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The official 2012 Christmas List/Shopping Thread

Usually there is a "who am I buying for and what they are getting" thread. Have I missed it? Right now, I have an outline on excel, but the kids are using my computer for schoolwork and I don't want them to come across it. With Black Friday coming up, I thought one list in a central spot might be helpful.


So here's the thread.

Ideas in black, blue if purchased, red if wrapped and ready to go:

DH: workboots
DD1: peacoat, nice leather boots, crocheted hat
DD2: indoor trampoline, skateboard, crocheted cow hat
DS: bike, spaceship, child's wooden Rosary
MIL/FIL: embroidered pic "Nana & Papa's Pride and Joy"
My Parents: office chairs
DH's DNephew1: Under Armour T-shirt
DH's DNephew2: Lego encyclopedia, Tin can robot kit
DH's DNephew3: Beywheelz
My DNephew 1: books
My DNephew 2: board books
My DNephew 3: board books
DNiece 1: books
DNiece 2: books
White Elephant 1: M&D Wooden Checkers Game
White Elephant 2: Hershey's Chocolate Kiss Fondue Pot
Neighor (babysits for us free of charge):
DS's ride to pre-k: $25 grocery gift card
Pre-k teacher 1: cash with a nice thank you card
Pre-k teacher 2: cash with a nice thank you card
DC Kid 1: M&D fold and go treehouse
DC Kid 2: Little Tikes travel activity scene
DC Kid 3: Fisher Price Color Muffins Matching Game
DC Kid 4: Fisher Price activity puzzle
DC Kid 5: Infantino Texture Soft Balls

We also need to have money set aside for a Christmas trip with my bro, sis and their families. We usually go for a weekend in Feb or March. This year we going to Legoland in KC and an indoor water park. Probably $200 at Christmas time for hotel reservations and tickets. Then spending money at the time of event.


Kristin, wife to Dan (16 years) , mom to Abby (14)
Emma (12) and Owen (7)
I cd my daycare kids! That's why I still hang out here!

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Re: Christmas List/shopping thread?

We usually have a tight budget and go by the 4 gift rule - something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read. This year is a bit different. We're giving one present from us, one present from Santa, and Disneyland tickets. It's going to be a huge surprise and I'm so excited to give it to them!

For DS 7yo:
From us - Playmobil pirate ship (bought second hand for $40, with lots of extra pieces)
From Santa - Pirate costume with a spyglass (from Amazon with Swagbucks), Lego Brickmaster pirates ($15, Pirate book ($.69 at Savers)

For DD 4yo:
From us - Merida doll and horse from Brave (Costco, $35) and Brave movie ($15)
From Santa - Little Red Riding Hood Topsy Turvy doll and book (from Amazon with Swagbucks), play food in a basket ($10 food at IKEA, $3 basket at Savers), and cape ($3 red fleece and an hour of sewing time)

I have no idea what to give the baby, who will be 10 months old. She doesn't need anything.
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Re: Christmas List/shopping thread?

Yes there usually is a thread - thanks for starting one for 2012 Kristin!

I have most of the shopping done thankfully. Here is the list so far (bought items in bold):

Dh - remote control heli
Me - New christmas book
B - train dvd, maze books, train coloring book
E - clone wars season 3 dvd, puzzles, star wars coloring book
M - despicable me dvd, train book, truck coloring book

Yes PJ's..... need 3T train set, 4/5T Star wars, 7 train......

All of the stocking candy is bought as well as the Sees candy.......
Officially in "mourning".... and

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Re: Christmas List/shopping thread?

