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Impetigo? Cellulitis?

Macky got a bug bite that got infected

Our family doc said that it's impetigo & has prescribed us amoxicillan & a topical ointment.

My SIL is a nurse here at Rainbow Babies in Cleveland & she thinks it's cellulitis which is another infection similar to impetigo.

According to her both need a stronger antibiotic to kill it, or IV meds. Impetigo is contagious while cellulitis isn't.

Should I call our family doc again and suggest impetigo? Or should i just give Max the meds and see if it gets better. All research i've done on both said that if the treatment is working there will be a significant healing change within 1-2 days.

Any mamas here have advice or have btdt?
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Re: Impetigo? Cellulitis?

I had cellulitis from a bug bite shortly after I had my DD. I thought I was getting a blood clot in my leg. The spot was on the back of my leg and the rash was red and streaky. I was sent to the ER for it by my family doctor and they diagnosed cellulitis. I was giving IV antibiotics and antibiotics to take at home. Thats my only experience with it. Maybe give your ped a call and say that you were just wondering if it could possibly be cellulitis and if the meds that he perscribed would treat wither condition? I hope you LO feels better soon.
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Re: Impetigo? Cellulitis?

My husband had cellulitis from a cut and it spread I believe. I would take him to the doc asap.
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Re: Impetigo? Cellulitis?

I ended up in the hospital for a week on IV antibiotics with cellulitis....not something to mess with because it can spread sooooo fast. I'd definately call the ped and see if he'll take another look.
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Re: Impetigo? Cellulitis?

either way i'd have it looked at again,, i use to get Impetigo alot when i was little. I actually got it as an adult a few years ago, oddly enough, on my nose. I knew what it was but the docs questioned it, they gave me antibiotics that werent strong enough and it ended up scarring quite bad.
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Re: Impetigo? Cellulitis?

My 21 mo old dd just got over cellulitis. She has eczema and had scratched her hand badly. It became infected, which then turned to cellulitis. They gave her the same antibiotic that she had a for a previous skin infection (same cause) that wasn't cellulitis (it may have been impetigo, although they didn't call it that). The cellulitis caused her whole hand to swell and little red streaks to start going up her arm, she also had a fever. The previous infection was more localized and not spreading and didn't have a fever. But like I said, they gave her the same antibiotic for both. The ped said that if the cellulitis didn't get better she would need a stronger one through an iv.

My friend's son got cellulitis from a bad sinus infection. Since it was on his face, he had to be treated with iv antibiotics and was in the hospital for 3 days.

I would probably try the antibiotic and see if there is improvement with 48 hours. If it gets worse or doesn't get better, you should go back in. My dd's hand got slightly worse before getting better but then improved quickly.
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