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Anybody have an EXTREMELY picky eater??

My 3 1/2 year old son hardly eats anything! He's been this way since about 18 months and it is extremely frustrating for my DH & me. His menu consists of PB&J sandwiches, cereal (but only a select few...they are at least healthy ones), waffles/pancakes, french fries, pizza, occasionally chicken nuggets, oatmeal, & grilled cheese sandwiches...oh, and every once in a while he'll eat a quesadilla. That's it! No veggies of any kind. He does eat some fruit, but he's picky on that too. We try and try to get him to taste new things, but he absolutely refuses, won't even take a tiny taste. Seeing his older brother & sister eat things has no effect on him. We've even tried telling him he couldn't have his waffle, etc. until he tried a bite of something new...he just refuses and goes without the waffle too. Things that most all kids like, hamburgers, hot dogs, mac & cheese, spaghetti, he won't even touch. Doctors have told us most kids grow out of their pickiness by age 3. Well, he'll be 4 in May & hasn't budged one bit. DH put a green bean in his mouth one night & he threw up on the table! I am so worried this child will never eat anything other than PB&J! Do any of you momma's have any experience with a child like this or any words of wisdom?? I'm at my wits end!


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Re: Anybody have an EXTREMELY picky eater??

I can only cry with you! I have a now 4 and a half year old extremely picky eater. It has been since oh one and a half to two years old that she only eats:
green beans, carrots, corn, apples, strawberries, bananas, grapes, jelly sandwiches (or plain peanut butter but never together and in the last 6 months no peanut butter), grilled cheese, instant strawberry oats, pancakes, waffles, select cereals, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, vanilla ice cream, select crackers and chips, chicken nuggets, cheese pizza (with little sauce) french fries, and rarely you can get her to swallow ramen noodles.

My problem is that she gets stuck on something and eats it until she is completely sick of it. And anything and I mean ANYTHING that is not exactly on the list, or prepared any sort of different way is a no go. And it is like an act of congress to get her to try something new. I usually fail at even getting her to LICK the new food.... no swallowing to chewing, just a lick to taste it. And she too will forgo her fav food if you make her try something new.

Right now you can remove carrots, mac and cheese, grilled cheese, ramen noodles, and a couple of other things from the list. She just will not eat it. The bad thing for us is she is gluten sensitive... so all the breads and chicken nuggets cause her pain and she WILL NOT eat anything different or cooked in a different way.

I would say her pickyness is getting stronger as she gets older. I want to scream at just about every meal... It is like living with that little girl from the Pediasure commercial.. I don't think I like that!

The good/bad thing for us is she is starting pre-K next week and they feed her breakfast, lunch, and snack. No outside food allowed. She is going to have a HUGE reality check. I figure she will go hungry for the first week or so until she gets over herself. It is not like you are forcing them to eat liver and onions or cooked spinach. Good grief!
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Re: Anybody have an EXTREMELY picky eater??

My 6yo is the same way, she has a very small list of foods she will eat. Up until recently we would make her seperate meals because we were so concerned that she would starve herself; but I had finally had enough. We have started at dinner only serving 1 meal, if she wants to try it, great, she can have dessert. If she doesn't want it, that's okay too, we never force our kids to eat, but she does not get any snacks the rest of the night. It's about 50/50 whether she eats dinner or not, but she has started trying a lot more food, and her pickiness is starting to dissapate. I think the more you argue and fuss over it, the worse the issue gets because kids like getting reactions out of their parents. GL!
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Re: Anybody have an EXTREMELY picky eater??

I'm the picky eater in my house I always say I eat like a 2 year old. I feel horrible now because it's rubbing off on my 2 year old. but I just can't make myself eat a veggie. I seriously tried a couple times, one night was cooked peas in beef stew (easy right, they're cooked and mushy and probably taste just like the stew) nope, I literally gagged on it.
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Re: Anybody have an EXTREMELY picky eater??

My oldest is. He does have sensory issues that make it very hard for him to eat many foods. Plus he has stomach problems. For a long time we were lucky if he drank 8ozs of orange juice (cut 50/50 with water) and a handful of crackers each day. He is better now, his appetite has at least improved, he eats more food, but mostly still just a few types, just larger quantities. But at least that is something. We tried alternative diets with him, and we tried the tough love, he can eat what we put in front of him or nothing at all. Everyone told us he would eat when he got hungry. But with Kearnan that just wasn't true. He lost 4lbs in about a week and we caved. He was already too small for his age, we couldnt' have him lose weight.

