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Home made solids & breastmilk

1st time mommy. Fully breastfeeding my child. I want to be able to provide my little girl with made from home solids. (Do i really have to can i not just breastfeed her untill she is one &#128546 Any how bought the baby bullet and steamer havent used it . Am somewhat excited i guess but my little girl will be 6 tomorrow ...what do you girls recommend as a 1st time solid you guys use breastmilk or water to do the purees or both?


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I've started each of my 3 kids @ 4-5 months on some form of solids and always made my own fruits &a veggie purées. I ventured into meat purées with my first baby, but found that gross in texture for both me and her, so I never bothered with meats after that. I figured they got what they needed from breastmilk, which was still their main food source until 12 months, and the added fruits, veggies, & dairy (after 6ish months.) That's what has worked for me, and a little of my background as a mom feeding homemade baby food.

So, I just cooked in the oven or stovetop & used my ninja blender and froze cubes in ice cube trays, then transferred into freezer baggies for each type of food. I added breastmilk if I had some ready in the fridge, but otherwise would just freeze it as is. Then, since the cubes would have to thaw before feeding, they would get a bit runnier and would be fine to serve. I wouldn't worry about adding much if you're going to freeze anyway, but you could always add breastmilk or water just before serving if it was too thick still.
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Re: Home made solids & breastmilk

We just fed whatever we were having that would grind up soft. Casserole, etc. But baby loves fruit, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc best. New guidelines do recommend getting meat in them asap, as babies run out of iron which is not easily gotten from milk. They used to think that iron fortified baby cereal fixed the problem, but now they are finding out that the iron in baby cereal isn't taken up by the body as well as the iron in meat. Our baby did ground beef very well, and it is pretty easy to incorporate into regular foods. By 6 mos he was eating chili as long as I didn't make it too spicy (if it's spicy, add in some yogurt or sour cream to help).
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Re: Home made solids & breastmilk

I didn't really do purees. I would bake or steam veggies and fruits and either dice or mash with a fork. We started with sweet potatoes, avocado, bananas, black beans, yogurt and scrambled eggs. Ground meat was an an easy one. We usually just fed baby bites of our meals. None of mine were really interested in solid until closer to a year, but I started with little bites as soon as they showed interest, around six months.

My sister loves to make puree s and freeze in I've cube trays do she away has a few baby options on hand.

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Re: Home made solids & breastmilk

There's a book called Baby Led weaning. It gives great tips. At first it is really about introducing them to solids and getting them accustomed to solids. It's a great gentle method for those of us that would love to breastfeed for longer but whose children are showings signs of readiness.

I think I always started with banana because of the ease of MIT but I'm hindsight it was not a good choice for us (sensitivites) but we figured that out right wway.
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Re: Home made solids & breastmilk

I would definitely do solids because early introduction to things like peanuts has shown reduced risk of allergies.
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Re: Home made solids & breastmilk

This is a great topic but it can be really confusing at times too. Breastfeeding is really important for babies but the time will come that you should try to give him solid food little by little. However, since its the first time for your child to eat solid food, they may develop allergies so every mom should be really cautious and careful on the first type of food you give to your baby.
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Re: Home made solids & breastmilk

I did mostly baby let weaning starting around 7m. Very little purees.
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