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Re: I feel so bad but I let her cry to sleep

I recently switch my 3 year old onto a milk alternative with the rest of us drinking cows milk. It seems alot harder than it really is.

Her reason was for Eczema but we also only had to take out drinking cows milk to help her -- I read its the casein in the milk that is found in higher amts in drink milk than other forms on dairy.


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Re: I feel so bad but I let her cry to sleep

Originally Posted by tallanvor View Post
Actually, lactaid doesn't have the lactose already processed. Milk naturally contains the enzyme needed for your body to break down the lactose. When they pasteurize the milk, they destroy that enzyme. Lactaid has that enzyme added back into the milk.

Missy, don't feel bad, but definitely look into switching milks. My son we knew had a dairy issue. At one point we forgot to tell the babysitter no milk for him (normally we had some he could have, but we were out that night), and she gave him some. No noticeable reaction, so we thought he'd outgrown it. He had night terrors for the next 6 months because for some stupid reason it took me that long to figure out what the problem was. We put him back on lactaid and the night terrors went away.

Also, for him, and you might find it's the same for your LO, he was okay with small amounts of cheese and with yogurt. It was only milk that bothered him.

Gotcha. And it seems to be that way for my little one, he eats snacks with cheese, pizza and other foods with cheese and seems to be fine but not with milk.

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Re: I feel so bad but I let her cry to sleep

I will pick up some lactose free tomorrow and try it but for today I am just going back to formula I had here. I had a post before but no clue where it went. Do you ladies think gluten could be a problem too?

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Re: I feel so bad but I let her cry to sleep

For us, we have to look at all ingredients. Most margarines & breads have milk. A lot of vegan cheeses have milk casein, so it can be miss leading. Bars, cereals, processed anything can have milk. She could be sensitive to only milk, or she could be sensitive to all milk, and it could take awhile to leave her system to know.

Another way I know, is the smell of the poop changes. Congestion, migraines, & eczema are other symptoms my kids have.

I do think it could be gluten instead, too, though. Maybe keep a food journal on what she eats and then write down what time she's fussy. See if there's a pattern or a certain food group that seems to cause this.

I do think it could be anything. I have one that gets congested from the city water that has fluoride.

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Re: I feel so bad but I let her cry to sleep

I looked through the whole thread, but I didn't keep track of who said what, so I apologise if you've already tried something. I will try to share some of my experiences briefly.

DD slept thru the night early on, but then around 4-5 months started screaming at night in pain, arching back, shreking, trying to sleep, but crying. When I cut dairy and soy out of my diet (I am breastfeeding her) it really seemed to help her.

My oldest DS, I had tons of trouble with him sleeping. I ended up seeing an Early Childhood counselor, recommend by the pediatrician. I would visit her each week and we'd try different strategies. I did the cry it out for a month, it was horrible! He could scream at night for HOURS. I would go in at 5, 10, 15 minutes and so on. He would get so worked up I couldn't calm him down. Ended up that my oldest has Asperger's syndrome. Tried many different things, many heart wrenching nights. He slept with me till he was 8.

I would definitely try to rule out allergy, illness, or developmental issues.

Right now we ended up with a family bed and family bed time, for the most part it keeps the 2 youngest happy. DH doesn't want crying at bed time. Not in a bad way, just a "I'm tired, let's all go to sleep" way. He gets up at 4am, so I get that.

A king sized bed was not made for 4! It's​ a good thing we're not having more kids.

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