Our family-

DH -
PJs** (ON 'bucks' + sale)
Shaving set** (I am totally breaking our budget and buying him a really nice set, he did that for me one year and got the a 100% stainless steel french press that I use every day and I loved him for it, figure this year is my turn

I love my papa because book from my girls** (free book code through shutterfly, just paid shipping. Has pictures of girls with papa and says things like 'I love my papa because he plays with me' etc)

Stocking - I have a list of ideas, but won't do all of them
beef jerky
flavored nuts
summer sausage**
chocolate covered macadamias
subway card
AAA batteries
beard hat for baby

Elsa Beskow Puzzle set** (amazon gc from SB)
Beeswax stick Crayons** (GC earned from survey)
Princess costume** ($8 on local shop n swap)
PJs** ($12 at costco)

Chapstick** ($5)
Glitter** ($5)
Socks** ($1.50)
Toothbrush** ($5)
bath bombs (need to make)
Dark Chocolate coins ($2)**
Fancy marshmallows ($2.50)**
Mini pear

Beeswax block Crayons** (GC from survey)
Waldorf Doll** ($30 for 2nd hand doll)
Felt fish game (need to make, have materials)
PJs** ($12 at costco)

felted necklace from ODD (have supplies, need to make)

ball** ($1)
Socks** ($1.50)
Toothbrush** ($5)
chapstick** ($2)
bath bombs (have supplies, need to make)
Dark chocolate coins ($2)**
Fancy marshmallows ($2.50)**
Mini pear

Santa gift for both girls-
Plan Toys Pirate ship** ($30)

My side-

Mom and dad-
Photo book ($17), jam, pesto, dilly beans, zucchini bread**

Owl bustle** (etsy sale, $10), Coloring book (gag gift, $3)**

Brother and GF-
jam, apple butter, dilly beans, zucchini bread**

Cousin (like a sister)-
Jersey bracelets (need to make - made from goodwill t-shirt, $2)

Photo book ($17), jam**

Uncle & family-
New year party pack (glow sticks**, glogg**, popcorn, mix CD, party hats?- ideas welcome! Budget is $15)

Other aunts and uncles just get a card and cookies

DH's side-

photo book ($17), pesto, jam, apple butter, zucchini bread, pepper jelly**

jam, pesto, zucchini bread, dilly beans**

Niece1 (8yrs)-
Glitter roll on**, Chapstick** + joint gift ($8)

Niece2 (6yrs)-
Glitter roll on**, chapstick** + joint gift ($8)

Neice3 (1yr)-
Busy bags (budget $5)

Joint gift** - ABC book made from their great grandma's drawings

jam, pesto, apple butter, pepper jelly, dilly beans, fermented veggies**

Grandpa - photo book ($17)** - shipped
Grandma - photo book ($17)** - shipped


'reinbeers' and snack mix, maybe cookies (house of the sweetest bachelors, they help us out with projects and what not) (approx $15)**

tea and zucchini bread**

tea and zucchini bread**

DH's BFF & wife-
Picture of the girls, jam** ($2 for picture)

My BFF & DH-
Activity ABC cards (they homeschool), cranberry jam**, zucchini bread**, tea

BFF's kids-
Song book & CD (approx $6.50)**

Good friend1-
Tea and bread**

her kids-
song book and CD (approx $6.50)**

tea and bread**

her kid-
song book and CD (approx $6.50)**

Tea, sugar cubes, bread or cookies, craft from kids (this is a woman who has become another grandma to my girls and is so dear)**

-> Song book and CD are copies we're having made of a book that DH's Nana wrote, CD is his mom and sister singing the songs in it

->** indicates I already have that item

Gosh I hope that's everyone, lol. We send out like 100 christmas cards too >.<

So including the christmas cards it should total around $450 (less if I can get a good deal on the books I need printed and find something cheap for my neices)... DH has a budget of $50 to spend on me, so that still keeps us at or below $500. Higher than I'd like, but considering how many people we buy for it's not bad. Also $125 of that is DH
Canning/baking with excess produce throughout the year helps a lot.
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Re: The official 2012 Christmas List/Shopping Thread

I'm in!!! Red is whats done

Matchbox cars
train set (or table, if i find a cheap one!)
roller skates


lalaloopsy doll OR cinderella carriage toy+Cinderella barbie

New Vince Flynn book
Nook maybe?

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Re: The official 2012 Christmas List/Shopping Thread

Alright; this should be relatively painless.

