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WWYD, cross cultural meal times dilema...

So in Germany they have the manta eat breakfast like a prince, lunch like a king, and dinner like a pauper. The traditional german meal is light made up of basically a sandwich buffet.

This sums it up pretty well:

So help me God, if I see anymore sandwiches in my life I may go awol with a butterknife. When I was in the hospital after having the kids I thought I would starve to death when they brought me 2 pieces of bread for dinner

So here is the thing. Hot lunches are the norm. Kids are home from school at lunch times to hot meals. Dh eats his hot meal at work. So the oh well switch it up American style and have a hot diner doesn't work so well in that he wants a german dinner and the boys are raised in a culture to expect hearty lunches.

I cannot eat another sandwich without hurting someone. I am so sandwich burned out I sometimes dont even eat dinner.

WWYD. I dont even know. Is it worth it to cook just for myself, how I would even do that without someone invading my food or what I would even make.

Do you do multiple hot meals per day? Could you eat bread


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Re: WWYD, cross cultural meal times dilema...

Could you do cold pasta or salads for dinner?
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Re: WWYD, cross cultural meal times dilema...

Left overs. Here in the USA I am sure you know horse food(oatmeal, malt o meal) or desert(boxed sugary cereal, donuts, danishes, panCAKES, etc) is common breakfast fare. I cannot tolerate that stuff more than 1-2 times a month. Today I had leftover baked chicken for breakfast. I have had spaghetti, lasagna, lentil stew, beans and eggs, etc for breakfast. Usually it is whatever leftovers I find in the fridge to eat. Very, very rarely is it anything most people consider breakfast. I hate eating out for breakfast.

In your shoes I would eat leftovers from lunch. Do you have a microwave? Can you freeze single size meals for future use? That way dinner is not just a repeat of that day's lunch.
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Re: WWYD, cross cultural meal times dilema...

I agree with qsefthuko. I'm not a breakfast person either so I typically eat something easy for breakfast, either along the lines of a light version of a traditional American dinner or something that's more like a snack (eg peanuts for breakfast, apple as a mid-morning snack). Lunch is dinner leftovers packaged single-serving and reheated, I don't generally like sandwiches either.
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Re: WWYD, cross cultural meal times dilema...

That is an interesting dilemna.

We actually eat like this Saturday and Sunday. My dh prefers the European model of eating.

I would probably cook myself a meal that I could have a portion for dinner and then a smaller portion for lunch the next day.

I would eat a salad and soup if the sandwiches were killing me.

But your family has to understand that your food has to be yours because you'll be left without dinner if they raid your grub.

My ds was gnawing on a drumstick yesterday and I commented that I'm glad he found it for breakfast. Then he let me know it was his was 9 am.

Don't get me wrong they like homemade waffles/pancakes too.
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Re: WWYD, cross cultural meal times dilema...

I'd do leftovers. I do not like big heavy dinners. I usually have smaller portions of whatever we are having for dinner or substitute a small salad for carbs. I would prefer the European style of eating I guess. I like hearty breakfasts such as oatmeal or an omelette. I do not not like eating a big meal at the end of the day.

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Re: WWYD, cross cultural meal times dilema...

I would just switch up with salads, leftovers, eggs (because they are quick), a smoothie with protein powder
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