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Re: Non Vaxing Mamas! Help!

they get off your back at some point?? LOL not that i've seen.

how did I get around the lectures? I haven't been back. lol normally going for appts that arent WBC's they don't normally bring them up. But the last time miranda was in was for a rash at 8 months old. However she did have HORRIBLE diarreah for over a week, I thought about taking her in but I was afriad to hear Rotovirus and then there be a fight. she made it out of that without a doctors appt.

Going to the doctors for me is a pain in the ***, I can't imagine going for miranda. lol

If you do go in, pick a sentence and stick with it. "We aren't Vaccinating at this time" is always a good one, if you plan on doing it someday or maybe are just still deciding, or "we do not plan on vaccinating our child" is another good one. it's HONESTLY none of his bussiness why you aren't. after saying it, Get ready to leave, get the hell out of there. the only reason you'd stick around is to Argue, and you AREN'T going to change the doctors mind. Not one chance. So leave. Vaccinations always come at the last minute. No reason to sit in there anyway.

Have fun! lol


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Re: Non Vaxing Mamas! Help!

Originally Posted by ndunn View Post
We just don't go to the doc. If we have to for a serious reason, we repeat this phrase ad nasuem "we do not vax for religious reasons".
Except I say "We do not vax for various reasons. I've spent 2 years researching and if you'd like I can bring in my folder full of documents for you to review" They usually ignore that and have always been extremely rude to me. We actually don't have a ped. because I've yet to find one that will treat me better than dirt when they hear of our non vaxing stance. DD is established with a dr. here in town just in case we need to be seen on short notice. DS has a Dr. in the next town over that will continue to see him until he needs his boosters (he was vax'd till age 4). Once we refuse the boosters she will no longer take him as a patient.
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Re: Non Vaxing Mamas! Help!

We're delaying & we've never been asked to sign anything. When I told her that she said, oh, okay. That was it. I think partly due to the fact that my pedi is not from this country - she sees things a different way than the lot of US docs do.

How do you get them off your back? You dont... :giggles: You just barrel through it. You could ask them for research to prove what they are saying, but then you open the door for more discussion.

WBV are primarily to give to give vaxes anyhow so no worries on the delay to see the new ped. We go to ours still to build a relationship with her.

Good luck!!!!!
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Re: Non Vaxing Mamas! Help!

I have been thrown out of 3 ped's offices over the last 6 years. I have to agree with pp about just leaving b/c you will NEVER change their minds about it. They (for the most part) think that non vaxing moms are stupid and do not care about their children. IMHO I think that that really can't stand you a layperson dare disagree with their extensive medical training blah blah blah. If you do figure out how to avoid the lectures and looks of disdain PLEASE share
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Re: Non Vaxing Mamas! Help!

Surprisingly, our pediatrician hasn't given us a lecture about no vax's. My aunt used to go to the same doc and had said that they always lectured her, but they didn't say anything really to us. Our ped always says, "well we recommend them" but he never says anything more than that. But if I were you I would just stand my ground and say, "It was just a decision we made and I'd appreciate it if you'd respect that" and then maybe they'll skip the lecture.
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Re: Non Vaxing Mamas! Help!

We are very lucky with the ped we use. He was my ped as a child, and while he is very open to our more natural parenting style (is a huge advocate for bfing both exclusively and extendedly and is anti circ) I think what helps the most is the fact that he has been battling it out with me since I was 5 yrs old. He knows my temperament at this point and knows how futile it is to fight me. I guess what I am saying is that he has given up. He knows I do my research and he can't scary me with chicken pox death stories. So he just doesn't bother anymore. It's nice. I don't know how the other peds in the office might handle it, luckily since the boys are very rarely sick we don't ever seem to need to see them. If one day Dr. H retired then I think we would consider switching to a family physician instead, as I know they tend to be more lient about these things.
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Re: Non Vaxing Mamas! Help!

We kept searching for a dr until we found one who wouldn't be oppositional about it. I'm just not comfortable taking ds to a dr for medical advice when we have a completely different med approach than the dr. LLL leaders, health food store clerks, chiropractors, and others who generally lean more toward natural approaches can sometimes point you in the direction of a dr who is supportive of your decisions.
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Re: Non Vaxing Mamas! Help!

we just say we're waiting til she's at least 2. hmm.. she is 2 now though! LOL
our new ped hasn't asked about it, and we've seen him twice--he doesn't even have dd's medical history, if that matters much. GL!
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Re: Non Vaxing Mamas! Help!

If I tell them it's for religious reasons, they usually let it go. But sometimes they question my religion, and I tell them I'd rather not disclose that info. If I tell them it's for other reasons, they don't get off my back. So now I just use the religion reason.
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