DD - 10 gallon aquarium with fish and decorations done
- bird feeder station outside with 5 feeders and waterer done

DH - I don't know yet; hah!

Doggies (2) - rawhide turkey legs and one soft toy each done

DH's family - donate to Heifer International; we still have to decide what we're buying (usually E decides) done one pig and a flock of ducks!

My family - gift cards

Easy peasy.
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We only shop for our 3 girls. Hubby and I don't exchange gifts.
Our 15 year old is getting a used iPhone because her current phone is a piece of crap.

7 year old is getting a used iPad 2 to replace her kindle

2 year old is getting a used kitchen play set I found on Craigslist as well.

I love Craigslist.
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Re: The official 2012 Christmas List/Shopping Thread

Thank you for staring this! I have no idea yet, we only buy for the kids in our family. Our kids, dh's cousins, and our niece and nephew. My oldest 3 have been emailing me lists. For very one else, not sure yet but will come back and update.
Vicki- Mama to 4 girls and a boy born 11/11/11
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Re: The official 2012 Christmas List/Shopping Thread

In again this year

Ideas in black
Ordered in blue
Purchased and hidden in red
Wrapped and ready in green

Game of Thrones T shirt
Dragon lamp

Santa gift:
Rapunzel doll

Stocking stuffers
princess ball cap
Solar system ceiling stickers
necklace and bracelet set

big sister ornament
angel ornament
bubble bath
bath paint

mini M&Ms tube

Presents from mom and dad
I Spy tag book
Christmas PJs

doll ergo

Present from sister:
Spiderman Costume
Witch costume

Santa gift:

Stocking Stuffers
Iron man plushie
Angel ornament
Baby's first Christmas ornament

Bath toy
container of puffs

Gifts from mom and dad:
Car seat poncho
Christmas PJs
Baby's photo album

Gift from sister:
In the Night Garden shape sorter

My mom:
Grill with interchangable plates

My Dad:
2x ON Sweatpants

My sister:
Mr Bean Collection

TML hoodie

Niece (14):
wristlet purse with rose embellishment

Sister in law:
Personalized tote bag

Brother in law:
TML mug
TML ornament
TML Multitool

Neice (13):

Nephew (12):

Spiderman book

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Re: The official 2012 Christmas List/Shopping Thread

I need to do this so I can stay on budget this year:

Lego mini figures - BOUGHT
Halo 4 game - BOUGHT
Plants vs. Zombies Hat - BOUGHT
Lego Castle Set - BOUGHT waiting for it to ship
2 Halo Lego Sets - BOUGHT
2 Ninjigo Lego sets - BOUGHT

Angry Bird Hand Sanitizer - BOUGHT
Angry Bird Bath Sponge - BOUGHT
Booklight - BOUGHT
Christmas Hex Bug - BOUGHT

Blue Trash Packs - BOUGHT
Trash Pack DS game - BOUGHT
Wii U Draw - BOUGHT
Plant vs. Zombie Hat - BOUGHT
Trash Pack Board Game - BOUGHT
Lego Book - BOUGHT

Arther Christmas DVD - BOUGHT
Angry Bird Hand Sanitizer - BOUGHT
Angry Bird Bath Sponge - BOUGHT
Christmas Hex bug - BOUGHT

DD1: DONE except stocking
InnoTab 2 - BOUGHT
InnoTab UmiZoomi Game - BOUGHT
Tinkerbell Lost Treasure DVD - BOUGHT
Tinkerbell Secret of the Wings Blu-ray - BOUGHT
SD Card for Inntotab - And I transfered the above movies to it

Slippers - BOUGHT
2 Nail Polish - BOUGHT
Hair Clips - BOUGHT
Fuzzy Socks - BOUGHT

UmiZoomi DS Game

Kids Gift exchange:
9 Boy: Nerf Stuff
8 Girl: DIY Purse set and necklace Kit - BOUGHT
5 Girl: Disney Princess Paint set - BOUGHT

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