I had decided not to get stitches, as I was exausted and just wanted to be left alone. Well it's now 3 months later and everything has healed up wonderfully on it's own. However, it looks like I am left with a labia that has split into 2 parts, which I find kind of odd looking. Dh doesn't mind at all, infact he doesn't even seem to notice, and I guess I shouldn't care since he is the only one who sees it :. But I can't help feeling weird about it because it's not the same anymore and it wont ever be agian KNWIM? I know that's kind of dumb because there are a lot of things that are never the same again after having a baby, but since this is aesthetic I guess I'm more aware of it.

I am really curious as to weather this is common. I'm guessing if I had opted to have the stitches they would have sewn it back together, and that's probably the norm for most women that rip through the labia. It's not painful or problimatic in any way right now, but I'm wondering if I ever have another baby,if it may cause another, more severe rip.

Did anybody else have a simmilar experience after giving birth? Did it cause any problems later on?

thanks mamas!


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Re: "Redecorated" vagina after birth?

I tore BAD with #1. Three seperate tears that resulted in over 100 stitches (one tear went almost through to my rectum). I did get stitches but was not given much option because it was so bad. Mine healed fine and you'd never know I tore that bad. With #2 I was terrified that I would tear again ~ and I did. Only this time it was so very minor that no stitches were needed and again, you'd never have known. I really think if I hadn't gotten the stitches with #1 there would've been some noticeable scarring. I know that there are more drastic measures you can take to fix it (cosmetic surgery) but even that has side effects. I would look at is as a mark left by your dd, you are now more unique than ever.

After #1 I had to have my gall bladder removed (due to that pregnancy) and have 4 scar holes on my belly. I just call them my Alex wounds. After dd I got a few stretch marks in not so lovely places and we call those Madi Marks. Lets see what unique thing this one leaves me with!!
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Re: "Redecorated" vagina after birth?

I was cut with my first - tore with # 2, 3 and 4 where I had been stitched with # 1 (no need to have been cut with # 1 just an impatient Dr.) anyway - also tore with #5 slightly but decided to leave it alone to heal on it's own. I have a little skin tag around my v*gina that is just there - now that I left it alone and didn't stitch it back up this last time (was stitched too tight and wrongly on one of the times i was stitched) then this last time with baby #6 I did not tear at all and he was by far my biggest baby - a full 15 oz larger than any of my others - being just 1 ounce shy of 9lbs and I am not a big woman at all.

So no I would not worry about it at all. If it does not bother you during intimacy then don't worry about it!
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Re: "Redecorated" vagina after birth?

with my first I had a 4th degree tear in the back because he came out with his hand over his head! Owie for about 4 months too. With #2 I had only a 1st degree so that was really nice compared to the first one. With #3 I actually tore in 2 was on the side and the second was along the original 4th degree tear (although this time it was only 2nd or 3rd degree). Owie owie owie. I had stitches with the first and third babies.

I guess what I am saying is that maybe having stitches doesn't matter whether or not you will tear again but help in healing is determined by stitches. I can say I was glad I had stitches even though they itched like crazy while healing. I do not think I "look" any different there now though.
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Re: "Redecorated" vagina after birth?

I wanted to add my experience, because I wasn't necessarily aware of it before speaking with the ob/gyn. I knew about it, but didnt think about it happening to me.

Anyway, I just found out recently that I've got uterine prolapse (along with bladder and rectum bulging into vagina because of weakened vaginal walls). I also need to have my perineum and all the muscles there repaired. I have a large scar from tearing with my first son. The tear was definitely not the cause of the prolapses, but it did contribute to the problem. There are plenty of other 'risk factors' that lead to it and certainly not everyone that tears develops prolapses....but I just wanted to share my experience And also kegels are very important! Kegels won't cure prolapses, but they can help prevent!

Okay Sorry...I'll step off the now. I wish I'd realized how important kegels were!
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Re: "Redecorated" vagina after birth?

I had a 3-4 th degree epi with my first child it was horrible..i was so terrified it was going to happen with the next DC well i have had #2 & #3 ..with number 2 i had a very slight tear nothing really (i did get pain meds for it but that was bcause when i went to the bathroom it hurt like hell) but nothing like the first cut..with #3 my over 9lb er i had no problems..I think the first child is always the worse labour
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Re: "Redecorated" vagina after birth?

LOL, i responded on MDC!
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Re: "Redecorated" vagina after birth?

OMGosh... after reading this, I am beyond thankful that I didn't have to go through what ya'll have gone through. I had minor external tearing on the outside that required three stitches with DD1, then I had minor internal tearing that required 6 stitches with DD2 and nothing with DD3. My kids aren't teeny tiny either, but wowzers... I don't know how ya'll do it. I remember dancing the jig after DD2 when the doc said I had internal stitching because I was so excited about being able to pee straight without so much dang pain.

As to the OP... me personally, I wouldn't worry about it if it doesn't effect intimacy and doesn't bother you. I have seen a "Plastic Surgery" show where a woman had this exact problem fixed.

good luck!
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Re: "Redecorated" vagina after birth?

Wow, after reading these I consider myself very lucky. I had two tears. One towards my bum that didn't require any stitches, and one up my labia. I did have stitches there. You can't tell where it tore. If I hadn't gotten the stitces i'm sure it would be split. If my DH didn't care, and why would he, I don't think it would bother me.
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Re: "Redecorated" vagina after birth?

I tore and when the Dr was sewing me up she was being observed by a student and I remember her pointing out the way she sews you would hardly know it was there. Well, two days later when the stitches came out before I had healed I realized she was an idiot. The stitches disolve anyway, who cares if you know they are there? The stitches didn't have enough flesh to stay in place and as soon as I started walking they tore out. I have one scar that is just at the opening of my vagina. It feels kinda like chopped liver. I suspect I also have some bladder prolapse. Before birth my vagina was shaped like a cylinder and now it looks like what happens when you take a long balloon and press in the top with your finger. Kinda heart shaped, but all the way around. Anyone else have this happen?

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