Kearnan has feeding therapy and that has helped alot. In therapy he has two "prefered foods" and two "non prefered foods". His therapist encourages him to try the non prefered foods for rewards of the prefered food items. They start with him kissing the food, then licking, then biting. And eventually actually chewing and swallowing. It has gone pretty well. He has managed to add pudding, yogurt, just tomatos brand dried fruits, and corn to his diet since starting. And in therapy he will also eat edamame, green beans and he is starting on chicken broth. But it is a slow process, he has been getting therapy for almost 2.5yrs. Still the techniques might help you in introducing more foods. Since starting therapy he will now at least taste new foods before refusing them (at least in some cases). And he doesn't clamp his mouth shut screaming when we suggest a diffrent food anymore. I have been told that most toddlers/preschoolers need to be presented with a food up to 30times before they will eat it. If you just put a food that you are eating on his plate and encourage him to smell, kiss, or lick it and keep doing that for a while, still providing foods you know he will eat, he may warm up to the idea a little at a time.
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Re: Anybody have an EXTREMELY picky eater??

Our 2 year old has been diagnosed with Feeding Aversion finally. The feeding them she is involved with wrote the book "Food Chaining". You should check it out. I've met all the authors( her team) besides one and they are wonderful.
My DD will only eat:

fast food looking french fries
cheddar chex mix
goldfish crackers
lay's chips
french onion dip

As you can see they are all crunchy foods. She has oral sensory issues so she doesn't feel much in her mouth.
She might be oversensitive with eating. I noticed that the food she eats are all soft.
It might be something to look into. PM me if you have any questions.
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Re: Anybody have an EXTREMELY picky eater??

Luckily, my children have never had any problems eating or trying new foods. However, my cousins daughter was a TERRIBLE eater up until recently (she is 5 now) and the docs had her drinking the pediasure or carnation instant breakfast for extra calories. She still is very picky, but getting better. When she comes to my house I cook normal things that we eat and she will always try it even if she tells me she doesn't like it she will most times try in and end up eating it. If she really doesn't like it I allow her to eat something else, but I make sure she tries a few bites first.
I think she was "spoiled" when she was younger, in that her mom would just let her only eat the certain things she wanted instead of really trying to get her to eat new things.
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Re: Anybody have an EXTREMELY picky eater??

My 3 1/2 year old is the same way. I have started sending him to bed hungry and then when he cries that he's hungry I bring him down and serve him the same dinner again. He's not going to starve himself. It drives me up a wall but now that we're a family of 5 I just can't be fixing multiple meals for each person.
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Re: Anybody have an EXTREMELY picky eater??

My 2 1/2 year old is. She was always below the growth charts on weight and has had so many tests done by doctors to try to figure out why she does not gain weight and is horrible with eating. She does have food allergies (egg, peanut, and barley), so it's hard finding foods that she will even try. She cannot have peanut butter/jelly sandwiches. There is even only one kind of bread that my grocery store sells that does not contain barley in it. Egg is in so many things from ravioli, meatballs, pasta, waffles, donuts, etc... She takes forever to chew and swallow one bite of food. Even something as simple as yogurt. My 9 month old will have three bites of yogurt before DD1 finishes with her first bite. She had a tongue tie, but that was fixed months ago. Her small list of foods changes from day to day. Some days she'll like yogurt, the next day or week it's like your trying to feed her something that taste like poop. She'll refuse it. Right now she'll eat a few bites of chicken nugget (she has never eaten more than two chicken nuggets at a meal), yogurt, peaches, pickle, cheese (though, she changes her moods on when she likes that), apple, corn, skinny french fries, and that's all I can think of now. The other night I was trying to experiment and use up some food that we have before we move. I took a package of tuna creations, melted cheese over it, and then made a sandwich using her special bread that I buy her. I didn't think that she would even try it, but she didn't refuse or fuss or anything, she took the first bite and then ate like 8 bites of it. I felt like I had won the lottery. Of course, I know this will never happen again and the next time I try to make the same exact meal she will look at me like I have three heads and refuse it. When we move I want to see about getting her a referral to a specialist. I don't know if she has a problem with texture of foods or what. She also will not eat anything if it is even mildly warm. She'll say its hot and try to spit it out. So every time I cook her something I have to let it cool down for a while until it is room temperature. When I'm cooking for all of us I plate her foods first so that by the time I finish cooking everything else and making plates then her food is already down to room temperature.
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Re: Anybody have an EXTREMELY picky eater??

I can join that club. DD will be 3 next month. She will only eat cheerios, or honey nut cheerios (which IM good with), I dont buy her the frosted, or any of those cereals aimed for kids. And her gma (my mil) bought some for her, and she didnt like them. Thankfully. I wasnt happy about her buying those. She will eat pancakes, but has to be tiny size ones for her, and she eats them without syrup which is awesome. Mac n cheese, grilled cheese, fish sticks, and chicken nuggets, and of course dang french fries is what she pretty much eats. Used to eat sweet potato fries but cant get her to eat those now. Also, loves her organic baby/toddler yougurt, and almonds, which is cool. Only fruits she will eat is bananas, and applesauce. Used to eat peas, and corn, but wont eat that anymore. I want her to eat what DH and I have for dinner. I know she needs to eat more fruits and veggies. Just dont know how to make it happen. Guess I will really have to start the dont eat whats on your plate, then you dont eat theory.
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